01-05 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

texts 2024 going to be unstable unstoppable
checks husband new wife alimony ex
mom want boy or girl back rub
husband car water treats wife returning christmas presents
internet has ruined me hand wash dryer
corporate media how wrap control fear lies omission
alexa feed surveillance state trade privacy convenience
anchorman socialism 100 percent time works 0 percent
biden root cause immigration money votes
send kids to harvard recent hires lightfoot majors cnn
mom homeschooling indoctrinated religion frozen jeremy
saving water bucket inflation leaks
gen z woman embracing large breasts body positivity
mr blutarsky esg score 2023 0.0

Another Standard Distortion Technique of Mainstream Media

x trump epstein list exoneration court notes

Try to find a MSM outlet that spells out the above exoneration of Trump. Instead, since it doesn’t fit their destroy-Trump narratives, they simply mention him as “one of the names” in the Epstein documents without any context. Then, other liberal voices run with it, memes are created, and Trump is branded a pedophile. This kind of BS should be pretty obvious by now, but when you live in an isolated leftist world of MSNBC/CNN/NYT/etc., you never hear the truth or the complete story.

Link: https://twitter.com/ACTBrigitte/status/1742747216240931175

Practical Application of Your Schooling in Slopes and Exponents

x us national debt now 34 trillion exponential growth
x federal usa debt mike johnson clown

Social Media Posts of the Day

x reminder they really did this vax scene dance colbert
x fries come with burger no extra charge with boomers
x health insurance companies teeth luxury bones pay more enjoy
x taylor swft co2 emissions travis kelce visits plastic straw

Quote of the Day

quote captain america gun head every citizen calling it security

Message of the Day

message lisa simpson side censor disarm fascists not shrink state

Lesson of the Day

lesson apple trees elizabeth warren socialism economic redistribution

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11-13 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

far side really great monents history barley hops wet
i got 99 problems money solve at least
I know everything happens for reason but what the fck
ron paul matrix what if told you war on terror never meant to end
sold me muffin leave a tip ipad app
interest 2024 election growing just getting to wwiii hamas inflation biden
us congress this is why we cant have nice things
7th circuit ar 15s not protected 2nd amendment
justin trudeau afraid american authoritarianism freezes protester bank accounts
small town bitter clinging guns religion obama muslim friends

Social Media Posts of the Day

x trump cant win general election ny times siena poll over biden
x car buying process annoying finance manager
x pants feeling tight unbuttoned where go from here
x breaking federal reserve new currency monopoly money
x cnbc mcdonalds chipotle raise menu prices california

Message of the Day

message always answer solution never the government

What Are the Odds?

Almost everyone has at least a rudimentary understanding of mathematical odds. If 52 people draw from a deck of cards, the odds say only 1 person in that 52 will get the Ace of Spades. The odds of getting killed by a lightning strike or winning a fortune in the lottery are more than 1 in a million. Yet, I doubt anyone is drawing up their wills on the fear of dying by lightning tomorrow, nor quitting their jobs in anticipation of having the winning lottery ticket. With the idea of odds in mind, let’s think about the events of the past few years.

What are the odds that a new deadly virus the world has never seen would spread first within a few miles of a top biohazard research facilty doing gain-of-function experiments, but that new virus outbreak had nothing to do with that facility? What are the odds that a virus never seen in thousands of years of recorded history would spontaneously appear when globalist power structures are being upended by a powerful American political outsider, in an election year just after a 2nd impeachment attempt failed? What are the odds every government “solution” to the virus outbreak contributes to publicly-stated globalist power goals–controlled/easy-to-cheat elections, work-from-home with easy tech communication monitoring, censorship, inflating currency & government spending, jailing “threats to democracy and public health,” unelected officials making medical decisions, masking & other dehumanization/obedience training, etc.?

Consider the vaccines. Assume for argument sake they’re as effective against Covid as they claim. We’ve spent trillions and decades researching AIDS, Ebola, flu, the common cold, and countless other viruses, yet the world has never developed an effective vaccine for any of them. So what do you think the odds are of developing an effective vaccine for a new unknown virus within a year’s time? And what are the odds of three separate companies creating their own? By another coincidence, what are the odds of those three safe & effective vaccines all being released immediately after one of the the most contentious elections in American history is concluded?

Do you or the company you work for have video surveillance? How often does your video equipment malfunction? Now imagine instead of the regular Best Buy cameras, you have the most state-of-the-art surveillance equipment available. How often do you think that would malfunction? What do you think the odds are of those camera malfunctioning at the exact time the most high profile prisoner in the world commits suicide, while guards tasked with checking on him every 30 minutes happen to fall asleep? What are the odds this high-security facility would be so incompetent as to even provide the means to commit suicide to someone who has already tried it once?

Covid and Jeffrey Epstein are just two examples. I could go on with coincidences on stolen elections, inflation, government spending, wars, political “insurrections.” and so much more. The point is that the odds of all these things happening by chance are so remote that it boggles the mind any thinking human being could believe them. It’s like being struck by lightning twice on the same day you win a billion dollars in the lottery. Yet our supposedly honest, unbiased mainstream media and tech “fact checkers” just go along with it all, ridiculing and censoring anyone who would think otherwise. If you regularly roll your eyes and face palm, trust me that you’re not alone.

Our world is shaped by mathematical principals. In the future, whenever you come across the next gaslighting mainstream media story, think, what are the odds of this happening by chance?

tweet fun secret group rich people widely known control everything
society panic facebook down blind epstein murdered prison elites
suicide watch epstein popcorn hillary
norm macdonald history books good guys won every time

Quote of the Day

quote pascal truth reigns peace destroyed

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08-16 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

good morning too early bs get up ealier
cat smudge dear karma plenty people missed
satan sold soul no returns more twisted
2024 freestyle trump media dems fbi doj sharks
bottle warning fda approved drug
joker ready leave society just now something not right
truth alternative media censored big government youtube facebook google media
hunter biden pimp joe hooker pay me tell him what you want
hawaii biden asking billions ukraine
me talking sht politician social media snake
emmy awards postponed january nobody cares strike
without government flowchart wasting money pay for it voluntarily

Social Media Posts of the Day

x georgia election denier stacey abrams not indicted
tweet first workout podcast anything bad
tweet funny hand signal bike nerds
x loving in time future historian career

Double Standards – the Only Standards the Left Know

affadavits evidence biden fraud not worth investigating media biden
no one above law hunter hillary gates fauci schwab bush obama bill clinton epstein cheney biden

In Case You Don’t Understand All the Memes

x epstein found dead 4 years ago

In addition, he had already “attempted suicide” once while in custody. To this day, 99 percent of the mainstream media confidently say it was a no-doubt suicide. πŸ™„

bill gates bill clinton epstein client list

Quote of the Day

quote ones doing accusing bs detector biden

Message of the Day

message lisa simpson government controls social media programming you

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