11-18 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

insurance agent you hit a what sports car crash
work from home wilson volleyball plant castaway
tweet husband mops up pools blood can explain omg youre cleaning
its time for unity china tearing up hong know treaty
meanwhile in oregon like pepsi we have coke take a gram
property taxes because even after you pay off mortgage still dont own home
republicans looking at newsmax instead of foxnews girlfriend
2016 media russia stole election 2020 impossible to steal don lemon

Damn Nutcase Conspiracy Theorists

So now within two weeks of the election, we have a Pfizer Covid vaccine with 90% effectiveness, a Moderna vaccine with 94.5% effectiveness, a new FDA approval of an Eli Lilly Antibody Treatment, and the first FDA-approved home test for coronavirus, but how dare you conspiracy nuts think the timing has anything to do with the election!

how dare you greta thunberg
joe biden chinese puppet ventriquist
im no longer calling it covid 19 election infection
doctor when will covid 19 be over im not much into politics

Random Thoughts of the Day

A good way to think about the national debt & deficit is to trim the zeroes from the numbers. Imagine your annual income is $40,000 with very limited ability to earn more. In an average year, you spend $50,000. You’re currently over $270,000 in debt. You’re in the middle of a year where you’re spending $100,000 and you’re going to take in significantly less salary due to Covid. See any problems? What is Congress’s solution? Well, obviously the only solution is to spend much, much more! And there is absolutely nothing that should be cut in the annual budget! I know the Democrats dream of taxing “the rich” more to pay for their endless spending wish list, but for a number of reasons this can lead to less total revenue coming in. The national debt/deficit is by far the biggest problem we face in the near future. Without even taking into account the potentially devastating financial crisis that awaits us, just pick your budget priority…defense, health care, social security, national infrastructure, police protection, education, whatever. Left or Right, if you want any of those things paid for, you need money. And when each year more cash is needed to pay interest, it leaves less for everything else. It also weakens the country’s ability to handle a crisis such as a war or deadly virus. It should tell you everything about the national media how much attention they’ve given it compared to their daily character assassinations. Can you think of ONE SINGLE QUESTION asked in any presidential debates or interviews? Now think of all the stupid questions that were asked about white supremacy, QAnon, who said what decades ago, and on and on. Our current mainstream media has no interest in informing the public. Their sole focus is on pushing an agenda and destroying anyone who threatens that agenda.

10 Reasons Why Raising Tax Rates Decrease Total Revenue (and Vice Versa)

national debt congress real virus
congress all you can spend buffett back to business todays special endless debt nancy pelosi
cnn npr washington post new york times nbc puppets of china
romper room news trump white house press corp cnn msnbc china jim acosta

Tweet of the Day

tweet there is no evidence of widespread journalistic integrity

Quote of the Day

quote eric trump would rather see father fail than america succeed

Message of the Day

message shouldnt be suprised party no difference legal illegal immigrants votes

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11-16 Politically Incorrect Daily

New Editorial/Meme Gallery Added

Liberal Meme Gallery 2

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

people how much faith do you have in human race i look both ways at a roundabout
treat others like you want to be treated now charged sexual harrassment
democrats beating republicans time for unity dammit
mostly peaceful protest mostly legal ballots
things I trust more than biden facebook profile pictures gas station sushi
isnt it odd party of open boders heroin needle sharing street pooping concerned about spread of disease
fox news hannity tucker ingraham dragging fox news away from fake news swamp cnn msnbc nyt post

Fun with Words

It’s always fun to see the BS names Congress comes up with for bills to hide their true meaning and make them sound all rosy, made most famous by Obama’s “Affordable Care Act.” The current example is Schumer and Pelosi’s “Health and Economic Recovery Omnibus Emergency Solutions Act,” or HEROES Act, which sounds so much better than, “Let’s spend $3+ trillion we don’t have on campaign contributor payback and a pork barrel slush fund.” For reference on this new spending, out national debt is currently over $27 trillion. The Feds take in around $4 trillion per year, and coming into 2020, we were spending about $5 trillion per year. Assuming Chuck & Nancy get HEROES passed, it will be over $10 trillion spent in 2020 alone. And what do you think the spending will be after a President Biden adds in Medicare-for-All, Green New Deal, education debt forgiveness, and a million other items on the liberal wish list?

coronavirus pounding hammer national debt 25 trillion
national debt democrats republicans well have it under control when pigs fly
babylon bee republicans anounce plan to pretend to be fiscal conservative next time democrat president

Tweet of the Day

tweet next generation not my president russia us elections safe time for unity

Quote of the Day

quote hershel walker to be man beat the man not cheat the man

Message of the Day

message stacy abrams lost ga more votes than trump wont concede hero for democrats

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08-23 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

hey what if you spend less steal less of our money government holding cash
bumper sticker of year face masks helping ugly people get laid since 2020
lord please give me sign if im eating too much pig cloud
statistics show once looter infected with ar 15 virus dont loot anymore
teachers should wear body cams like police so parents can see how children act
bernie sanders once again asking you to support same candidate spent year telling you not to trust
good news replacing cops with armed citizen patrols you mean lynch mobs
joe biden going over notes your name joe year 2020 trump bad obama good
facebook is perfect example of socialism free owner gets rich shut you up
babylon bee jack dorsey twitter platform for all ideas i wholeheartedly agree with

The Math Seems to Check Out

15 out of 10 people tested covid 22 of them died

Because It Worked SOOOOO Well the First Time with No Side Repercussions

Biden to ABC’s David Muir: ‘I would shut [country] down’ to prevent spread of COVID-19 if scientists recommended

Just like the mask mandates that have been going on for months in most parts of the country without noticeable changes in infection rates. Only in government can they look at the results of a policy and say, “Well, that didn’t work. Obviously, we need to try the exact same thing to a more extreme version! Oh, and we must spend a ton of money we don’t have that will have to be paid for with new taxes at some point in the future when we’re out of office.” 🙄


Tweet of the Day

tweet chase colleges zoom lecture canvas assignment 40000 tuition

Quote of the Day

quote bad news not going to fit it with everyone good news great ones never do

Message of the Day

message dont protest in highway wont get hit scared of corona stay home hate america leave

Question of the Day

question has anyone else noticed trump supporters patriotic rallies biden supporters rioting cities

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