01-07 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

minutes dramatic now reason
napolean dynamite going to tell kids nick foles gardiner minshew
excited rise ai artificial intelligence improve kill us all
new pictures oriental angry lady cat
two things help us look better naked exercise alcohol
rex kwon do 1st day new employee orientaion waffle house napolean dynamite
dolphins next in line humanity not doing well
if you know shower porkys ballbreaker
sign if you can breath youre hired
baby yoda social media share memes ignore people
dog media trillion dollar propaganda machine memes funny words pictures

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet dinner kids easier eat cooked watch options
tweet level of old turn it down or speak up
tweet couple holding hands jogging meet someone hate with me
tweet dry january alcohol bad decisions green tea

Message of the Day

message heres to beautiful confused imperfections coffee day

Random Thoughts of the Day

Just a quick note on the Republican McCarthy Speaker mess…You will undoubtedly see in the media how “far right” members held up the vote. Can you ever remember in your lifetime a single person in the mainstream media using the phrase “far left” to describe anyone? And if you detail the so-called far right positions without the distortions of a biased media, my guess is 70+ percent of America would agree with them. For example, one of the holdups was trying to put controls in to prevent the common practice of releasing 3000-page cryptic spending bills with only a day or two to vote. Is that really a radical right-wing position? Also note all the media belly aching about potential coming gridlock. Did they seem the least bit concerned that a Democratic House takeover was going to limit Trump’s agenda goals or cause gridlock?

If anything, with the current makeup of our government, the best thing that can happen is gridlock, which restricts their ability to pass new laws to further limit our freedom and f*ck up the country.

tweet zuby politicial philosophy leave me alone dont hurt take peoples stuff far right now

Quote of the Day

quote roman moronie fargins rights liberties patriotic citizes

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