06-16 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

fathers day book dads way worse than you darth vader luke
kid stands outside starting took phone go play
proceed tree turn right destination cliff
why whole generation excellent beer pong bozo the clown
zuckerberg facebook privacy not social construct 4 houses
biden life over dont vote me quit one of jobs house steak
shawshank people gaze disbelief page rabbit hole brainwashed
notebook pope francis g7 summit hug forehead
john bobbitt immediately regretted my transition
using cash telling government what you buy non fcking business
cat food industrial complex after inventing feminism
cnbc inflation silver lining higher salaries
old men dc swamp executive orders government
bicycle built for corruption influence peddlers biden hunter jim hallie frank
babylon bee biden aides grab arm tries to follow the light again

Nothing Suspicious Here 👌

dc congress 18 percent approval rating 90 percent reelection rate

There’s no need for voter ID or any kind of election integrity controls. Trust the media — they looked into it, and all our elections are 100 percent legit. 👍

x audit of twitter 22 million followers not real imagine 81 votes uncover
hunter biden verdict overturned 300000 late night not guilty votes found

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Quotes, Messages, Social Media Memes of the Day

x being grownup boring new oatmeal to try
x met wife bad boy tame make bee throw pillows wild stallion
x vaccine worked protect from unvaccinated common sense question
x la city no u turn signs anti lgbtq beyond parody
message freedom of speech public information who someone dont agree hateful censorship
quote tolkien political anarchy improper job ruling others least seek opportunity

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04-22 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

sometimes stay hom going outside cost 300 baby yoda
streaming costs more cable still watching commercials
im approaching best if used by date
run cat dmc walk this way started witha little hiss like this
telling me government knows amount taxes owed wont tell you
fido doghouse never dreamt million dollar home for sale
lotr kids trying learn science math purple haired teacher
someone thinks tell me what post must be new
boosters parachute didnt work first 3 times try 4th
endless wa military intervention pothole treasury cant bear it
border is secure air quotes dr evil mayorkas
biden must arm isis taliban azov disarm americans
bernie sanders financial institution too big fail exist ron paul federal reserve
men check out car women purse hollywood trans kid
your border overrun lawmakers ukraine flags aid

Flashback Reminder

Remember when Trump asked for about 2 percent of what we’ve spent in Ukraine for a border wall, or about .07% of our current federal budget?

pelosi border wall luxury cant afford

Complete Betrayal by a Corrupt, Blackmailed POS

democrats mike johnson speaker leash kid

When the RINO wing of the party unanimously voted for the guy, it should have been our first clue.

Quotes, Messages, Social Media Memes of the Day

x lieu house passed aid to ukraine america is back
x customer is always right matters of taste cater worst kind of people
x normalize not confusing free time with availability
x hermit crab shells better housing market than us
quote truth no defense fool determined to believe lie
message incontrovertible facts epstein clients government compromised

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06-24 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

dogs bomb squad narcotics division
inigo montoya sign sale prepare to buy
professional tans truck driver farmer mechanic
sponge bob coming out of hole to shtpost disappear
babylon bee bud light win back customer base mullets cans
mainstream media bidens 10 million bribes pistachio mint chocolate chip
pride month everywhere tv ready for humility month
biden 6.2 billiion error ignore small business audit 600 transactions
explain in heaven died titanic 100 years after sank
liberal women cant have abortion in state dont live in
biden monopoly community chest 6.2 billion error get out of jail free
babylon bee taiwan wicking self for not bribing bidens
bill gates george soros go see titanic

The Most Corrupt Attorney General in History

Let’s remember this “moderate” Obama nominee was almost a Supreme Court justice for life, when several RINOs wanted him confirmed. Trump’s greatest accomplishment may still be keeping Hillary Clinton from nominating POS’s like him to fill three court vacancies.

merrick garland doj sweep hunter under the rug

Random Thoughts of the Day

its possible list immigration science free speech misdirected anger

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet jp morgan accidentally deleted 47 million records
tweet first world poor iphone macbook bank account
tweet daughter crow bar end unsupervised play portion
congresswoman florida anna paulina schiff uniparty weaklings

Quote of the Day

quote machiavelli sign of intelligence awareness of own ignorance

Message of the Day

message only bs need life beach sunlight

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