12-20 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

haircutter chair make me sexy started drinking
snowman handstand behave kid
download wrong subtitles still fits harry potter lotr
bioharzard democrat staffer yadda yadda clean the room
when see car neighborhood california plates
baby yoda grocery store cashier total second opinion self checkout
government no constitutional amendment absolute 16th no income tax
dont need justify why something needed government prohibited
44 year old man zelenskyy with sugar daddy biden
waiting next parasite globalist fear hoax create memes exposing it
teacher how get good paying job student fix failing schools pay more money
shining surveillance state ted cruz minding own business
lucy snoopy kissed her again jill biden holiday video
skeletor more upset two guys fcking senate doing decades

Social Media Posts of the Day

x 2023 harvard graduates dilbert college resume
x mom waited dog walked out room christmas present
x casino needs uno table murder rate high enough
x woman attacking irs agent end the fed marries

Quote of the Day

quote tolstoy arrogant person perfect keeps from becoming better person

Message of the Day

message dont disrespect quiet people find out why keep volume down

Random Thoughts of the Day

I read a lot of history, and when I scan the national rankings of GDP, two nations jump out to me –#3 Japan and #4 Germany. They’ve been ranked near the top of national financial measures for almost half a century. This is especially amazing since neither is at the top of population or size, or especially in the case of Japan, natural resources. But an even bigger reason it’s so improbable is that both nations were in total shambles after World War II. Historians always credit the Marshall Plan for the recovery, but was that really the reason? America aided many countries devasted by the war, and they had far less to rebuild than Germany and Japan. Why did they not only recover quickly but far surpass almost every other nation on Earth? Certainly the hard-working cultures had something to do with it, but maybe we should consider another big factor–the governments were wiped clean and rebuilt from scratch. In other words, they weren’t infested with career politicians, lobbyists, bloated bureaucracies, and corruption infrastructures. They weren’t subjected to price controls, stifling regulations, mafia-run unions, and other drags on the economy. Meanwhile, the former most powerful nations of France, Britain, Canada, and India languished as socialist ideas spread through them.

Of course, Japan and Germany have been dropping recently as enough time as gone by that they’re falling victim to the same issues that have dragged on the rest of the West. I’d love to be able to wipe the slate clean of the current American government, but since that’s probably not realistic, maybe the next best thing right now is Term Limits.
message term limits time kick every career politician out 80 year old millionaires 40 years congress
see a lot of posts on term limits never heard anyone question at campaign rally debate or fundraising event

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