01-22 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

tarkin apps freezing task manager fear keep in line
wanted stop drinking pub owner family feed
serial killers horror movies homer chainsaw real life flanders
trump give girl backrub falls asleep worst trade deal ever
liberal wifi starbucks password buysomethingotgetout
john kerry stepped down climate czar biden greta sniff
meme lords training cyberbully totalitarian politicians
office comparison alien biden same picture pam
democrats aarows stop authoritarian dictator seek retribution ukraine russia hoax censor j6 indictments
joy reid msnbc support maga trump wig today
fed epps ray insurrection delivered on time
cant predict next war nikki haley fortune teller
trump make life difficult justin trudea already voting for him
wef world economic forum milei sunny philadelphia plate marxism
nikki haley 2024 new hampshire rinos democrat donors

Protect Your Families 😱

babylon bee 9 items liberal must stockpile protect themselves in case trump wins

9 Items Liberals Must Stockpile To Protect Themselves In Case Trump Wins

Social Media Posts of the Day

x not happy single dating deep state liars holding accountable
x doctors appointment follow up crate taken to vet
x comparison thief of joy tattoo bigger
x djokovic get vaccinated chant science ace

Quote of the Day

quote schwab penetrated cabinets government trudeau

Message of the Day

message every law passed another freedom lost

Staged “Insurrection” Update

Link: https://twitter.com/TuckerCarlson/status/1748117563228483869

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11-20 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

forced to take family photo dogs cat
when someone says too early christmas decorations flipping bird griswold
crematorium mcchicken crispy sign
have pleasant a day as you are determine compliment or not
watch dont watch the news miserable happy
xx dont always run liberals wrong way when i do on purpose and enjoy it
liberal free speech dangerous ban guns resistance how
joe hunter biden pocket of xi china corruption
cant pick bedtime but can pick gender
governments peace prosperity around the corner war finds a way
trump legal immigration free speech no police state hillary big government deprogram maga
nikki haley santa making a list watching you not jolly

Just Another Day in Clown World

headlines gynaecologist decapitated baby botched birth dropped doctor gender

It’s All an Engineered Ruling Class Show

public service announcement capitol police tour dont take it
mainstream media trump voodoo doll economy great biden effective leader
x heads tech companies dinner xi pull ads not tiktok
x media matters accounts impressions gamed ads

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet change holiday request awareness wont be at work
x glad social media public diary cognitive decline
x healthiest subscribe to natural health not allopathic doctors
x liberals care about country free speech body autonomy education far right

Stop Defending Either of These Two

george floyd derek chauvin murder conviction

By now we know George Floyd was no saint, and fentanyl was likely the real cause of his death. That doesn’t change the fact that Derek Chauvin is a jackbooted thug who is a disgrace to the uniform. Yes, drugs likely caused Floyd’s death, but who knows how much the condition was exasperated by Chauvin’s excessive force. Medical reports aren’t always accurate, and if this takedown is really a common police technique, then I believe it needs to stop. “Safe” techniques in training can become lethal when anger and adrenaline are involved. Neither of these two should be martyred as a hero nor a victim, so let’s stop portraying them as such. Both of them only feed stereotypes that increase hate & division.

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Gavin Newsom Meme Gallery

Quote of the Day

quote david rockefeller need right crisis people accept new world order

Message of the Day

message rather deal speculative danger too much freedom historically proven government change my mind

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11-19 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

chickens free range kids never leave wifi area
on hold violence customer service 20 minutes disconnected
barbie crying get in shape have to stay in shape
not allowed eat smart fridge saw meme liked instagram
1968 2001 space odyssey ai artificial intelligence kills everyone
whats behind increase home schooling teachers unions weingarten
how we see politics left socialists trotsky mensheviks green communists
capitalism blue hair 22 dollars hour late smoke weed back
body is a temple i am church exempt from paying taxes
me making small talk poison in our food
biden ultimate threat humanity climate change nuclear mushroom cloud
remember these pouting kids grown now climate protesters
kermit tea maybe send 87000 irs agents pentagon failed audit

Quote of the Day

quote refrain bring home troops quote ron paul

Social Media Posts of the Day

x opened dm dck picture poem worse
x moon hits your eye 545 november
x goddek oster shaming people havent gotten shot pressure
x fbi protects epstein computers mansion devices no arrests

The Gaslighting Insurrection Farce

It’s about f-ing time the Republican House released the January 6th tapes. Kudos to all of you out there who kept on the pressure. Tons of new videos are already being shared on Twitter, not that you’ll see any of it in Mainstream Media. They’ll continue to call it an “insurrection” like good little NPC Ruling Class tools, and no matter how much more evidence comes out, it will still go down in the history books as an insurrection led by President Trump. Josef Stalin would be proud.

x pelosi mccarthy fbi doj j6 committee not release tapes narrative
x random preople social media found more j6 than millions truth wasnt goal

Latest Woke Extortion Campaign

Apple, Disney, other media companies pause advertising on X after Elon Musk boosted antisemitic tweet

Whenever I hear a story some celebrity, business leader, or politician said something racist, sexist, homophobic, etc., I’d say 99.99% of the time the remark in question, once exposed, doesn’t remotely qualify. In most cases the racist/sexist/antisemitic quote is hidden in the story. We just have to take the media’s word on it. If they do show it, so-called offensive remarks are blurred or buried in the story. On the rare occasion they do show it prominently, it’s taken wildly out of context, or they must bring on experts to explain why it’s racist/sexist/etc. and why you should be outraged! It’s a double standard game of extortion that only applies to ideological enemies. This technique can be used to destroy even squeeky clean individuals, but almost all of us can be destroyed by things we’ve said or done, especially those who’ve had thousands of interviews, speeches, and tweets.

The latest coordinated hit campaign on Elon Musk has been led by the usual woke brigade of Apple, Disney, NBC, Paramount, Lionsgate, etc. to remove ads on Twitter. They’re blaming antisemitism this time. Racist, sexist, and homophobic lines of attack have been so overused, they had to try something else. Good luck finding the full context of any of these so-called antisemetic tweets, but even if there were some blatant posts, were talking about out of billions of daily tweets. It’s not difficult to cherry pick a few of the mix to display to the unthinking MSM consumers. Plus, who knows if these tweets are even genuine. They could have come from bots or fake accounts, possibly from the “journalists” reporting the stories themselves.

Which brings me to my next point—the cited research source for this whole latest get-Elon campaign is none other than Media Matters. This is perhaps the MOST DESPICABLE leftist smear merchant in the Western world. This organization’s main purpose is to DESTROY the reputation of any powerful media figures to the right of Karl Marx, and they’re damn good at it. In my 2018 fiction book, the Vigilante Terrorists, I based many of the media techniques using the examples set by Media Matters. This organization is famous for launching decades of campaigns against Rush Limbaugh, Bill O’Reilly, Sean Hannity, Tucker Carlson, and others. If you watched the O’Reilly Factor, you might remember Bill mentioning this slimy, dishonest organization in dozens of his Talking Points memos. Here are just a few of many:

O’Reilly: Media Matters anti-Limbaugh campaign ‘very fascist’

TALKING POINTS Bill O’Reilly: More proof that the left-wing media are blatantly dishonest

Just go to the Media Matters’ own website. See if you can find one single article without a far left slant, yet the same mainstream media that loves to inject the descriptive words “far right” to anyone right of center, only use one of two adjectives for Media Matters: 1) non-partisan, 2) non-profit. Media Matters, though, is just a cog in a leftist Ruling Class machine used to destroy anyone who exposes them. Free speech on X means they can’t easily cheat elections, brainwash the public, hide corruption, expose climate change & Covid mythology, and suppress alternative arguments to their globalist vision. When they can’t destroy you in the court of public opinion, they do as they do now, extort donors and advertisers.

Remember from the Bud Light example that you’re not powerless. Boycott these facist, woke companies who go along with the campign, and give more business to those brave enough to stand strong for free speech!

x interesting media advertisers target x not tiktok facebook instagram reddit antisemitic
babylon bee tim cook apple cant associate musk shaking hands xi china
only logical reason mainstream media make meme out of

Musk threatens ‘thermonuclear lawsuit’ against Media Matters

Woke Corporate Politics Meme Gallery

Message of the Day

message rebellion not what think turn off tv think for yourself

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