10-30 Politically Incorrect Daily

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you joe killing people texting back dont settle less
dog break window ac on pop country
books policy procedures manual how we really do things
you know getting old clothes used to wear now halloween costume
extinct species dodo bird mammoth moderate democrat
jen psaki medicine for america lies deceit circle back mandates
trick or treating avoid suspicious houses biden harris
left care about science general biology book
shawshank prison in for speaking up school board meeting
no vaccination no candy halloween trick or treating
babylon bee psaki points out inflation doesnt matter no goods to purchase
when usa begins grasp 3.5 trillion debt small percent of quadrillion
bill murray build back better store shelves
babylon bee pfizer reduce covid kids almost zero to almost zero
yard rip low gas prices common sense borders free speech medical freedom

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet manager not drink after shift worked
tweet soulnate 90s computers online scream foreshadowing
tweet phil anderson cash border lockdowns mandates f every democrat

Question of the Day

question next time cop accidental shooting wait until facts in

Message of the Day

message doctor diet exercise sleep exercise rx drug dealer

Incentives & Punishment

The most basic principle of human behavior involves punishment and reward. In other words, behavior that is rewarded tends to be repeated, while behavior that is punished tends to decrease in frequency. When you think about it, virtually everything involving government is the reverse of this common sense point. Work and investment are punished with higher taxes. Not working or investing are rewarded with unemployment and other government benefits. The few remaining politicians in power that recognize this obvious point sometimes try to adjust for this. But when government is involved, even a well-intentioned incentive program can lead to worse results. And that’s without even factoring in the potential for fraud, kickbacks, and crony capitalism.

Let’s take an example. Consider a factory that can power its facilities for an average of $100,000 per year using typical fossil fuels. But it can build a wind farm to provide the same power for an average of $140,000 per year. Government gets involved with the intention of incentivizing the use of wind over limited fossil fuels, so they offer tax breaks that save the company $50,000 per year if they switch. The company analyzes this, realizing that $140k-$50k is only $90,0000. So it saves $10,000 per year, and they therefore go ahead with building the wind farm. The incentive achieved the desired outcome, which is great, right?! Well, not so fast. The government has now added a cost of $50,000 to society which must be paid with taxes, with the company now spending $140,0000 more. So the total overall cost to the nation is $190,000…instead of the original $100,000 which would have been spent had government stayed out of the way.

You see examples like this throughout our tax & regulatory system, which is especially bad lately with Democrats worshiping at the alter of “Climate Change.” High gas prices and other inflation are the result not only of incompetence and money supply expansion but also deliberate attempts to discourage the use of fossil fuels. Don’t expect things to change anytime soon in America unless true free market libertarians gain power, which will likely take decades of rooting out lifelong politicians.

joe biden highest oil prices arab sheik shutting down own oil production
Biden Hopes Fines of Lingering Cargo Ships Eases Congestion at Major U.S. Ports

joe biden fines lingering cargo ships cnbc

Quote of the Day

quote mencken save humanity urge to rule

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10-22 Politically Incorrect Daily

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kermit discussion respecting wrong opinion
devito willing to shoot steal dog value start blasting
explaining new world order just comply restrictions go away
bare shelves sign of good economy biden bottleneck
make america great again my pillow joe biden
f joe biden ron swanson worried said lets go brandon establishment
pinnochio puppet cdc shots masks can I be free now
scientific method inability to question blind trust
zuckerberg revolution wont be televised not in newsfeed either
mayor pete handling supply chain paternity

Just Arrest Dr. Mengele Fauci Already

tweet rand paul nih collins told you so fauci

Dr. Fauci’s Lies About Funding Dangerous Research in Wuhan Corrected By His Own Agency

The Infinite Pattern of Government Spending

“Public schools are failing because they’re underfunded.”
“Here’s more money.”
*scores go down again*
“Public schools are still underfunded.”
“Here’s more money.”
*scores go down again*
“Public schools are still underfunded!”
*Here’s more — far more than ANY country in the world!”
*scores go down again*
“Maybe money isn’t the problem?”
“You hate our underappreciated teachers and don’t care about the children!”
“Fine, I will lose re-election if I don’t go along with this BS. Here’s even more money!”
*scores go down again*
“Public schools are underfunded!”
“But why are all the private schools doing well? Maybe parents should be able to decide where kids educational funding is spent?”
“NOOOOOOO! That is violation of church/state separation, you religious nut!!! And it takes money from the underfunded public schools! Boycott this politician!!!!
“Fine. I give up! Here’s more public school funding.”

School Spending Up, Test Scores Down
11 Reasons Government is Less Efficient Than the Private Sector

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet notorious what do differently divide transfer wealth
tweet charlie kirk fake white house actors spending bill nothing real about white house
Poland fining big tech censors communism

Quote of the Day

quote thormas paine greatest tyrannies always name of noblest causes

Message of the Day

message mayors governors fake president youre our employee

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04-04 Politically Incorrect Daily

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easter jesus died rose celebrate bunny candy
me realizing kids talking about 90s like me 60s
receiving phone call how dare you speak to me not text
adding medieval weapons dogs beach needs to be thing
dr fauci my precious covid
kermit vs joe biden one hollow head controlled by handlers
babylon bee push for diversity military chihuahuas over shepards
clown 2 weeks slow spread shutdowns didnt work do it again

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet kevin men bury emotions take it out children tubing boat
tweet venus fly trap chooses violence subhad
tweet sandra garcia professional crazy disconnect
tweet as if 2020 schooling not bad enough ipads pants

Quote of the Day

quote orwell all tyrannies rule fraud force exposed rely on force

Message of the Day

message everday more people added to list can kiss my ass

Random Thoughts of the Day

One of the most brilliantly evil things government has ever done is to collect nearly all the taxes we pay without our conscious knowledge. Federal, state, and social security taxes are deducted from paychecks, so most people don’t even think about them as part of their real earnings. Sales taxes are factored into the purchase prices in our minds. Property taxes are usually escrowed by the bank and put into your monthly mortgage payment. Hardly anyone can tell you how much of each gallon of gas we purchase is for the tax vs the fuel itself. How much of the country even realizes they only pay half of their social security/medicare tax, as the employer pays an equal amount on their behalf? Look at your W2’s, and imagine if everyone had to write physical checks at the end of the year for the total fed, state, and social security amounts! Do you think people may then pay attention to how much the government screws them every year? How perverse is it that most people consider a tax refund or “stimulus” check some kind of gift or bonus from the government?

These taxes are just the start. Every time the government taxes a business, it adds to their cost, meaning prices go up to cover it. So the scraps of take-home pay we get to keep mean even less. When government can’t hide a tax from you somehow, they simply change its name, calling it a permit, license, toll, surcharge, or whatever. The insane trillions being spent lately will be paid for by the working people. It’s a reverse-Robin Hood transfer of wealth, which is why politicians and billionaires get richer every year.

when government took 25 percent of money gives 2 percent back sponge bob stimulus
message stop calling income tax refund overpaid got your change back

10 Reasons Why Raising Tax Rates Decrease Total Revenue (and Vice Versa)
Taxes Meme Gallery

Communist Foundation of the Democratic Party

CNN Begins the Revisionist History of the US Pandemic Response
NBC News Anchor Explains Why Media Balance and ‘Fairness Is Overrated’

mainstream media horn hate fear covid everytime turn on tv
press corps whores chris wallace jake tapper chuck todd joe biden charlies angels

It’s Come to This

chocolate bunnies easter wearing masks

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