11-26 Politically Incorrect Daily

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thanksgiving so youre telling me stomach going to hurt because you ate too much
me when thanksgiving dinner conversation shifts to politics sponge bob head out
thanksgiving 2020 bought turkey feeds 12-15 police break down door
governor cuomo calls sheriffs wont enforce thanksgiving restrictions dictators dumbass government
pilgrims america this is land where conservatives speak without censorship zuckerberg dorsey
thanksgiving is one day year can eat whatever you want me thinking about all quarantine meals
dr fauci follow the science thanksgiving moving goal posts
cdc thanksgiving guidelines dr scott atlas pilgrim blowing away
office me when i see someone buying 2021 calendar i love the optimism
babylon bee state governor frees drug deals space for families celebrating thanksgiving

They Deserve a Thanksgiving Too

dog thanksgiving turkey stuffing ill take the brown pebbles again

Tweet/Parley of the Day

tweet dad buried worst part about driving visit family not being already drunk when walk in door

Quote of the Day

quote jim gaffigan thanksgiving tradition eat a lot with people that annoy hell out of us

Message of the Day

History teaches us so many valuable lessons. For example, in World War II, many small twists of fate could have changed the entire course of events and caused unimaginable suffering. Case in point, early in the war, the Germans had almost the entire British army trapped on the beach of Dunkirk. Hitler could have easily crushed the British, but instead he turned his attention towards Paris, allowing the British to mount a heroic rescue. Had Britain been defeated, Germany could have easily taken all of Europe and prevented the U.S. from having a base to counterattack. Consider the Battle of the Bulge, where Hitler’s counterattack threatened to undo all the gains of D-Day. Had it not been for a sudden change in weather conditions, Patton’s 3rd Army may not have been able to win the battle, allowing Hitler to stay in power possibly long enough for Germany to build a nuclear weapon. Imagine Nazis with a nuke! How about the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. Just by chance, multiple aircraft carriers were out on exercise and therefore not part of the carnage. Had they been destroyed, the West Coast of the continental U.S. would have been vulnerable to attack. The examples are endless of where you can say “we were lucky,” but maybe, just maybe, it wasn’t luck. Maybe things happen for a reason.

How does this relate to today? I’m not sure yet. Maybe the close election will put pressure on those in power to put in audit & verification procedures so voter fraud and “mistakes” like in 2020 never happen again. Imagine Ruth Bader Ginsburg, rest in peace, had died just a couple months later and just 1-2 more Senate seat had gone to Democrats. Would the U.S. have a democracy in a few years? Maybe the lessons of Trump Derangement Syndrome were designed to teach the majority of the country about the bias & corruption of mainstream media and Big Tech before their power got out of control? Maybe Covid-19 was designed to teach the dangers of putting too much dictator-like control in the hands of power-hungry socialist governors?

Whatever lessons we’re being taught, history shows the best of times are usually preceded by the worst of times. Think Roaring 20s after World War I. Think the Happy Days of the 50s after the Great Depression & World War II. Think Reagan Revolution of the 80s after the Carter stagflation, Watergate, and Vietnam in the 70s.

And without the bad times, would we even appreciate the good times? After Covid, imagine how great it will be to go to a concert, sporting event, or fair. Imagine how much you’ll appreciate just being able to go to the store, work, go to school, or fly on a plane without having to wear a damn mask.

So relax and keep your chin up. Tell your governors to f**k off, go be with your families, and give thanks for all the great things in your life!

quote thankful heart opens eyes james faust

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03-07 Politically Incorrect Daily

Random Thought of the Day

Two areas of knowledge whoafully inadequate in Americans nowadays, especially in the younger generation, are history and basic economics/personal finance. You see it every day as half the country seems to be embracing big government socialism despite its repeated record of dismal failure. And you see, for example, massive whining because people can’t understand that $100 extra each paycheck but $500 less in tax refund makes you far better off overall. Of course, the media feed this ignorance, but also you see it in underemphasis in our educational system. Curricula rarely change, teaching useless skills to the average American as trigonometry, biology of protista, and average rainfall in African countries instead of how to invest, balance a checkbox, minimize taxes, etc. Given that this ignorance leads to more government spending, taxation, and control over our lives, one has to wonder, is it all by design?

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

ocasio cortez nice economy there be ashamed if someone implemented socialism
lets legalize pot citizens can grow use trade without oversite whoa.jpg
things adults shouldnt believe in easter bunny santa claus bernie sanders
women shaping our future for communism pelos ocasio cortez omar
sign shooting school children strictly prohibited in case law-abiding gun owners will be punished
ocasio cortez face of the dial modem sound
trump soldier how about rooting for america for a change you commie scumbag
shes a he hes pregant look at future of democrat rule

Always a Crisis

In 20 years, we’ll still be hearing end-of-world climate predictions of some kind. Of course, the only solution will be more government control and less capitalism.

ap story 1989 global warming must be curbed by 2000 to avert catastrophe

Quote of the Day

fail first attempt in learning end effort never dies no next opportunity

Tweet of the Day

tweet james woods democrats literally cant agree to condemn bigotry anti semitism pelosi omar

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06-06 Politically Incorrect Daily

Did You Know?

The family of northern Civil War General Ulysses S. Grant owned slaves, while southern general Robert E. Lee freed his slaves before the war. In fact, Abraham Lincoln offered the job of head of the Union Army to Lee, and Lee nearly accepted before deciding he couldn’t abandon his home state of Virginia. History is rarely as simple and black & white as it is often described in history textbooks.

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