03-12 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

dating collecting information someone until dont like them
snoopy airbnb house dog cat famous
pool floatation one focus group women avoid tampon
someone makong tik tok video rest of society
about hanged for treason thats meme guy
liberal civil war evil glorifying mao stalin che
pie chart do u trust state also no look like ancap flag
biden trump its the economy immigration crime inflation energy
liberal communist 600 genders 2 political positions mine natzi
trash californians grabbing meal arguing with you about politics
white house approved term newcomers flashers drug dealers newshoppers biden
mortal kombat ultra google mk ultra
joe biden sotu yelling at cloud simpsons
joe biden riley undocumented illegal immigrants built country

Quotes, Messages, Social Media Memes of the Day

x kid learned in school dragons everybody else
x look like mom gynecologist
x switching arms boost immunity mocking
message be kind everyone fighting fight club do not talk about
message only non essential business is government change my mind

Government <> Basic Economic Principles

headline biden first time homebuyer tax credit

A few years ago, my wife and I explored buying a different house. This was around when Biden took office when interest rates were still near 3 percent, inflation hadn’t yet ravaged the family budget, and Americans were flush with fed/government cash infusions. The housing market was insane! Homes put up for sale often had 20-30 bids within a week. You had to offer much more than asking price with no contingencies to even have a chance. In economics terms, the demand curve had shifted dramatically while the supply was nowhere close to keeping up. Nowadays, the market isn’t quite so crazy due to much higher interest rates and lesser discretionary income. Still, the market for homes remains hot, especially for the more moderate “starter” homes that middle class Americans can hope to afford.

Here comes government with a new handout which, like the “stimulus” checks, sounds great to those who may receive it. But think about it a little. The government definition of “first-time homebuyer” is much broader than you think, so the vast majority of prospective buyers in the market for starter homes would receive an additional $10,000. So, if you have 10 buyers bidding on a house who all potentially have $10,000 more in their pockets, guess what? Yes, the final selling price of the house is just going to go up $10,000. Therefore, what are they actually gaining? You’re in effect giving a $10K bonus to the seller. Plus, if you also give a $10K tax credit to the seller, that seller is now getting, in effect, $20,000 of “free” money. But it doesn’t stop there–the seller needs to find a new home, but he/she now has $20,000 more to spend on the next house.

End result: housing prices spiral to even more insane levels, and you create incentive for buy-and-sell churning without creating any real value, all while pumping more unearned cash into the economy that will be paid later in higher taxes, debt, and inflation. You would have thought the last few years of skyrocketing prices would have taught us some lessons, but obviously with government involved, results and accountability are never a concern. Only focus group-tested re-election effects matter, which is why Biden might get enough weak-kneed, DC swamp Republicans to go along with it.

joe biden build inflation back better gasoline fire

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03-06 Politically Incorrect Daily

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amphibious pitcher makes debut right word print
dog want rock stick road kill cat gormet meal
the dude trophy husband participation one
sponge bob only serotonin molecule brain dead cells
tell my grandkids taylor swift dee snider
someone visits page wholesome content lost
me 2050 patiently waiting electric cop car battery die
blank complete list scotus justices trump colorado ballot constitutional
cavemen ban fire before someone gets hurt first liberals
if build back better was person
joe biden breaking us border wall cbp blame congress fault
just paid taxes illegals should get refund soon
took highest court land cant punish never been charged with
zuckerberg admit it thought banned you for last stupid meme you posted

Message of the Day

message wont take medical advice biological males babies breastfeed

Remember–You’re a Right-Wing Extremist if You Want to Control Spending and Balance the Budget 🙄

headline turkey inflation rate soars

CNBC: The U.S. national debt is rising by $1 trillion about every 100 days

book reading way pay gas electric prostitution inflation

Because All Industries & Companies Started Price Gouging Simultaneously 👍

headline biden ftc doj crackdown on pricing

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Social Media Posts of the Day

x schneider gavin newsom gas prices to nation california
x we had 24 hour walmarts 1 dollar mcchickens had it all
x food label 70 different names for sugar first ingredient
x liberals government founded slavery protects powerful make bigger

Quote of the Day

quote biden nation good hands end of quote dont repeat smile and wave

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02-15 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

during hike post dragging what she posts view
teller looks like bank robber
tshirt 30 percent stud 70 muffin
stop calling tax refund overpaid all year got change back
freedom constantly tested sign dont jckoff guitar shop
fun fact no state requires dog carry permit
steps how to use threats locate app hold icon delete
controlling joe biden worst ex president from marthas vineyard
question someone with dementia nuclear weapons report red flag law
fact checkers defending biden foot in mouth see every intent
babylon bee jayapal demands slur stop illegal immigrants

Social Media Posts of the Day

x no weighted blanket dog boundary issues
x internet connection unstable can join club
x wealth needs to be created before distributed incentives

Random Thoughts of the Day

* Continuing on the travel theme of my last Random Thoughts blog, leftist politicians have made it more expensive in two newer ways. The first is higher-than-average sales taxes, especially on hotels. Locals rarely complain about these tax rates that are usually 10-15 percent of the base price because they live in the area; thus, the out-of-towners bear the brunt of the cost. It’s so common now, though, that EVERY traveler gets punished wherever they go, so maybe it’s worth fighting the next time a politician proposes a new traveler tax? The second is the recent escalation of regulations on Uber and VRBO-type accomodations. Increased costs & hassle plus decreased flexibility just drives up the end cost to travelers, and it discourages the services from even being offered. So are these leftist politicians really standing up for Uber workers & VRBO owners, or are they serving the much larger corporate donors in the hotel/transportation industry?

* Loading the front of airplanes before the back is not only slow & inefficient, it punishes the early boarders of aisle seats. How?…they get to be pummeled by luggage & elbows as passengers make their way down the middle of the sardine can.

* “Literally” is a word that literally needs to stop being overused, especially by people who literally don’t know the f*cking meaning of the word. And if you use it 3 or more times in the same conversation, you literally need to get slapped upside the head.

* If you’re one of the people who post a meme with the sole comment of “this 👇”, please stop. You sound like a preachy, condescending ass. “This” was common among arrogant, elitist liberals during Covid as a way to talk down to the ignorant peasants who weren’t obeying their superior overlords.

* The same liberals who pooh-poohed record stock prices during the Trump administration are now puffing their chests that the prices are back near record highs under Biden (after a 20% drop in 2022). However, has the real value gone up, or is the currency used to buy stocks simply worth a lot less? Let me put it to you this way, if you sold $5000 of Apple stock in 2021, what could you buy with it in groceries, gas, rent, etc? How about if you sold $5000 of Apple stock in 2024? Hell, if U.S. stocks were measured in Venezuelan bolivars instead of dollars, imagine the record price level the index would be at?!! 😱 Under Trump, stock prices reached record highs while inflation was near 0 percent. That is a real accomplishment, which is why so many of us felt much richer back then than we do today. BTW, Venezuelans are celebrating that inflation slowed to 190 percent in January, down from 686 percent in 2021. Don’t worry though, Republicans and Democrats, just keep spending, we’ll be fine! 👌

us debt cant quit now keep digging to venezuela
spiderman tell truth house not worth more currency worth less
goose biden what causes shrinkflation

Interest on national debt could threaten U.S. economic stability, CBO director tells House panel

Quote of the Day

quote orwell 1984 play people wont revolt wont look up screens enough to notice

Message of the Day

message generation stop crying give you something gen x

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