02-20 Politically Incorrect Daily

Random Thought of the Day

Anyone with critical thinking skills should have been at least a little suspicious the Jussie Smollett “hate crime” was a hoax, but people want to believe whatever fits their worldview. Smollett joins a long list of hate crime hoaxes in the Trump era. It should say something that hate crimes are so rare that the liberal media readily seek out and gullibly believe any stories they can find. One thing seems to be missing in every analysis of hate crimes, real and imagined. That is, in a nation of 325 million, there will always be assorted nutballs, but they don’t represent the wider population. If the media dug up 10 genuine hate crimes, they’d be screaming like it’s a nationwide epidemic, but even then, it would still be only .0000031% of the population. Any statistician would roll their eyes if you tried to draw meaningful conclusions on the nation as a whole. I’m not sure what they teach in journalism school nowadays, certainly not logic or fairness. It is sad that half the country still believes most every bit of propaganda BS the liberal media churns out.

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

hey jussie smollett leaving lying to professionals journalists
and it all makes sense now jussie smollett with michele barack obama
kathy griffin no one can kill their career faster than me smollett hold my bleach
scientists discover leftist screeching so intense echos back in time from 2020
old man helping black guy with tie cnn white supremacist noose
we should elect latino female candidate kid elect most qualified
cory booker before after jussie smollett hoax lynching wait for facts
stop calling tax refund you overpaid all year and got your change back
how to quit your job sorry for you loss greeting card
2024 ocasio cortez open enviro roadshter horse pulling car

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educating liberals how come left is organizing boycott of empire like they did for rosanne joke

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02-02 Politically Incorrect Daily

Random Thought of the Day

The alleged Jussie Smollett “hate crime” is the perfect illustration of how political correctness has killed rational thought and honest discussion. Jussie Smollett is the black, gay Empire star who was allegedly attacked by Trump-supporting rednecks who shouted “This is MAGA country”. His story is completely falling apart as police investigators have examined hundreds of hours of video footage and have found no evidence of the attack. However, for fear of being labeled homophobic, racist, insensitive, etc., no mainstream journalist or politician will discuss what looks increasingly like an obvious publicity stunt hoax. Think about it. First of all, this is Chicago, one of the most Democrat-dominated cities in the country. A MAGA-hat wearing Trump supporter is 1000 times more likely to get harassed than a black or homosexual. These “rednecks” watch Empire enough to recognize the star and wait hours for him. The story perfectly fits the media narrative that Trump supporters are all racist, homophobic, and violent haters. And the story comes a couple weeks after the whole MAGA-hat wearing Covington video that ignited the “MAGA hat=new white hood” and “‘Make America Great Again’ is a racist slogan” liberal talking points. Sorry, I’m not buying it for a second. It reminds me a lot of all the fake bombs that were mailed to all of Trump enemies shortly before the midterm elections. Unlike the fake-bomb hoax that was probably set up by Democratic operatives, Smollett most likely organized this as a publicity stunt to gain fame and media attention. Expect this story to slowly disappear as facts expose more of the hoax, but liberals will use the “Jussie Smollett hate crime” as a talking point for years to come. And their base will believe every word and intensify their hatred for Trump & his supporters. But how can you blame them when no one in media will cover the facts of the case?

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

chicago police release photos of potential persons of interest jussie smollette investigation
white people in chicago at 2am maga hat girl
look you get when you win a conservative argument on facebook content not available
libbot says wheel climate change sexist misogynist racist impeach russia hate cops trump bad
trump pelosi is hiding ginsburgs body change my mind
pelosi schumer walls are immoral abortion at 9 months is a-ok
hillary comey lie to congress cops laugh stone forgets email storm with swat team
punxsutawney phil predicts 6 more years of president trump maga hat groundhog

when youre getting harassed by old creepy dude dont know what to do biden nathan phillips maga hat boy
bernie sanders credit cards lets market ourselves to young gullible economically illiterate college students omg brilliant

That Evil Orange Man

trump wall fence penalized if you dont support just kidding obama with obamacare

Tweets of the Day

hillary loses in 2008 2016 2020 oh year
bernie sanders tweet women control own body not government same with guns health care free market

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