10-11 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

if cant say something nice clever devastating
kid halloween hot dog michael myers costume
baby yoda driving work hope nice today
bigfoot people looking at phone
figuring out gods plan exciting another closed door
capital hill the clown show
bundy sure 99 percent problems cease to exist government
baby yoda old as feel exhumed tombs egypt cup coffee sent to work
baghdad bob there is no evidence against joe biden
iran hamas puppet raise hand only spend 6 billion biden
gaetz omar inflation my wallet
time anonymous source person of year supplier news
hillary clinton comrade we will program zee trump supporters
liberal npc natzis are good now ukraine
lucy charlie brown doctor is in 500 inflation psychiatric help
trumps non scandals russia media cant see it biden dark glasses cane
me cant afford groceries send my money to israel now

Quote of the Day

quote mark twain difference cat lie only nine lives

Social Media Posts of the Day

x why enemies dont fear us starter pack biden military
x new level fatherhood whiskey princess juice cup
x lookwise rating personality sense of humor
x call in healthy feel good dont waste working
x adams nyc dumbest mayor in us history border open

When Will We Learn?

forrest gump just like that republicans back pro-war

For over 50 years, America has been meddling in Middle East conflicts, usually making the bloodshed much worse by directly or indirectly funding both sides. What exactly have we achieved? Even when we or our allies achieve a “victory,” it only fuels the fire in generating a new generation of terrorists. Yes, the recent attacks are awful, but decades of experience should have taught us by now that we will only make matters worse by getting involved. Just stay out of it!

us taxpayer dollars launching bombs both sides

Message of the Day

message never discredit gut instinct deep inside situation not right

Lesson of the Day

lesson how to adult vacuum news research biased media cook cardio shop

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01-29 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

false true right way to answer t f questions
student professor text photo of homework
political beliefs simple should government
m&m identity as organic low cal nutrious non binary potato
sm see youre into pain suffering biden harris
vaccination sets me free passport face shield endless boosters
cavemen ban fire before someone gets hurt first liberals
even broken clock right twice day joe biden one
nancy pelosi military secure borders ukraine

They Must Control EVERYTHING

tweet biden regulate cryptocurrency national security

Don’t think for a second they want to “regulate” cryptocurrencies. They want to DESTROY them! They threaten their whole Modern Monetary Theory (MMT) operating procedure. The endless spending & printing of dollars doesn’t work if other fiat currencies gain a foothold, especially ones for which the governments of the world have no control. Expect the U.S. government to work with the SEC, their Big Tech buddies, and their megacap corporate cohorts to do everything in their power to discredit & destroy cryptocurrencies.

“Science” Update

tweet israel quad vks mask mandates world record case rates

Also notice who is #2 on the list–that’s right, the lockdown/mandate Covid prison island itself, the same one who just prevented antibody-stocked, super healthy tennis star, Novak Djokovic, from entering their Covid utopia.

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet zuby stop calling unvaccinated not dangerous new species weapon to divide dehumanize
tweet no covid climate voting crisis corruption tyranny economic
tweet coleman release figures how many lives saved supermarket arrows
tweet biden walker black terrorist racist bring people together
tweet pcr test couldnt tell flu from covid19

Quote of the Day

quote ricciadelli surround make mistakes admit

Message of the Day

message lions surround yourself same mission
message truck convoy this what fighting freedom looks like

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