01-22 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

husband pool looks like vagina
office supplies liquor shelf work from office
catfishing post 2020 facemasks reveal
europeans criticizing usa 2nd amendment dont think about you at all
cdc center to deceive and control
gop republican present spine from donald trump
why privacy nothing to fear leaking government files state
dangerfield havent seen build back better hat
telling grandkids beat prop machine memes biblical
trump warp speed highway joe biden covid 19 test kids turtle therapeutics
suspect not white media end all coverage now
joe biden usa train wreck only one year
media omicron run for you lives media
so tell me most heavily armed citizens in world attempted unarmed insurrection
australians prison watching uk stop mask mandates

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet automatic email reply out office burn ground
tweet shitty airline travel pinnacle suck whole way
rublev covid positive australian open djokovic antibodies about control

He’ll Torch the Energy Sector and Put a Kibosh on Border Enforcement, But He Won’t Dare Interfere with Ruling Class Corruption

graph percentage millionaires congress citizens
If you ever wonder how politicians suddenly become multi-millionaires while in power…

Biden to Let Members of Congress Decide If They Should Trade Stocks

Let’s remember if a private citizen trades stocks on insider information, they face prison time and massive fines. Politicians, however, can openly bet on sure things with no repercussions. They not only have inside information but control over regulations, tax policies, antitrust lawsuits, permits, government purchase contracts, and so much more.

quote harry truman politician rich show you crook
tweet crosby nfl players cant bet on games government officials bet on stocks options

Americans Are Being Sold Out by Government Insiders – Betsy McCaughey

Quote of the Day

quote nation bankers small segments citizens elements own media

Message of the Day

message longer comply insane demands more insane demands going to get

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