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office wife thanking snacks cookies breakfast
therapy dog considering career change
karate kid obnoxious child restaurant sweep the leg
airplane looks like i picked the wrong week to quit making memes
judge illegal expose government breaking law
no confidence vote check all apply doj fbi fda cdc msm media
when smoke clears hunter joe biden graft
joe biden inflation gas immigration woke china taliban crime up
sponge bob nuclear energy activist clean weather
life cant get more fcked up life challenge accepted
joe biden let me be clear psaki press cleanup crew

Can Merit & Qualifications Still Be Used in Hiring?

NFL Will Require Every Team Hire Minority Offensive Coach for Upcoming Season

Political Correctness & Censorship Meme Gallery 3

So Groundbreaking and Unique

I cannot stress enough that I don’t give a shit about a person’s sexuality, what gender they identify as, or what anybody does in their private life. I believe in equal rights and don’t care what anybody does if it doesn’t infringe on the rights of anyone else. That said, I must point out again that I’m completely sick of EVERY SINGLE NEW STREAMING SERIES having to write in meaningless gay/lesbian/trans story lines that have NOTHING to do with the main plot. My wife and I are watching the show Big Sky on Hulu. It’s about some small town Montana detectives that stumble upon a sex trafficking ring, then later a f**ked up family with a murderous past, and then a major drug cartel transaction gone wrong. It’s pretty good, and we both enjoy the main plotlines. But of course, we all know the rules…you MUST include non-heterosexual characters! The first season featured a trans character in a major role, with some gay ones thrown in with minor roles for good measure. Ok, we thought, whatever. The 2nd season has added a couple lesbian teens and a gay teen, while throwing the trans character into a love triangle with an experimenting heterosexual U.S. marshal. It’s become almost laughable. So predictable. So tired & monotonous. When the first two female teens were introduced in the 2nd season, I said within 5 seconds to my wife, “Those two will be lesbians…100% sure.” Again, NONE of this has anything to do with the main plot occurring in Montana, one of the most conservative states in the country.

Attention movie/TV-making industry: YOU’RE NOT BREAKING NEW GROUND! YOU’RE NOT DOING ANYTHING BOLD AND COURAGEOUS! I know you feel the need to prove to us unrefined hicks that there are gay/lesbian/trans people in the world, but get through your heads that WE DON’T CARE! I don’t condemn their lifestyle and would fight any kind of discrimination against them, but PLEASE stop wasting screen time with boring, predictable, meaningless plotlines! BTW, I’m a guy (i.e. XY chromosomes if you’re unsure what that means). Therefore, if I’m watching a show about murder, drugs, etc. I don’t want to see ANY romancy stuff, even between heterosexuals. If I wanted that, I would watch Lifetime network with my wife all day until the point I gouged my eyes out.

virtue signals crossed pro woman trans sports equality

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet will smith vessel love summation hollywood
tweet blm racist metoo rape masks grandpa nato putin bs owens
tweet captain biggest impact groupthink labels confidence own thinking
tweet baldwin smollett hunter biden free selfies january 6 jail

Quote of the Day

quote alice cooper musicians telling people who to vote

Message of the Day

message something wrong past advocate not hypogrite growth

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We’ve Officially Become a 1984 Totalitarian Society

twitter bans general flynn account
facebook bans walkaway campaign
twitter bans donald trump account
tweet dr david samadi listen to the science know that we havent banned and silenced
message if masks worked they would have been banned like hydroxychloroquine sign
tweet candace owens kanye west banned twitter
tweet mike lee facebook banning trump ads
goodyear ban blue lives matter maga speech allows blm
maga shadownbanned twitter reddit facebook youtube google censorship

2021 Morphs Into 1984: Simon & Schuster Cancels Hawley Book

Google Removes Parler From App Store, Could Also Be Removed From Apple’s If It Doesn’t Implement A ‘Moderation’ Plan

In the past I’ve often rolled my eyes when people compared the American Ruling Class to Nazis, Stalinists, or other totalitarian governments. I’ve always felt it was a gross exaggeration that diminished the citizens who really did suffer under these regimes. No more. Short of extermination camps, we have become the modern day equivalent of everything represented by these terrible societies. All of our free speech and other civil liberties are systematically being stripped away. All of the institutions of influence–mainstream media, Hollywood, Big Tech, education, TV, social media, etc.–have been taken over by Deep State socialists. Our only remaining outlet for correcting wrongs–elections–have become ridiculously corrupted, and simply discussing election irregularities is now deemed “inciting violence,” leading to complete bans from social media. And to complete the totalitarian repertoire, the Ruling Class is demonizing and attacking an entire class of people–Trump supporters & American patriots. Is it any wonder anger has boiled to a level not seen since 1861?!

peaceful protests blm antifa riots not trump supporters american patriots
mainstream media this is extremely dangerou to our democracy

You would think in a sane world, if there’s any group of people in the country who sought to protect free speech, it would be journalists. But other than a few diminishing voices on Fox News, good luck finding a single person in the mainstream media who is NOT now forcefully behind the extinguishment of all conservative and libertarian voices. And it is more evidence they’re part of the same behind-the-scenes Deep State Ruling Class machinery trying to subjugate Americans to a 1984-like totalitarian society.

The recent protests at the U.S. Capitol have been used as a justification for the latest purge of voices on the Right. You’re seeing the perfect example of how any kind of censorship is dangerous. Banning “hate speech,” removing “misinformation,” stopping “violence-inciting” speech, or whatever your justification, they all suffer from one fatal flaw–who decides what qualifies! You’re never going to remove the flaws and biases of the people in charge of the censorship. In the case of Big Tech, you’re usually talking about young programmers from ultra-liberal California who don’t have the life experience or balanced education to be good arbiters of speech. So now, because of the Capitol protest storming, just discussing election irregularities is being used as justification for complete bans, even when people like Trump come out and forcefully say, “NO VIOLENCE.” In the case of Parler’s ban, Big Tech cites lack of “content moderation.” In other words, everyone must toe the censorship line and stick to the same Deep State scripts, or you’re gone! Even if you try to moderate content, you’re talking about millions of posts and comments every day! It’s simply not possible to find every phrase that may or may not incite violence. All these Big Tech fascists need to do is scan comments until they come across a few posts within the millions, then use them as the reason to take out any voices with which they disagree.

Utah Man with a History of Organizing Violent Antifa, BLM Protests, Was Inside the Capitol

Another commonality about totalitarian regimes of the past is to engineer protests, rebellions, or other “emergencies” and “threats to public safety” so the public tolerates a crack down on civil liberties. Has anyone seen any of this in America? Maybe Covid-19, Black Lives Matter, Antifa, U.S. Capitol protests,…?

Two years ago I wrote a novel called The Vigilante Terrorists. It was a dramatization of the type of civil war that could happen in this country, as well as how behind-the-scenes Deep State power could be used to manipulate the public and destroy the lives of political enemies. Like the book 1984, I fear my book is becoming far more true to life than I ever imagined. I absolutely do NOT advocate violence or destruction of property because it’s always innocents who bear the brunt of the suffering, and it only invites more crackdown by the Ruling Class. Short of that though, it’s time for all-out war against these despicable people!

joe biden screen 984
liberals banning speech they dont agree with is so hot right now zoolander
banana republic usa biden pelosi schumer nadler
obama vader last remants of the old republic have been swept away
founding fathers fine chasing scumbag politicians from capitol change my mind
babylon bee trump sneaks back on twitter disguising as pr rep chinese communist party
lesson first ban accounts twitter facebook apps infrastructure next isps browser lisa simpson
quote ron paul most threats to liberty near capitol hill

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elves win lottery mooning santa
mary had baby barn gifts gold perfume drummer boy
2020 you were chosen one halloween christmas new years obiwan anakin
greta government when thousands flock to walmart jimbos barbeque how dare you
kamala harris joe biden cheerleaders china
no abraham lincoln school alinsky lenin zedong che stalin
china tanks protester trump rinos dems cnn facebook twitter dee state dominion
time cover bend over america kamala harris joe biden gulags george soros

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tweet dirt prince how are you beautiful in soul why i never go to whole foods

Quote of the Day

quote v vendetta since mankinds dawn handful oppressors accepted responsibility leads to wars camps

Message of the Day

message of day im selfish you force vaccine cover oxygen stay home lose jobs

Just for Fun

I currently subscribe to four streaming services, so there’s seemingly an endless supply of movies to choose from; however, it’s tough to find any good new ones nowadays as Hollywood can’t help itself but inject politics and other crap rather than just entertain, so we may have to go back to some older movies to find something to watch. Here are 10 of my favorites in no particular order. Maybe add your top 5 or 10 in the comments to give us all some options to choose from?

  • Forrest Gump
  • The Godfather
  • The Warriors
  • Die Hard
  • Star Wars: A New Hope
  • It’s a Wonderful Life
  • Shawshank Redemption
  • Christmas Vacation
  • Vision Quest
  • Remember the Titans

if 2020 was a movie scene shitter is full christmas vacation
my movies to find out why
when someone says youre too old for superhero movies and video games guardians starlord
dogs horror movie night of living nail clippers
charlies angels bombed men dont like female led action no your movie just sucks

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