10-15 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

shoutout early humans figured what plants get us high
ladies man project look ass jeans fat
launch shtstorm snowflakes wont reply comment
george build back better support group
headline look for babylon bee real news
democrats armageddon nuclear still better than trump
fetterman senate freedom violent criminals
post same meme as 20 other people get 30 day ban
babylon bee paypal 2500 reparations white peoples accounts

Joe Biden “0 Percent Inflation” Report

bakery display case why prices gone up

Final Inflation Report Before Midterms Released. The Numbers Are VERY Bad.

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet halloween king sized candy bars tootsie roll thor
tweet straight white guys excited brady focused football gisele single
tweet paypal not sorry just mad got caught 2500
tweet hands off assange protests media climate change blm division

Quote of the Day

quote merle haggard what public wants honesty

Money Laundering 101

Some politicians use Ukraine and some use “speaking fees.” Others use more obvious methods….

tweet obama pearson publishing book deal quid pro quo

Ever wonder why, with so much free stuff on the web and books dropping in prices every year, required school textbooks are still insanely expensive? Hmmmm…let’s think on this? 🤔

Message of the Day

message november approaching dc drain the swamp

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08-15 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

what you doing nothing incoming call
cat obedience school graduation no one
when you get your memes from dollar tree angry lady cat
well its we finally got donald trump day again groundhog day
when irs starts question motorhome business expense
sign safety warning no electric vehicle fires
lesson values of woke imagination obedience victim responsibility
babylon bee batgirl movie canceled after batmobiles destroyed backing out batcave
deep state justice tilting scale democrats
golfer 87000 new irs agents my turbotax returns

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet kid annoying dad hide and go seek parenting tips
tweet parent kid change world licking glass

Quote of the Day

quote coelho not all storms disrupt life clear your path

Message of the Day

message dear whatever doesnt kill me im strong enough now

Yet Another Way the Government & Media Manipulate the Truth

I’ve talked in the past how inflation talking points can be manipulated by simply referring to percentages with new base numbers. The following example may clarify how price changes can be spun to show inflation “improvement”:

excel example of price increases vs inflation rate

As you can see, even when prices are increasing by the same amount or more, the percent change may actually decrease due to the higher starting point. Even if the inflation rate falls to 0 percent, are we really better off when total price increase has more than doubled? As midterm elections approach, watch for Democrats & the media to use this tactic to credit Biden & the “Inflation Reduction Act” that hasn’t even been implemented. Also watch for goods with extra high price increases to be removed from the Consumer Price Index. As we’ve seen with the CDC, if the results don’t show what you want, change how they’re measured.

inflation cnbc price rise july less than expected
more believable than inflation reduction act cows dolphin jumping
raising taxes recession subsidize rich people irs larger than pentagon lower inflation

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08-14 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

day 78 still no tomatoes pot cannabis
4 moods nap coffee vacation duct tape shovel
exercise help decision making jogging never again
joe biden banana republic
merrrick garland equal protection pelosi hillary bill clinton hunter joe biden paul
trump doj fbi rinos irs media democrats we the people
selling bicycle on facebook marketplace irs police

Gaslighting and 1984 Language Manipulation Doesn’t Even Begin to Describe

Don’t believe your own eyes or bank account. If you think there’s inflation in America, you’re a Thought Criminal!

Concha: Biden’s assertion of ‘zero inflation’ is ‘laughable,’ ‘utterly pathetic’

joe biden ground zero july inflation cost build back better
donkey biden if you have 0 percent inflation why do we need an inflation reduction act

Truly an Enemy of the People

IRS Hiring Spree Is the Biggest Expansion of the Police State in American History – David Harsanyi

new irs agents grad ceremony stormtroopers
babylon bee gamers await call of duty irs auditor
small businesses irs objects in mirror tank
tweet irs income tax venmo writing off retail business expense
kermit tea send 87000 irs agents ukraine find tax dollars over there

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet if see irs agent melania trump outfit on
tweet joe biden highest inflation 40 years spending biden recession depression
trump truth social posts declassified documents obama

Quote of the Day

quote freedom unlikely lost all at once bit by big thomas sowell

Message of the Day

message tshirt fight 3rd monkey noahs ark rain

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