03-10 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

kermit clean bedroom barbeque grill people
sponge bob grocery teacher sees student
single cliff i love you echo just want to be friends
how do wanted 2 years mandates ignored them kept working metals
woody buzz lightyear dollars foreign countries house senate
virtue signaler liberals sign blm masks pronouns ukraine
shrink liberal constantly easily offended forcing tucker carlson
wsj save money skip breakfast poor try starving
adam kinzinger jan 6th tucker carlson blocks

democrats tucker carlson selectively edit january 6th video half story

Social Media Posts of the Day

ai check boxes sarah conor mother rebel resistance
tweet dishwasher partnership scandanavian architect raccoon meth
tweet cant drink like 30 then proceed do so

Quote of the Day

quote junger problem not eating food foodlike products

Message of the Day

message ramsey tax refund not bonus your money all along

Why I No Longer Watch the “News”

The gaslighting, corruption, and blatant dishonesty are too much to take.

mainstream media dont believe lying eyes nbc cnn cbs msnbc npc
unseen j6 footage shining tucker carlson kinzinger liz cheney
tweet jan 6th forever government staged riot cover up fraudulent election

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07-18 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

social media dogs friending liking posting sharing
new followers unfollow posts guys arent ready back to future
brain outstanding organ works 24 365 up until first erection
kermit tip of day make sure phone off calling person ahole
foreign powers leash joe biden hunter
idiocracy not sure smart or millions americans brainwashed zombies
he man 9.1 percent official inflation reality much worse government lie
biden jan 6th inflation car broke down
elizabeth warren crisis pregnancy centers choice torture
us government helping drowning ukrainian families americans bird

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet hunter biden proof rules laws ethics dont apply ruling class or kids
twet zuby fire millions rushed new injection doesnt prevent tranmission
tweet bassler afghanistan oil europe asia ukraine enemy of country biden

Quote of the Day

quote sebi society cures secret sell medication

Message of the Day

message always question settled science lobotomy

Seems Legit

tweet ray epps only guy video storm capitol
fbi plotting terror event like to

In Case You Missed the Story

Link: https://rumble.com/v1cbngn-tucker-carlson-shows-how-leftist-media-tries-to-cover-up-for-ray-epps-actio.html


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06-11 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

lisa simpson i conclusion dont care wordle score
sign lottery tax people bad math
tired people complaining beers parking cover charge my house
leftists explaining police racist but should have all the guns
joe biden no one needs guns protect themselves surrounded
when pass gun control black market copying drug dealers
what people think dr evil looks like actual klaus schwab
from government buy guns your money didnt pass background check
biden tired of staff correcting white house cleanup crew
justin trudeau canada not home of brave land of free
war dogs boris johnson corona trilogy

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet serial killers in 70s creating content
tweet giving birth excruciating also easiest part parenting

Quote of the Day

quote picard cdc monkeypox alert masks travel

If You Can’t Beat ‘Em, Have Your Opponents Arrested On Trumped-Up Charges

fbi raid michigan gop challenger whitmer

Dems continue to follow the Stalinist playbook without shame. The January 6th “insurrection” was possibly the biggest gaslighting farce in American history, and the Ruling Class will never stop milking it to destroy civil liberties until someone stops them. Hint: if anyone uses the word “insurrection” to describe January 6th, they’re either hopeless, non-thinking, brainwashed tools or they’re card-carrying members of the Ruling Class swamp. Remember, in a nation with hundreds of millions of guns, mostly owned by Trump voters, not a single one was used in their so-called January 6th “insurrection.”

tweet carpe january 6th clown show rinos liz cheney more destructive
democrats preserve protect defend constitution
babylon bee cnn rebrands to jan 6th no changes
liz cheney televising jan 6th hearing nobody cares
stalin applauding january 6th show trial media

I Finally Agree with China on Something

disclose china disinformation governance board us government

Message of the Day

message no longer conspiracy theory millions same conclusion

The Only Standards of the Left – Double Standards

chuck schumer kavanaugh gorsuch you will pay the price
quotes kamala harris nancy pelosi maxine waters pressley callingf for violence
quotes pressley cuomo newsom waters aoc protesters

Speaking of disputed elections, don’t forget while Trump saying “Peacefully let your voices be heard” was supposedly a democracy-challenging riot inducer, the Dems wasted two years with this BS: Russia Election Investigation Meme Gallery

Hey, Democrats, No One Gives a Damn About Your Hearing – Derek Hunter

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