08-29 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

millennials historical event should make car payment
grandma spank child move brain back
loki lose followers political opinions very sad anyway
trump mug shot glass
coexist liberals state ostracize demonize unvaccinated
democrats election year censorship covid water pipe mail in
groundhog day outbreak virus before election again
liberal government best interests stripper likes me
edgy race joke comedian white woman were offended
look super mega delta strain nobody cares
songs criticizing government taxes leeches ped liberal anger launch
democrats trump indictments boomerang

Social Media Posts of the Day

x sexuality attracted men women neither bi yourself
x therapist boss trainwreck of life
x life hacks 2023 government involved reject regulate freedom solution wrong
x blumenthal graham warren visiting ukraine again tax dollars
x greta thunberg leonardo dicaprio greatest actors
x finally got home alone 2 lost mugshots trump pesci caulkin

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Quote of the Day

quote milei printing money poverty diplomas end stupidity

Message of the Day

message stop referring biden schumer pelosi leader corrupt tyrants

Panic! Government Has to Find Ways to Tax Non-Gas Cars!!!

Gretchen Whitmer’s Experiments with GPS Tracking of Driving Miles

After passing laws forcing much of the population to electric cars, a plan must be put in place to replace the insane tax revenues brought in by fossil fuels. So, they’re moving towards GPS & electronic tracking to record every mile you drive. Nothing 1984 Big Brotherish about that. 👌 Predictably, Comrade Whitmer from Michigan is one of the ones leading the charge. Remember her facist Covid actions almost earned her Biden’s VP nod, but unfortunately she doesn’t have the right color complexion to qualify for VP.

our constitution was written because of people like this whitmer cuomo newsom

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05-02 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

hate it healthy me shopping fat me needs a snack
if someone nice before coffee not me
name 2d shapes teacher ill allow it
snowflake college campus racist ranting
john kerry once a traitor always vietnam iran
joe biden presidential vote history 2020 sure most in history
bird cage come back in so they will set us free
fbi ignoring clintons bidens looking at rudy
queen sign dont enter mask on face big disgrace spreading fear
fbi johnkerry leak iranians raid rufy guliani

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet us customs lumber hid in cocaine
tweet kidversations have pms husband asked

Shooting for #1 Worst Governor In America

Mi Governor Whitmer Sets 70 Percent Vaccination Rate as Condition for Restriction Removal

Contending with Newsom, Cuomo, Walz, Evers, and others, Michigan Governor Whitmer will not be denied in her quest for the title! She revels in every anti-freedom, business-crushing dictate she makes. And now 70 percent vax rate is the standard? Polls show 20-25 percent say they’ll never get a Covid vaccine, with another 20 percent undecided. Add in people who’ve already had Covid and therefore have the antibodies and no reason to get a vaccine. Do the math and you see 70 percent is a near-impossible number. And what if the 70 percent number is somehow reached, but case counts are still high, or enough time has passed that calls for booster shots start coming from Deep Staters like Dr. Fauci? Think the goal posts won’t get moved again? For all the liberals using their condescending “follow the science” bullshit, why do all the most restrictive states like Michigan all seem to have the highest case rates? Shouldn’t these science-worshiping fascists have eradicated Covid in their states? Just a reminder, Whitmer was a leading candidate for VP on the Biden ticket. Removal of freedom now defines the Democratic Party.

whitmer stalin book just until we find a cure blue state governor
our constitution was written because of people like this whitmer cuomo newsom
mi governor whitmer plan close businesses schools ban guns raise taxes call people racist sexist coronavirus
babylon bee governor whitmer deploys fleet probe driods to catch people violating lockdown
michigan governor whitmer says protests lead to extension of stay at home orders beating continue morale improves

Quote of the Day

quote harry truman america was not built on fear determination imagination

Question of the Day

question why need 4 trillion dollar jobs plan already had lowest unemployment

Message of the Day

message lebron james white hate this is racist boycott nba

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