07-24 Politically Incorrect Daily

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homey the clown tell kids lebron james
cats mouse of month club enjoy drop humans pillow
harry potter left wing right literature 2013 2023
pepsi have coke gram itsnt white house
sponge bob newbies red pilled conspiracy vets
whisper third party fact checkers propagandist paid for agenda
ron swanson straight cismale pronouns dude fck off
democrats porn hunter irs hearing childrens library
liberal ban aldean small town gangsta rap criminal degrade women
real winner billion lottery irs
liberal tears care opinions make people feel care
imagine country were here coming for children coming for children twilight zone
join fbi cover bidens up crimes
leaving progressive city cashless bail drugs riots small town aldean
trump burned at stake still alive democrats another indictment

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet figure it out adapt new hell coming
tweet age craft ceramic ashtray nice gift
tweet office co worker work is dumb done

Quote of the Day

quote bob marley better die freedom prisoner all days of life

Message of the Day

message lisa simpson science political agenda government power extreme skepticism

Unfortunately, the Coordinated Fake Outrage Campaigns Work All Too Well

I finally saw Sound of Freedom this weekend. I didn’t find a single remotely political reference of any kind, much less one that attacks specific politicians or celebrities. It’s similiar to Jason Aldean’s Try That in a Small Town in that Americans who listened to it the first 2+ months it was out didn’t find anything remotely controverial or racist. What does that tell you? What changed the past few weeks?


sound of freedom rotten tomatoes

Everyone should know by now the Rotten Tomatoes score on the left is dominated by liberally-slanted snobs, while the score on the right accurately reflects how the film was received by Americans. Interestingly, when I first looked at the Rotten Tomatoes page for Sound of Freedom a little over a week ago, even the critics gave it a score in the mid-80s. As I mentioned, it’s near impossible to find a political reference in the movie. But then the leftists were told they were supposed to hate the the film. Just like that, the critics score fell 10-15 points, which based on the small number of reviews means about 100% of critics’ votes in the past week have been negative. 🙄

left aligned with big government tech media corporations still anti establishment
people fighting jason aldean me another psyop distraction

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07-21 Politically Incorrect Daily

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reality anakin skyywalker darth vader linkedin profile
politically correct bathroom male female alien baby warrior just wash your hands
cup dont care color size sexual preference hate everyone
how world really ends black cat kim red button
teens bc gladiator training now called me he
sponge bob eventually deal national debt burning instrutions
girls boys time machine george lucas disney star wars
wrong correct enemy not rich use government control you
father died 911 muslims not responsible slavery white girl
asking deep philosophical questions dolphin friends family fleeing
zuckerberg threads throwing sunny philadelphia
pill liberals hunter biden laptop disinformation campaign
democrats porn house floor vs 8 year olds books

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tweet day away trump charged cocaine white house
tweet lia thomas antifa super soldier
tweet paul fauci crony kristian andersen covid lab escape email
reddit plan nuclear war employer work
tweet uber tech refuse pick up drunk whole point

CMT Is Begging for Bud Light Treatment

cmt try that in small town music video pulled

Here’s a link to the “offensive” video in question: Jason Aldean – Try That In A Small Town (Official Music Video)

BTW, what is really racist — the video that has ZERO references to race, or the leftist interpreters who’ve decided thuggish violence and destructive protests must be carried out by black people? 🤔

Oh, and as with the executives at Bud Light and Disney, I must ask the decision makers at CMT, who do you think your target customers are? 🙄

babylon bee aldean being against crime added list racist

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Joe Biden Meme Gallery 6

Quote of the Day

quote sowell americans wont appreciate america destroyed it suffer consequences

Message of the Day

message never mistake peace someone unskilled at war

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