11-16 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

thanksgiving outfit drunk ready to talk politics
cancel appointment charge me bill for waiting hour
turkey hire grinch steal thanksgiving
baby yoda dog laughing cat talked neighbor
soda machine laughing wwiii memes kind of worried
just do it cutting off surveillance cameras
i dont know why im so unhappy starter pack diet exercise cnn politics tiktok no sun
geico saved taxpayer money not funding foreign wars dont affect usa
republicans scared removing one penny federal budget
americans right to privacy nikki haley taking
thank you not wearing mask subservient common sense
sign san francisco homelessness drugs pooping continue nov 19
newsome cleaning streets san francisco citizens no communist dictator yes
superman clark kent flu covid missing
babylon bee communist dictator welcomes president xi china gavin newsom

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet more burnt out realize check engine light
tweet sex beautiful stranger not ugly friend in love 8 years
x understand teachers unions oppose school choice business owner compete

Quote of the Day

quote aristotle matters of conscience law majority moral duty what is right

It’s Fine. Everything Is Fine. 👍

x cost of national debt refinanced trillions

I know, as the mainstream media tell us, it’s a “far right” position to want a balanced budget, but the federal deficit & accumulated debt should be the #1 national issue we are fighting. Here are four reasons why:

  1. Increased Taxes. As the debt continues to explode out of control, you can bet there will be more calls for tax increases, and not just on “the rich.” Watch for proposals such as a national sales tax and a value-added tax, plus additional fees on guns, gas, junk food, alcohol, marijuana, tobacco, and virtually anything else they can con voters into supporting.
  2. Inflation. New taxes won’t nearly be enough though, which means the only choice will be to print money and further devalue the dollar, meaning even more inflation.
  3. Increased Government Size = Less Freedom. Whenever government spends more, it grows in size. In other words, more bureaucrats, more agencies, more regulations, etc.–all leading to less freedom.
  4. More Interest = Less Money for Everything Else. As the above tweet illustrates, interest will increasingly consume available funds. Pick any area where you think money should be spent–defense, education, health care, roads, etc.–all will have less money available.

Maybe we should pay a little more attention to those crazy, “far right” politicians who mention it as an issue.

Message of the Day

message lisa simpson all scary things because of state

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11-03 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

millennials boomers gen z generation x comparison
being strip searched cops dancing
break out fancy lingerie sponge bob
disney dad most expensive day ever
crocodile dundee not a charger ev dodge
babylon bee public school not doing anything bad kids cant check
woke awakening fact tuition alumni donations not wise israel
dear black friday we all have big screen tvs put groceries on sale
government deploying climate change activists making you pay for it

It Will Be Fine. Everything is Fine. 👍

cnbc treasury borrowing next 6 months

I remember reading in history books criticism of Ronald Reagan exploding the national debt. Never mind he inherited an economy with double-digit inflation & unemployment, with mortgage rates over 18 percent, and never mind the Democrats controlled both houses of Congress. The debt is used to try to paint his 8 years as a failed presidency. In the entire 8 years he was in office, the U.S. accumulated about the same debt Biden will be adding in the next 6 months, and even that’s based on optimistic revenue numbers and a lack of more “emergency” spending bills. Not only will mainstream media continue to ignore the exploding deficits, they’ll bring on “experts” to explain how the resulting inflation couldn’t have been predicted, and it’s not that bad anyway. 🙄

mainstream media journalism class put head up ass

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet bartender sucks blame yourself
x biden climate czar flailing ev company dependent taxpayer handouts
x south park destroys disney over woke casting right as snow white delayed

Don’t Expect an Apology

ny post systemic racism faked research data

So many of the common narratives in academia and mainstream media are based on faked or poorly-constructed research. A single fake story or research study is just the start of the problem, as they’re often cited and re-cited in secondary sources, starting an endless chain of false information that build a mythology accepted as fact by non-critical thinkers.

Quote of the Day

quote mark twain lie can travel halfway around world truth putting on shoes

Message of the Day

message sign common sense least common of senses

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10-28 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

someone asks hobbies trying doesnt involve alcohol
lisa simpson quickest way hate song ringtone
office kid refuses eat fish replace with cat
i hate boob pics dont send me any
libertarians elitists think can run own life better than government can
applying for fema job mass text memes everyone
safety in numbers 357 44 9mm 12 gauge
me waiting decades republicans do something about tyranny
obama biden bowing saudi arabia iran trump opposite
joe biden ice cream student loans getting drafted world war iii jack
when think for yourself 2023 guns john wick
congress assures nation working tirelessly figure out take advantage of crisis
babylon bee gavin newsom visits xi china more ideas run california
media critics johnson least political experience speaker in history joe biden most

Leftists: Why Can’t America Be More Like Europe?

headline turkey central bank hikes interest rate to 35 percent

Keep spending and printing money…it will be fine. 👌

Definitely Not the Enemy of the People 🙄

lesson subtle mind control doesnt work tell people stop thinking mainstream media

Social Media Posts of the Day

x son having 2 dads immune to yo mama jokes day so ugly husband
x 10 million never listen beyonce song how i live currently
x joe biden want to share economic vision never ending war military industrial complex
x eric swalwell english translation mike johnson chinese

Quote of the Day

quote mark twain educated once took years get over it creativity intelligence school system

Message of the Day

message dont grow when things easy when we face challenges

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