07-05 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

good friends check up on you texts ok just checking
baby yoda work not enough tequila coffee middle fingers
statue trying to get out of speeding ticket
should be in hell electric motor classic car
dog tiger no one out of league determined enough
darkest of times science y band mask
silent conservative majority esg woke wall street awake boycotts
student teacher judging color skin racism affirmative action
pinocchio listing conspiracy theories nose hasnt moved at all
homer bart simpson normalizng sickest cause left embraced so far
liberal democrats media hunter graft supportive father big guy
teachers unon math scores down multiplied bias subtracted parents better at division
titanic change ship name bidenomics

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet reach point history computer repair guy delaware more stop corruption federal law
tweet sharing dessert not in wedding vows
tweet why men yell tv sports women house hunters
tweet no one cares less spouse sick week doctor

Quote of the Day

quote norm macdonald pharma so evil until now

Message of the Day

message cant save someone wont participate in own rescue

“Classified: National Security” – One of the Biggest Scams Ever Perpetrated on Americans

tweet kennedy transparency biden maitaining secrecy

It’s been 60 f-ing years since JFK’s assassination, and they still can’t allow the truth to come out. I expect in 60 years they’ll still be withholding January 6th documents & videos while dismissing anyone who doubts the official government story as conspiracy theorist crazies. 🙄

definition conspiracy theorist questions statements known liars
message not a conspiracy theorist fucking obvious theorist

Word of the Day

bidenomics making money foreign nationals 20 shell companies

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