04-14 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

freaky old lady watching life instead of recording phone
neighbor gardening topless wish wife do same
kermit longer live other planets use earth lunatic asylum
experts raw milk unsafe children soda phone fast food
oj simpson glove heaven not buying it good luck finding lawyer up here
bumper sticker congress why we cant have nice things
people struggling financially transday buy evs libertarians not tax so much
january 6th liberal worst thing ever democracy
biden cant build wall keep immigrants out americans debt billions foreign aid
skeletor make a wish eliminate atf fbi cia irs
memes too close to truth flowers by irene van fbi
scientists believe social media tech blame teenage depression public schools
npr your tax dollars at work biased biden 2024 tshirts

Tis the Season of Vote Buying with Your Money

babylon bee biden student loan forgiveness help afford inflation and taxes
quote government robs peter pay paul support of paul shaw
x trump loves uneducated pay student loans same people

Quotes, Messages, Social Media Memes of the Day

fb what plant based meat really means vegan facts factory
x adulthood relax incorrectly hurt back
x clean house before after kids ketchup ceiling
tweet adrian 4 year old money pretend podium notes
message advocate i pay government things want not compassionate
quote asimov jokes of right kind political

Latest Member to Join the DC Swamp

x speaker johnson fisa flip mike

Translation: “I’ve been blackmailed and bribed by the same Ruling Class pricks that control the rest of DC.” For future reference, if RINO career politicians vote for a Speaker, don’t expect him or her to ever fight for the American people.

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04-13 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

cant watch movie dog dies serial killer netflix relax
traffic lane closed we felt like it
charles manson oj dry heat
history books left england taxation theft
multimillion realty corporations real estate market kids average want to buy
what if the view scientist fast food construction worker doctor instead of rich lady
founding fathers watching trade away rights totalitarianism security pathetic
most goverment jobs welfare unnecessary change my mind
unlucky genetics diet cereal fast food oils sugar no exercise
new communist leaders seize power for themselves no free stuff
trump poll numbers up media insanity
grim reaper oj simpson george soros in
news npr liberal fainting gop

Being a Solid Voting Block for Democrats Is Working Great for You Young People 👍

headline millennials gen z groceries splurge
headline liberal white women under 30 mental issues
gen z cant live on income president ukraine billions aid

Quotes, Messages, Social Media Memes of the Day

x daughter donate toys sisters ready to be politician
x have undivided attention cant get my attention add
x apocalypse rich people safe bunkers rattlesnakes air vents
quote ramsey gun or government take money thief
message make sure brain connected tongue start talk

No Matter How Much You Think You Hate the Media, It’s Not Enough 🙄

x ap legendary athlete actor oj simpson homeland german dream

Keep Spending, It Will Be Fine 👌

national debt interest exceeds defense spending
us debt clock 20240412

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03-24 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

what i imagine people see memes smiling covering face
bus train dating worst say is no ew
photoshop girls skin tone guys fish bear
electric vehicles only solar wind otherwise just pretend
trump kicking out never trump rinos rnc
same people trump overvalued assets hunter biden art millions dollars
war infrastructure spending helps economy bomb our own cities
mainstream media bloodbath truth bat
biden ice cream inflation things looking up
babylon bee nyc homeowner arrested not providing squatter with wifi password
dystopian sci fi horror books movies government copying ideas
executive bill hillary clinton airport seen this back to future

Just Another Day in Uniparty DC Swampland

x 1.2 trillion reasons vacate chair mike johnson
babylon bee dozens injured omnibus bill tips over

Quotes, Messages, Social Media Memes of the Day

fb pete rose appealing lifetime ban baseball gambling interpreters fault
x musk biden democrats hate musk teslas ev announcement
x darth vader choke guy mild reprimand
x lp easier convince people income children freedoms than roads taxation
x tragedy white supremacy or gun control steal rights
x tyson fired not getting shot replaced by illegals anyway
quote aristotle make subjects poor no time for plotting
message biggest criminals wear ties not tattoos congress politicians

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