12-18 Politically Incorrect Daily

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when she comes home drunk youre sober cats
leia han ackbar dont have to get anything christmas its a trap
lazy way win christmas decorating yoda
joker it clowns showing 2021 2022
australia copying 1930s germany
me checking for more tyrannical mandates to ignore
with tv no need think for myself perception reality
how have you been liberal joy love peace vs misery hatred discord
donald trump passing torch mean tweets elon musk
merry christmas holiday psaki holy day originated
rioters took everything not defund police woke stickers

Clip & Place in Red Buckets

salvation army coupons redeemable one white apology in lieu cash donation

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet bradford reach biden presidency point telling great

Quote of the Day

quote elon must government biggest corporation monopoly on violence

Messages of the Day

message 1st amendment basics things agree with dont need protecting others written
message biden presidency perfect example why election fraud is bad

Totalitarianism, Fascism, Whatever – Just Keep Changing the Language

tweet pushaw fauci changing words of mandate requirements vaccines masks

Did You Catch How the Left Is Trying to Change the Language on Mask & Vaccine Mandates?

Random Thoughts of the Day

If you play fantasy football, you’ve likely noticed that 100+ players have recently tested positive for Covid, requiring each player to miss 1 or more games, despite the fact the vast majority of cases are asymptomatic. The rest have very light symptoms that go away quickly. I hate to point out the obvious, but why the hell is it so bad to spread an asympomatic infection to some of the healthiest, cardiovascular-strong men on the planet? I’m not a scientist, but my understanding of vaccines (at least pre-mRNA ones) is that a weakened form of the infection is introduced into the bloodstream, prompting an immune response which creates antibodies to protect the person from future infection. Wouldn’t allowing a relatively harmless Omicron strain to spread among these healthy young men accomplish the same effect; in other words, a sort of natural vaccine?

And these are tough NFL pros! They regularly play through sprained ankles, bruises, back pain, broken fingers, and so on. In pre-Covid days, while following fantasy football news, I can think of 100s of times players had a cold or flu during the week. I can’t think of a single time the affected player didn’t suit up on Sunday. Imagine you’re one of these players who’s worked his entire life to reach the postseason & Superbowl, then be forced to sit out with asymptomatic Covid…all because you play for a pack of cowardly, PC pussies too gutless to state the obvious.

As for the relatively harmless Omicron strain, I believe the same kind of thinking needs to be applied to the general population. Omicron might be a gift–an easy way to naturally build Covid antibodies in a large enough portion of the population to achieve herd immunity and end all this nonsense. Instead, we know the powers that be have complete tunnel vision. No matter what the stats, new research, and common sense tell us, they absolutely CANNOT admit they were wrong. Vaccine and mask mandates are the ONLY solution–a totalitarian boot stomping on your face forever.

covid boosters shots drinking pfizer
me watching you play simon says with cdc this week
dr fauci sunny philadelphia covid shots booster mask everyone follow or wont work

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10-19 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

cats keyboard personal trainers
can communicate it’s kids without raising voice sure jan
dear sex toy manufacturers vibrators should be felt not heard
history books 100 million dead communism college professors neurolyzer men in black forget
drinking fountains boostered vaxxed unvaccinated trump voters hose
ship problems biden caused crane claim fixing them
everyone dress planet of apes william shatner return
those offended dave chapelle 2 wholesome alternatives eddie murphy richard prior
trumps vs bidens america empty full grocery shelves
joe biden opec drill baby kill keystone no fracking love paris accord
entire world joe biden low expections but holy

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet parent 3 kids posner watch all toy story straight through
tweet slipping bouncer 20 dollars not let us inside

DC Comics Really Knows Its Fan Base 🙄

DC Comics New Bisexual Superman Now Has New Motto: “Truth, Justice, and the American Way a Better Tomorrow”

babylon bee superman not kryptonite wrong pronoun

Quote of the Day

quote greatest prison people live in fear what other people think

Natural Immunity: Pretending It Doesn’t Exist

Let’s visit the dream world where the CDC, Fauci, and other government scientists have only our best interests at heart. An obvious Covid question of anyone who’s every taken Human Biology 101 is why there is such a reluctance to discuss natural immunity? It’s never factored into any herd immunity calculations. It’s never listed as an exception for vaccine mandates. While there are vax passports all over the world now, you never hear anything about a recovered-from-Covid passport. It’s as if government “scientists” don’t want you to know the most obvious and lasting protection even exists. Why?! There’s nothing anti-science about discussing the immune system. Natural immunity is not some “conspiracy theory” or “misinformation.” So why pretend a basic part of human biology doesn’t exist and insist the ONLY solution is a vaccine? I thought of two big reasons.

  1. The Covid testing is worth shit, and they know it. In other words, the tests aren’t giving accurate results, most notably false positives. If you test positive and recover, you may think you have the antibodies protecting you from further infection, when in reality, you never had Covid in the first place.
  2. If people examine Covid statistics, they may conclude natural immunity is the best option, and thus not even consider the vaccines. In other words, people may notice that if you’re under 65 and don’t have another lung/heart condition, your chances of survival are better than 99.9 percent, after which you’d have the best long-term Covid protection. So, therefore, people may use their reason & logic to conclude the best option is just to wait to be infected, fight it off, then never have to worry about it again.

Everything in the whole governmental response to Covid has been a psychological operation. The CDC, Dr. Fauci, and their stooges in the media have selectively pushed information & policies simply to manipulate behavior. Even if we really did live in a dream world where politics & money didn’t affect “science,” this irrational push of fear and the denial of natural immunity are what’s led to the real misinformation epidemic.

nicholson when you beome family wacko because you believe fresh air immune system
how heal without vaccine covid immune system witch burned stake
masks gloves vaccine endless line build your immune system no one there

Poll: Public Vastly Overestimates Risk of Covid Hospitalization
Covid-19 Science Meme Gallery

tweet florida lowest per capita covid cases looking forward to desantis media coverage

Message of the Day

message bugs bunny wish all waiting world go back normal very pleasant wake up

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Solution to the Covid-19 Crisis

Let me start by saying very clearly, THERE IS NO PERFECT SOLUTION! There is no set of actions or policies that are going to result in zero deaths, no disruption to the economy, or complete return to pre-Covid normalcy. My proposed solution is designed to achieve the optimal balance of long-term health of the nation, quality of life, and minimal death & suffering. One big problem with government solutions to really any problem is that the goals are mainly minimizing political damage and satisfying the mainstream media. We’ve seen the results so far: tens of millions out of work, thousands of businesses destroyed, $4+ trillion of new government debt, increased depression/alcoholism/drug addition/domestic abuse/suicide, sports seasons cancelled or fan-less, child education falling way behind, endless examples of personal freedom loss, general unhappiness, and so much more damage….all while NOT slowing the death & infection rate to a significant degree.

With these factors in mind, here is my proposed solution:

  1. Remove all restrictions on possible experimental & proposed treatments. This includes hydroxychloroquine, convalescent plasma therapy, Remdesivir, foreign vaccines, and so on. Anything that has shown promise in helping fight the virus should be made available. None of these remedies should be forced on patients. It’s up to each patient & their doctor to determine the best way to treat the virus. Whatever happened to the Left’s “My body, my choice” chant? Doctors on the front line know the pros and cons of each option, and with practice, testing, and more data, they’ll find the best solutions. In the meantime, media & politicians are costing lives with their interference.
  2. Lift all lockdowns, mask mandates, business restrictions, and other unconstitutional government rules. We live in a free country. The livelihoods and quality of life are threatened by continued enforcement of these fascist, harsh government dictates. Trust the people to use their own common sense and take personal responsibility. Businesses and high-risk patients are still free to use masks, social distancing, or whatever other actions they deem appropriate.
  3. Pass liability protection for businesses against Covid-19 lawsuits. With millions of Americans already infected with coronavirus, it’s impossible to know for sure when or where anyone picked up an infection. Yet, that’s not going to stop greedy trial lawyers from filing an endless number of lawsuits, which is especially damaging to small businesses that don’t have the funds to defend. Keep in mind, each employee is also making a choice to work at a place where they may be exposed to the virus. As long as there are potential lawsuits, companies will continue to enforce anti-common sense and anti-freedom policies such as OCD scrubbing, mask mandates, empty tables, extreme social distance, etc. that annoy customers and employees. There’s no reason, for example, we need empty sport stadiums or restaurants at 30 percent capacity.
  4. Stop Big Tech Censorship of Scientists & Medical Professionals. Everyone knows there is fake and inaccurate information on the web, but the Big Tech censorship gestapo has used it as an excuse to censor legitimate scientists and doctors from sharing ANYTHING that goes against the stay-at-home/panic/shutdown narrative. Real science is about testing & re-testing, analyzing more data as it becomes available, sharing observations & experience, and learning from what works or doesn’t work. The advancement of coronavirus solutions has been stifled because NO ONE is allowed to challenge government experts. This is a new virus! How is any single group of experts supposed to know everything there is to know? We can’t learn if we can’t share knowledge.
  5. Trust the human immune system. Few in the panic/hysteria mainstream media want to admit that 99.8% of people who contract the virus will survive, almost entirely because of the human immune system, and after they recover from the illness, they have the antibodies to fight off any additional exposure, as well as valuable plasma to help other patients. For the young and healthy, it may be better to get the virus now while their immune system is at it strongest, similar to what it was for chicken pox.
  6. Continue funding new possible treatments or vaccines. There are dozens of vaccines in development. Maybe one day we’ll have an effective & safe version, but it could be years away and may not happen at all. There’s no vaccine for HIV. Flu has been around for over a century, yet vaccines only have minimal, if any, effectiveness. Maybe some better options for treating the symptoms will emerge. Who knows? We shouldn’t sacrifice the quality of our remaining years on hopes & prayers.
  7. Put a new national emphasis on general health & wellness. Since there is no better defense against Covid-19 than health with a strong immune system, we should take steps to increase overall wellness. Educate the public on steps to strengthen the immune system–get adequate sleep, exercise, eat a healthy diet, take helpful supplements like vitamin C/D & Zinc, stop smoking, spend more time with friends & family, re-open stress outlets like sporting events & concerts, and so on.
  8. Achieve herd immunity. Millions of Americans have already have tested positive for Covid, and the CDC says actual rates could be 20 times as high. If we let the virus run it’s course, we may soon reach herd immunity, in which case transmission of the virus falls to almost zero. Like the flu and colds, we’re all likely going to be exposed at some point to the virus. Masks & social distancing just puts off the inevitable. Once the vast majority of the population has antibody immunity, we don’t have to worry about passing it on.
  9. Turn off the news and avoid social media. Things are nowhere hear as bad as the media portray every day, and social media only perpetuates the negativity and fear. For your own happiness and piece of mind, just stay away! Plus, you’re unlikely to get an accurate picture of the virus. Mainstream & social media emphasize emotion, negativity, sensationalism, and political agendas rather than science, math, logic, and historical perspective.

Again, there is no perfect, easy solution. Covid-19 is dangerous, no doubt, but we can fight it off while still protecting our freedom, economy, and whole way of life!

question if science developed covid 19 vaccine 99 percent effective return to normal human immune system
covid 19 solution you do you ill do me not afraid
im no longer calling it covid 19 election infection
covid 19 death rate without a vaccine lower than flu with a vaccine
imagine virus so dangerous you have to be tested to even know you had it covid
south park its over stan covid is here soon only 99.98 percent of us will remain
dday facing certain death liberals 2020 99.7 percent survival covid mask
sign covid 19 like eating raw cookie dough know the risks let us live our lives
cdc adding up covid deaths 2 + 2 = 1984
quote heres deal for covid already had or 99.5 percent survival let rest of us live our lives

George Carlin on Germs, the Immune System

Link: https://youtu.be/X29lF43mUlo

Written by: Joe Messerli
Last Modified: 10/26/2020

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