09-14 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

one leaf on ground scarface pumpkin halloween
when try to party like still in 20s et
who shares memes as soon as they wake up
ascent motor cars hill diesel
blind bart simpson government millions ukraine u 600 dollars
education student loan pay off shortage of strippers
joe biden wizard oz very bad man dorothy border inflation doj abuse
less religion more rational intelligent people pregnant men
babylon bee fbi concerned may have to fake terrorist maga attack

The Alternate Universe of the Liberal Media

It sometimes fun to take a peek at the alternate world presented to liberal viewers. You would think a hotter than “expected” inflation report and the stock market dropping 1200 points (the worst day since 2020) would be the most newsworthy event of the day, certainly the top concern to the vast majority of Americans. But take a peek of the CNN & MSNBC front pages while this was happening.

cnn headlines 20220913
msnbc headlines 20220913

To summarize:
CNN – 7 stories on the Queen of England, 3 on Russia/Ukraine, 1 on Elon Musk, 1 on Kelly Ripa passing out during sex, 0 on the market/inflation.
MSNBC – 6 stories on Trump, 1 on abortion, 1 on Russia/Ukraine, 1 on Covid, 5 on threats to Democrat one-party rule, 0 on the market/inflation.

This is the ONLY way Democrats stay in power. Leftists simply are NOT presented the real world.

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet california tanning bed under 18 13 year old breasts removed good vs evil
tweet 911 january 6th comparisons soulless clowns
tweet stelter cnn harvard psaki nbc academia media centipede crawls along

Random Thoughts of the Day

After the 2020 election, I had planned to retire from blogging for other pursuits. After observing the mood of hopelessness in people on the Right, I decided to stay on a while longer. I always knew things needed to get much worse before they got better. The world, but especially America, had become too spoiled and complacent. We didn’t really understand how good we had it, and now we’re paying the price. We’re getting close to the bottom, but unfortunately, we’re not quite there yet. We still have to absorb the hits of the following:

  • Supercharged inflation with more jolts from Biden’s student loan payouts, the “Inflation Reduction” Act, and whatever other reckless deficit spending the Dems & RINOs unleash the next two years.
  • A steep recession triggered by the Fed trying to crush the economy with high interest rates in an attempt to bring down inflation.
  • Continued labor shortages from the Democrats’ insane policies of punishing work and rewarding those who sit on their ass.
  • Strikes & labor unrest from those who do show up for work and must bear the burden of understaffed environments.
  • More supply chain problems from the above and endless Covid restrictions.
  • Desperate executive orders & “emergency” actions as Biden & liberal governors near the end of their power.
  • Biden continuing to use Stalinist measures in an attempt to destroy enemies.
  • Increasingly divisive tactics from the media & Establishment politicians used to keep Americans fighting each other, with anger misdirected away from the politicians who deserve it.

The good news is that rock bottom inevitably leads to positive change. I have no doubt that things will start to turn around soon. Americans will only let themselves be kicked around for so long. A major backlash is coming! Politicians who push libertarian platforms will start to dominate elections. Overcoming the Ruling Class control of the media, academia, Big Tech, and entertainment will no doubt be a steep hurdle, but I believe enough Americans will finally be awake to take back control of the country.

As for my blogging & meme posts, I’m probably getting to the point where I’m preaching to the choir, so I likely will be moving on in the near future, probably around the end of the year, although I’m still undecided. I may retire the site or sell it to someone who will continue the theme. If you think you might be such a person, please email me. In any case, thank you to all the loyal followers!

message hard times create strong men good times weak men create hard times

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Quote of the Day

quote hope is a good thing best of things never dies shawshank

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