06-12 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

therapist all dreams have meanings my tooth bird
husband clean laundry cook have to put out tonight
joker rich people money buys happiness poor tired pretending doesnt
sheep obey police threat to freedom
how government works egg missing pan
joe biden objects in mirror closer than they appear donald trump
teacher tax civilized society what slaves say
skeleton still waiting for democrat to post something great biden is
everyone should wear sunscreen keep others from burning dr fauci
public school teaching critical race theory burning constitution soviet communism

Quote of the Day

quote charles heston run hands bad man good person

No Shit, Sherlock

Study Shows Previously-Affected Covid Patients Get No Benefit from Vaccine

The stupidity of even needing a study like this shows why government shouldn’t be involved in anything remotely related to science.

Rand Paul Weighs In on Study Showing Those Previously Infected with COVID ‘Unlikely to Benefit from Vaccine’

The Only Standards of the Media – Double Standards

tweet donald trump vernon jones jr hunter double standard
tweet donald trump jr media big tech lab leak hydroxychlroquine lafayette lies

A New Study Shows, Again, That Hydroxychloroquine Works

There are a ton of studies that show both that Hydroxychloroquine works and doesn’t work on Covid. Who knows what scientific data to trust? But the Mainstream Media and Big Tech showed how truly evil, despicable people they are when they suppressed ANY positive data, even if it potentially saved hundreds of thousands of lives, for the sole reasons that Donald Trump recommended it, and they wanted the panic to continue so the Left could consolidate their hold on power.

good news hydroxychloroquine should save your life covid 19 proving trump right liberal screaming

Social Media Post of the Day

tweet kisin step 1 all scientests agree doesnt censored.jpg

Message of the Day

message most basic form of mind control is repetition obey repeat a lie often enough

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09-15 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

therapist when feeling sad what do we do watch murder doc not getting caught
adam sandler me in my kids daily zoom meeting trying to learn second grade math
should change the term average joe biden tiger king you
liberals stop spewing msnbc cnn daily kos before criticizing fox news breitbart thatd be great
china holding joe biden on leash kneeling mask
disney wheelbarrel cash graveyard uighur muslims
joe biden i have made in america plan china mask
liberals omg conservatives are brainwashed also drinking cnn msnbc post nyt buzzfeed vox vice
babylon bee academy strips schindlers list of oscar
donald trump nobel peace prize hippee
post september 11 19 years ago move on mean like slavery

Tweets of the Day

tweet joel pollak ronald klein covid 19 fear epidemic joe biden february
tweet robinson bubba wallace noose fitton mueller team intersectionality class

Quote of the Day

quote danny carlton before saying no joe biden signs remember free manure same thing

Message of the Day

maga vs democrats comparison liberty collectivism freedom censorship law order riots victimhood

Random Thoughts of the Day

The biggest argument cited against proposed Covid-19 treatments such as hydroxychloroquine and Remdesivir by Dr. Fauci and the media is “lack of controlled studies.” For those unfamiliar with research, let’s discuss. In any scientific study, you ideally want two study groups — an experimental group and a control group. You try to keep as many variables the same between the groups, then give the item studied to only the experimental group. In other words, you isolate the results to one variable. It’s best to use “double blind” groups, in which the subjects don’t know if they’re getting the treatment or not, which helps eliminate psychological effects. So, for example, if you studied hydroxychloroquine on Covid-19 patients, you’d try to find, say 10,000 patients with about the same age, fitness level, health conditions, etc.; then, you’d give 5000 patients the drug and 5000 patients a sugar pill. Next, you’d follow up the results in the immediate future as well as years down the road (for immunity, secondary health effects, etc.). No doubt, it’d be nice to have these controlled studies on effectiveness, but do you see the potential issues?

1. Controlled studies are expensive, complex, and time-consuming to conduct.
2. Humans are complex creatures with widely-varying health levels and genetic makeup, so getting adequate compare groups would be difficult.
3. Controlling the experiment over time would be near impossible. You can’t say to patients, “whether this works or not, don’t use any other treatments or change your lifestyle.” If someone isn’t getting better, their doctors will likely use alternative treatment methods.
4. It’s borderline unethical. If you have a treatment that will likely cure an illness, how can you justify letting half the study get treated with nothing?

Time is of the essence with any virus, so why tie the hands of doctors and scientists? If the patients are being cured and they’re doing nothing against their will, does it really matter how the cure happened? In my opinion, fascist governors, the FDA, and any others that stand in the way of patients’ right-to-try are no better than common murderers. And anyway, we all know, it’s politics driving their decisions, not science.

Ironically, one of the biggest complaints of anti-vaxxers is a lack of controlled studies on the vaccines. Two big differences though: 1) many of these vaccines have been in use for decades, so there’s been plenty of time to at least try some studies, and 2) common vaccines are often forced on people as a condition of school or employment. All I’m suggesting is each patient should be able to make their own informed decisions as it only affects his or herself (remember, “my body, my choice,” liberals?).

BTW, Dr. Fauci opposes hydroxychloroquine for the “lack of controlled studies” excuse, but he opposes doing controlled studies a Covid-19 vaccine and other vaccines for the “ethical” reasons of control groups. In other words, he’s a slimy, despicable, Deep State tool who is using any kind of double talk he can get away with to keep the panic/hysteria going until the election.

dr fauci america bullshit detector on high
dr fauci china puppet covid coronavirus pinochio
dr fauci when your pitch is as accurate as your covid 19 predictions
weather man no one can be as wrong as often still have job dr fauci wanna bet
dr fauci orders shut down businesses facemasks goggles face shield hazmat suit
i command wear mask goggles beanie dr fauci
dr fauci scientific advice wear mask dont virus not threat millions die charlie brown

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08-24 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

motorcycle youre too hardcore for helmet but wear face mask corona
german shepard cant believe got desk duty for excessive use of force bad guy tasted good
karma kamala chameleon harris moderate indian black biden racist assault
these are people report your memes on facebook face shield driving in car
covid unfortunately prevent joe biden in person interview explained by jill in person
joe biden ding dongs kamala harris ho hos
democratic convention recap hear see speak no riots
liberals trump dismantling post office to sway election if true vote in person masks work
south carolina restaurant using blow up dolls social distancing nightmares
am i only one who sees death to america in dnc logo
unlike jeffrey epstein good year actually killed themselves
babylon bee media criticizes trump for forcing them to tear country apart

Thought This Was a Joke, But…

maine governor orders restaurant staff to wear covid dog cones

Tweet of the Day

tweet was throwing grapes catching in mouth if choked no corona virus

Quote of the Day

quote oprah winfrey what you white people need to understand

Message of the Day

message if black lives mattered tearing down crack houses instead of statues

Questions of the Day

question could 2020 be trial run for socialist takeover masks test to see if work
question does anyone know what dictionary facebook uses to define independent fact context

Adventures of the FDA

These are the kinds of things that make me believe in “Conspiracy Theories”:

hydroxychloroquine banned by fda trump dr david samadi

The FDA is perhaps the most harmful organization in government. Drug companies test their products to the max, as they can be sued out of existence if their products cause harm. The FDA only delays or halts potentially life-saving drugs as part of their corrupt, inefficient bureaucracy. Maybe the best argument for pot legalization is that you’re only harming yourself. It’s your choice to use it, and you live with the consequences. Why shouldn’t it be the same with prescription drugs, especially when you’re getting a doctor’s approval? It’s no secret many doctors swear by the effectiveness of hydroxychloroquine for Covid-19, and in a free country, why not at least give the option?

Yesterday’s announcement (likely with pressure from Trump): FDA issues emergency use authorization for convalescent plasma as potential COVID–19 treatment.

tweet alyssa farah mayo clinton convalescent plasma treatment 30 to 50 percent death rate reduction

What a concept! Antibodies, T-cells, immunity…madness! I put the over/under at 1000 the # of mainstream media stories this week on the “danger” and “ineffectiveness” of convalescent plasma treatment. Google, Facebook, and Twitter are likely warming up research teams to dig up some obscure research studies to justify post censorship. Like with HCQ, the FDA will likely be pressured to reverse course when too many treated patients start recovering. Anything that doesn’t fit the panic narrative must be stopped at all costs! 😱

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