10-12 Politically Incorrect Daily

Random Thought of the Day

So, the NBA said they’d boycott North Carolina because of the transgender bathroom law, but they have no problem holding games in the oppressive communist China. They support players’ rights to protest the national anthem & American flag, but free speech doesn’t apply to fans or NBA owners/coaches when it comes to Hong Kong protesters. They refuse to visit the White House because Trump is a “dictator”, but they bow to whatever is required by a real communist dictatorship in China. The NBA brings in billions in revenue every year with players routinely making annual salaries over $30 million. Pathetic. Greed and propaganda brainwashing have combined forces to form an organization Americans should boycott forever.

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

nba oul called on protestor impeding nba profits
nancy pelosi want to impeach trump so we can find out what he did
run for office to see what they piece together from my 20s
trump to romney elizabeth warren is more indian than you are republican
simpsons tv told me if i pay more money to government weather will be gooder climate change
like to thank who told mom wtf means wow thats fantastic
democrats holding auditions for whistleblower scripts
elizabeth warren says only government can be trusted with guns being indian think shed know better
not sure if hillary saying hello to voters or goodbye to the witnesses
babylon bee nba now requires players to stand for chinese anthem

Quote of the Day

quote jay leno 249 millionaires in congress crime does pay

Tweet of the Day

tweet ryan fournier anyone remember when obama interfered in election divided country

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