07-08 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

groot extravert friend grogu harassment friend
licki brush your cat white people magazine
why add hurdle training marathon prep
how go make extra creamy guacamole
washington dc negotiation rino gop establishment destroy america deal
hope germs dont kill me mask soda fast food no sun exercise
liberals merits force beliefs pay own debts supreme court
bill gates rich nations synthetic beef flip bird
dinosaurs default comet national debt
teach liberal student loans work pay back
bill gates bill clinton epstein client list

Social Media Posts of the Day

fb white house cocaine most secure building in world adults
tweet ny post spies who lie intelligence bidens laptop
tweet normalize not saying dont believe in divorce plan dating pool
tweet no news real 2023 ukraine false flag climate change

Quote of the Day

quote fontaine person meets destiny road took to avoid it

Message of the Day

message government deadly force defend unconstitutional taxes traitors

The “Friendly, Welcoming” Version of Twitter

That didn’t take long. 🙄

threads removed post community guideli8nes
threads following donald trump jr
threads expose bidens corrupt government dc draino

zuckerberg safe space snowflake zone meta
threads like twitter but way more censorship

Not The Bee: Meta’s Twitter clone launches, immediately censors anyone with unapproved thoughts

Flashback Reminder

As with the Epstein Client List, the media has zero interest in investigating how a novice artist who happens to be son of the President/VP earned up to $500,000 a painting. For reference, several Picasso paintings go for half that much.

china taiwan a go hunter biden paintings
hunter biden art ukrainian energy expert museum
tweet rob schneider 50 intelligence agents cocaine white house
babylon bee dc police h biden bag cocaine

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06-22 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

if had dollar girl found me unattractive would find attractive
how easily english can kill you crocodiles do not swim here
beat sales plan 6 million encouragemint commitmint
government spending pig debt taxpayer learn live less
brag voted facebook inmate month
practicing prison photos people testing me
liberals indoctrinate children have believe what i do
pick your health leader america britain canada belgium
babylon bee dnc host rfk rally grassy knoll
this house believe news propaganda taxation theft socialism envy change my mind
lizard politicians 6.2 billion dollar accounting error
jean pierre press historic figure cant wait biden history
skeletor getting upset throwing controller everyone in submarine

But Go Ahead and Believe the Latest “Climate Crisis” Predictions

tweet greta thunberg climate scientist fossil fuels

We could cite examples like this on a daily basis, yet every latest end-of-world prediction is swallowed wholesale by the media and most liberals. Rush Limbaugh set the standard for making fun of these predictions when he set up a Doomsday destruction clock based on Al Gore’s 10-year prediction. That clock expired quite a long time ago, but Gore is nevertheless a billionaire who made most of his money from end-of-world climate books & videos, many of which were required study in grade schools.

ocasio cortez says earth will end in 12 years because of climate change al gore been saying that for 30 years
graph worried about climate change one world totalitarian government

Social Media Posts of the Day

zuckerberg decade 50 billion vr research apple tim cook
tweet j6 pipebomber ray epps undercover feds
tweet homer simpson is dumb fat loser house 30s job

Quote of the Day

quote jesse venture more being patriot reciting pledge raising flag

Two Systems of Justice

j6 protesters hunter biden jail time comparison
hunter biden tax evasion berry rule hill wesley snipes
tweet career public defender drug charge narcotics

Message of the Day

message stop expecting honesty people lie to themselves

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03-19 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

forecast for tonight alcohol poor decisions
hanks gas station pumps crying baseball
objects metaverse hand virtual object feel
every politician lifting covid restrictions generous god
netflix war end movie black ukraine transgender russian
jen psaki spin o matic putin trump covid racism left wing media
heating bill doubled january putin invaded february
teachers desantis not allowed septic tank childrens minds
joe biden build back better flintstones car
me siphoning gas neighbor happy pay more russia accountable
chris farly blm 2020 2021 support ukraine 2022

Fixed 2020 Election

hunter biden pepridge farms russian disinformation laptop

NY Times FINALLY Acknowledges Legitimacy of the Hunter Biden Laptop Story

I won’t get into all the dubious vote counting of the 2020 presidential election, but one way the 2020 presidential election was undoubtedly fixed was with the control of information by Big Tech and the mainstream media, most notably with the spiked Hunter Biden laptop story which we now know to be true. Before you dismiss that it wouldn’t have made a difference, consider a poll that nearly 17 percent of Biden Voters wouldn’t have voted for him if they knew about the unreported scandals. Even if you cut that in half, that’s nearly 7 million votes, which would have led to a Trump electoral landslide.

And you’re not crazy. The Hunter laptop story was perhaps the most obvious case of Gaslighting 101 in the past decade. The reasons the information control fascists gave for censoring it were “they couldn’t verify” or “possible Russian disinformation.” This after FOUR F*CKING YEARS of 10+ anti-Trump hit pieces daily based mostly on rumors, anonymous sources, foreign disinformation, easily debunked Democrat talking points, and whatever other muck they could toss to the mainstream to be endlessly repeated! Again, this is standard gaslighting used to destroy your sanity to the point they break your spirit and you become another mind-numbed zombie that accepts whatever BS they shovel on a daily basis.

npr havent seen hunter biden story not real
leslie stahl 60 minutes no real evidence of spying on trump campaign by hillary

Choke on It: Here’s the One Thing to Remember About the Liberal Media Over Their Admission About Hunter Biden – Matt Vespa
Will Taxpayer-Funded NPR Face Accountability for Its Handling of the Hunter Biden Laptop Story?

Yet Another Adjustment by the “Scientists”

tweet saphier adjusted cdc child death numbers

CDC Quietly Changes Its Data on COVID Deaths

never said stop transmission infection yes look ukraine


tweet fauci mask mandates may be necessary

Fauci Warns Americans to Get Ready for a ‘Little Bit More of the Masking’

tshirt stockholm syndrome facemask hypnosis

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet people chicago jussie smollett attacker on loose
tweet 2022 gift cards jared went to mobile
tweet divide media entertainers average people go meet normal
tweet media covid covid war people shrug

Quote of the Day

quote harari humans hackable animals schwab advisor

Message of the Day

message mainstream media on side not resistance tool machine

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