06-07 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

asking burger how cooked grill make same anyway
lost america quit smoking marlboro started vaping strawberry cheesecake
doctor walk fitbit gas station
democrats polls off cliff biden cnn loves you
joe biden democrats you are not a puppet
breaking bad big pharma boosters done when i say were done
biden democrats ship statue karl marx
gun control wolf sheep remove teeth
graph gas prices trump biden obama
iran uranium enrichment green energy program un
meanwhile at amazon more than 2 genders fit type men women
babylon bee gavin newsome covid all servants masked

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet dad son monster room after you
tweet wife sad showed boobs doesnt work same
tweet cheerios fetch kid why didnt think
tweet cringy moments embarrassing others remember

Message of the Day

message change wont come if we wait for others we are change we seek

Lower Taxes on China, Raise Taxes on Americans

Biden Lifting Some China Tariffs to Fight Inflation

Wow, taxes increase prices to consumers?!!! What a concept! Remember that Biden’s “Build Back Better” plan has NOT backed off on any tax increases for American companies, but he’ll gladly ease up on his communist buddies. Note: EVERY American tariff still in place is a retaliatory measure to counter a tariff or unfair trade practice in the target country. So Biden will effectively take us back to the pre-Trump era where China had free rein with screwing us over. And by making it tougher for American companies to compete, it only INCREASES our dependence on China. Newsflash: much of the supply chain clusterfuck around the world is a direct result of China’s brutal, inefficient “Zero Covid” policies.

joe biden cap make china great again
yellen only taxing wealthy people inflation rate be you soon
why are we so reliant on china for supply chain 3 guesses bush clinton obama

Next Front in the War Against Freedom: Red Flag Laws

For those of you who don’t know what red flag laws are, the idea is that we stop mass shooters by taking away guns from people who exhibit the “red flags” of mental disease or the potential to be a murderer. As with the removal of “misinformation” and “hate speech,” red flag laws sound good on the surface, but they too suffer from the same flaw — who decides and what qualifies? They’re simply another way to remove Constitutional rights from anyone who may threaten Ruling Class power. The list of possible justifications are endless. For example:

  • You attempted suicide decades ago as a teenager.
  • You were within blocks of the Capitol during the January 6th riot.
  • You’ve been accused (but not charged with) domestic violence by a vindictive ex.
  • Your accounts have been suspended by Twitter or Facebook.
  • Someone (such as an FBI agent) hacked into your social media account and posted a threat.
  • You’ve protested Covid lockdowns and vaccine mandates.
  • You donated money to the NRA or Kyle Rittenhouse defense funds.
  • You’ve liked or re-tweeted anti-government or anti-New World Order posts.
  • You refuse to surrender your AR-15 or “excessive” ammunition.
  • You’ve been charged with a crime, but the government delays the trial for years.
  • You got in a drunken bar fight years ago.
  • You have a parent or sibling who committed violent crimes; i.e. a genetic red flag.

Get the idea? Expect unelected bureaucrats to administer the laws without checks’n’balances. Don’t count on courts to protect you since you’ll lose your rights while appeals work their way through the courts, and if you eventually win your case, as with Covid, tyrannical government leaders will just modify the laws slightly to start the process all over.

how red flag laws work ex wife swat team tom jerry
future of red flag laws global warming hoax white male open borders red flag
red flag laws when group of murderers thieves congress decide who shouldnt own a gun

Quote of the Day

quote molyneaux gun control not anti gun pro centralizing government political minions

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06-06 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

relaxing driveway after winning argument with wife
woman getting ready 4th quarter no timeouts
prefer real top gun maverick top gun hot shots
cat step on keyboard when set password window open
shooting at walls of heartache finger guns bang around 50
joe biden tired of comments walked back taiwan ukraine 2nd amendment
feminists sex strike against us not trump women
mick dundee crocodile sheila not biologist
joe biden guy you voted bend over red rover
chinese expectation reality joe hunter biden
biden pay my college debt student loans limo worker
dragged out of health food store not wearing mask reciting constitution
distribution plan crack pipes state farm hunter doesnt smoke formula

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet how many ar-15s jesus own not enough to avoid being murdered by government
tweet working class help us please republicans democrats no
tweet 2nd amendment under attack basis for existence manifesting
tweet inflation ship millenials date gas share rent

So Glad We Have “Fact” Checkers Looking Out for Us 🙄

polifact fact checking gun control authoritarian regimes

There’s absolutely NO evidence that Stalin, Hitler, Pol Pot, Mao, and others would be any less successful in their genocides if their victims were armed. 👌

Quote of the Day

quote rand individual rights not subject public majority vote

Message of the Day

message be careful not dehumanize those disagree become things we criticize

The Reason It Seems Only One Political Party Rules the Country

rinos undocumented democrats mcconnell mccarthy sasse collins murkowski romney toomey

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08-08 Politically Incorrect Daily

Thoughts on “Red Flag” Laws

I’m by no means an anti-gun control fanatic. I believe if you take politics out of the discussion, there are reasonable compromises to protect gun ownership for law-abiding citizens while keeping guns out of the hands of dangerous criminals. However, there is one measure I passionately oppose — Red Flag laws. Essentially, these are laws that prevent gun ownership by those who have raised a number of “red flags” indicating they may commit deadly acts, such as violent social media posts, mental health hospitalization, and prior criminal records. On the surface these sound reasonable, but the problem is who interprets what are considered red flags? What if you were in a ballroom brawl as a stupid teenager? What if you posted on Facebook: “My husband forgot our anniversary; I’m going to kill him”, “Our borders need to be defended”, “Illegal immigrants are a threat to my family’s safety”, “The mainstream media are the enemy of the people”, “We need a new American revolution”, and so on. What if Netflix & Amazon released your viewing history to show you like murder shows? What if you’re a history buff who has read books about Hitler? The examples are endless on what could be used as justification under Red Flag laws to take guns from law-abiding Americans. Many in the media and Democratic party have labelled all Trump supporters as racists or white nationalists. Why not label all Trump voters as red flag threats? It may sound ridiculous, but who decides? More than likely unelected government agencies will enforce the laws, with challenges only available in a slow-moving legal system packed with Obama & Clinton-appointed liberal judges. Red Flag laws are the same as “hate speech” laws and Big Tech censorship, which have been stretched and twisted to essentially shutdown speech of anyone who doesn’t toe the politically-correct liberal line. Do not give Big Brother another tool to take away more Constitutional freedoms!

‘Red Flag’ Gun Control Bills Pick Up Momentum With G.O.P. in Congress

gun dominoes nfa firearm protection act red flag laws complete ban confiscation
founding fathers heres the first amendment if someone takes that away heres 2nd one

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

excuse me maam have you accepted mainstream media as your lord and savior orange man bad how to hate white people
when you bought healthy food but now craving junk only thing is kale
how minimum wage works out of work after forcing increase
mom just headache online symptom checker grave get in sponge bob
hollywood barrier to lecture on how walls are immoral
wife doesnt like me calling her ex girlfriend as if not 100 percent factually accurate
david hogg there i was buying tampons at walmart in el paso
news says guns kill people waiting for them to move
zombie looking for brains walks by beto orourke

The True Cause of Division in America

quote who all besides me thinks the media is responsible for promoting racial violence

Quote of the Day

quote samual jackson i dont think its gun control about people who arent taught value of life

Tweets of the Day

tweet john burk shooter was registered color religion if you ask these questions youre the problem
tweet d souza left accuses someone of racism false accusation

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