09-12 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

kermit sunday night wondering what fresh hell monday bed
princess bride when cousins ask teach kids swear words prestigious line of work
actual footage dads teaching daughters to drive crying
were fighting billion dollar propaganda industry with memes
lisa simpson maybe follow money instead of politically driven science

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet allstar biggest parenting fears kids addicted tv dont have to entertain them
tweet grocery store whistle 15 items or less
tweet mommy shithold one word or two resignation letter

Message of the Day

message would oppressive millionaire qb point out military casket black remove flag

Trust Us, We Know What’s Best for You Stupid Peasants

Government Mar-2020: It’s just 2 weeks to slow the spread
Govt Now: If everyone follows rules on masks, vaccines, etc. we may slow the spread by Spring 2022
Govt Then: We will be open & transparent and follow the science
Govt Since: We will change the settled science every few months and have Big Tech censor all alt thoughts
Govt Mar-2020 to May-2020: Masks don’t work for Covid, so don’t wear them!
Govt Since: You MUST wear masks, you inconsiderate morons!
Govt Summer-2021: If you get vax, you don’t have to wear masks anymore
Govt Now: You must wear masks indefinitely, regardless of vax status
Govt Then: Vax protects you from variants and from spreading the virus
Govt Now: Vaccinated people can spread virus and contract covid variants, so mask up forever
Govt Then: We will NEVER require vax
Govt Now: We will use every power we have to require vax regardless of age, Covid recovery status, or work location
Govt Last Week: A woman’s body cannot be controlled by govt; it’s her right to choose on all medical decisions
Govt Now: Govt can mandate what you put in your body by any executive order passed without Congress
Govt Then: Vax provides you ironclad protection from Covid
Govt Now: Unvaccinated must get vax to protect the vaccinated people
Biden Now: My patience is gone for you stupid peasants! I don’t understand why you won’t listen to us! It’s the fault of you morons who don’t follow our consistent, clear rules that Covid is still spreading!

Since Biden was installed as president, have you once heard him actually try to persuade or inspire? Every time I see him on camera, he is angrily barking orders in a condescending way, which only firms up the division and resistance. The media and Dem politicians screamed how awful and frightening of a dictator Trump was for 5 years, then once in power, they proceed to follow a step-by-step guide of virtually every totalitarian regime and dystopian novel in history. Trump was supposedly the cause of anger and division in this country. He’s now been silenced for the past year. Have you ever witnessed any time in your lives when Americans were so divided and angry? Trump was a symptom of that anger, not the cause.

joe biden fingers blame put them by buck stops here sign
tweet kamala harris right womans body eva irl cool decided not to get jab
hardest part of 15 days flatten curve first 18 months
kamala harris joe biden shut up and obey soviet dictator
covid athletes celebrities our kids facemasks
false gods wuhan gain of function dr fauci wear dont wear mask
fire continues burn wildly enough about dr faucis liar pains gain of function
lucy football last jab i promise americans football

Quote of the Day

quote v vendetta your ignorance is their power learn unlearn

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10-12 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

free roll toilet paper with purchase corona beer
serial killer halloween friends it hannibal saw jason michael myers
just like that susie killed worst virus all time media smashing tv
joe biden ive served this country for decades jeopardy what is china
so trump ended wars anyone could have done deacades of democrat republican career politicians
like wakeup call everything you ever seen on mainstream media lie to take rights away youre still asleep

babylon bee facebook now add warming share post expressing hope during pandemic

Random Thoughts of the Day

The problem with government setting policy on any issue, especially when emotion-focused media get involved, is they strive for something that can never be achieved — perfection, and in the process usually waste money and make the problem far worse. No system will EVER be perfect, but as far as the media & politicians are concerned, it’s simply unfathomable that in an imperfect system, sometimes the best thing to do is NOTHING! Take the health care system for example. Thirty years ago it was incredibly cheap & efficient. I remember my first year out of college I had a typical health plan most people had (which required $0 in payroll deductions). I broke my toe that year which later required surgery. Plus, I was getting regular allergy shots. My total out-of-pocket expenses for the year were a few hundred dollars, and that includes the $2 copay on my prescriptions. Quality & access options were incredible. As great as it was, the system wasn’t perfect — for example, many were uninsured, pre-existing conditions usually weren’t covered, and health privacy was sometimes lax. These problems definitely sucked, but society had plenty of workarounds to help. Emergency medicine always took in the uninsured, and several charitable organizations helped fill the gaps for those who didn’t have coverage. Most hospitals & medical personnel were instituting their own methods to protect privacy.

Again though, the system wasn’t perfect, so government had to stick its nose in things. Bill Clinton passed HIPAA & other burdensome regulations, George W. Bush added a costly prescription drug program, and then, of course, Obamacare was passed. All three of those presidents expanded Medicare & Medicaid. Initially, each solved some problems, but the system evolved into the inefficient, incredibly expensive mess we have today. And we have FAR more uninsured now since many simply can no longer afford the exorbitant cost. You see that strive for perfection mucking things up everywhere in government. How else do you explain a tax system that went from 1% on the income of the rich to one now that requires millions of pages of tax code statutes, regulations, interpretations, court decisions, etc.?

Government should stay out of everything that can be significantly solved in the private sector, keeping in mind perfection will never be achieved. If government wants to fix a badly broken system getting worse, how about going after Big Tech censorship? The tech billionaire oligarchs are accumulating ever-increasing unchecked power, stomping on individual freedom in the process, and Americans have no recourse to stop it.

dont oppose expanding access affordable healthcare quality education protecting environment government worst institution to accomplish
control education minds health care bodies votes media thoughts others destroy hillary obama pelosi democrats

Tweet of the Day

tweet john stoessel facebook fact checkers no appeal missing context

Quote of the Day

quote thomas jefferson tyranny needs gain foothold good conscience to remain silent

Message of the Day

message dont want to give up on anyone fresh air sunlight hugs kill move on

Question of the Day

question would you blindfold yourself eat whatever fed stop letting media do it

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07-14 Politically Incorrect Daily

Random Thought of the Day

My wife is a nurse in a surgery center. She recently informed me of a new rule that narcotic pain killers can only be dispensed in a limited 7-day supply at one time, in addition to the rules already in place that many medications require hand-written prescriptions picked-up and brought to the drug store. This infuriates me for two reasons. First, each person should have the right to make their only decisions on what they put in their own body. If they overdue it, they live with the consequences. Second, it’s the perfect illustration of clueless government nanny bureaucrats implementing a solution that’s far worse than the problem. It creates more work for the doctor who has to constantly review & update the prescription, the nurse/receptionist liaison meeting with the patient, and the pharmacist who has an extra Rx to fill. This is in addition to the inconvenience of extra car trips & waits for the in-pain person, who is sometimes elderly or injured and unable to drive. And according to my wife, the amounts are nowhere near enough for a patient coming off most of their surgeries. In other words, the government bureaucrats are overriding decisions that should be made by doctors. In summary, it’s an example of government taking away rights, adding immensely to the cost of health care, and further eroding the quality of life in what’s supposed to be a free country.

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

were-gonna-need-a-bigger-government-any-minor problem

Quote of the Day


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