08-18 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

doing this nothing barbeque
young stephen king how spent summer vacation
young two ways to die talking back to parents
government false promises education healthcare entitlements stealing money
conspiracy theorist not wrong last 3 years call experts
minorities incapable photo id racist liberal democratic party
get them buy electric cars double price electricity
hunter biden testify 30 hours senate intelligence like trump jr
beverly hillbillies joe biden tweaker commies hoe
climate change net zero means zero for peasants
kevin mccarthy not sure enough evidence impeach biden buried
joe biden for sale not the car
babylon bee wayne brady comes out needing attention

Keep Following That Bernie Economics 👍

just like that 15 dollars hour doesnt buy sht

Social Media Posts of the Day

x husband not apologizing way acted in dreams
x child live mommy daddy forever heartwarming threat
x husband cat not hungry bored

When Socialists/Communists Tell You We Need Government to Run Everything

who radicalized public housing garden grow food
kids science swingset blocked off
government poisoned alcohol prohibition

Quote of the Day

quote murrow nation sheep government wolves

Message of the Day

message overmedicated undereducated how they want us

It Gets Tougher Every Day Not to Develop New Conspiracy Theories

Anyone hear of ANY celebrity homes destroyed in the Maui fires? How long before the wildfires are used as an excuse to declare “climate emergencies,” complete with new government powers and reduced rights? 🤔

Celebs are shellacked for responses to Maui disaster

hawaii governor state acquiring land destroyed in fires
maui climate agenda burn and be happy
pelletier maui vegas shooting chief

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05-16 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

me watching whats about to be missed call phone
grogu baby yoda give me patience strength need bail money
tigers hot tub circus real money national geographic
tadpoles normal sperm yours frogs doctor
open house bathroom porta potty 100k sale
dog vibing pringles two year gap resume
joe biden shrink therapist good economy in room with us
grogu skill sarcasm mastered
milton office ukraine flag bio taxes civilized society
irs auditing department george santos ignoring biden family activity
democrats signs sex change tattoos for kids
cat smudge look at people think that sperm that won

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet retailers women bottom half shirt grande hillary clinton
tweet showed wife accuate picture looks like
tweet pants in relationship yelling hallway

Message of the Day

message be good nieces nephews smuggle alcohol nursing home

Nothing Is Ever Free

biden airlines compensate meals hotels cancellation delay pass on costs

I never know when people in government are really that stupid when not seeing the side effects of their actions, or if they do, just don’t give a shit as long as it strengthens their hold on power. My guess is its some of both. Should we be surprised though when we keep electing lifelong politicians and lawyers, who have few skills outside of debating & manipulating people so “their side” wins? I’m not so cynical to think all people in government are bad. Plenty of them have the best of intentions, but there are always side effects and unintended consequences when government interferes. Anyone who travels regularly knows the headaches of flight delays & cancellations, so forcing the airlines to compensate us sounds like a great plan, but who’s going to pay for this? Us of course, as always, through higher ticket prices. And what is the cause of most cancellations & delays anyway? Well, government-imposed safety & security regulations; i.e., other policies that sounded good at the time. Speaking of unintended consquences, if you penalize airlines for delays & cancellations, doesn’t that provide them incentive to take shortcuts & fewer precautions, possibly leading to more crashes? Flying has become a miserable experience because government officials passed a bunch of insanely stupid rules at the height of 9/11 that we’ve been living with ever since. One psychopath tries to set off explosives from his shoe many years ago, and despite NOT being successful, billions of passengers since have had the added inconvience and time-waster of removing their shoes in security lines. Air travel nowadays has become a perfect metaphor for everything in government today — break it, then apply patch upon patch upon bandaid, rebreak, apply some more repairs and on and on….then, another demagogue politician attacks the implementers of government clusterfucks, then proposes another kindergarten solution that polls well.

government breaks leg sells taxes regulates wheelchair

Airports, TSA, FAA, DOT, Airplane Travel Meme Gallery

Quote of the Day

quote reagan government if economy moves tax it keeps moving regulate stops moving subsidize

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04-27 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

baby yoda retire some day live off savings 2nd day
cleared some room freezer better polished pint ice cream
getting ready memorial weekend camping trip snow covered rv
angry lady smudge cat woman cook men prisoners fed by law
tucker leaving chains fox news towards free speech
us debt cant quit now keep digging to venezuela
facebook welcoming me new user skeletor my 216th account
who said it better negan irs want half your sht dont fight back
npc journalism impartial suggest otherwise dangerous msnbc cnn npr time google cnbc forbes
swerving potholes officer not drinking
john kerry celebrate earth day drive limo to private jet
tucker carlson obiwan strike me down become more powerful

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet everyone fighting battle dont know me complain loudly
tweet hgtv quote new cabinets real people
tweet not checking out husband looking dog
tweet dollar where phone is irs declaration

Message of the Day

message loyal not celebrating with you rock bottom

The Stupidity of the Biden Admin Knows No Bounds 🙄

tweet biden new fico mortgage fee structure good credit

Biden Raises Costs for Homebuyers With Good Credit to Help Risky Borrowers – Newsweek

message if stop asking government solve all problems realize is problem would be great
high mortgage rates adjustable seen this one back to future

Don’t You DARE Challenge The Ruling Class’s Puppet

tweet dnc no democratic debates 2024 biden not to be challenged

Democrats Rip DNC for Not Holding 2024 Debates
Big Money Donors Line Up Behind Biden as He Launches Reelection Bid

Quote of the Day

quote how long people been lied to everything catch up reality franklin jones

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