11-04 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

dogs you try explaining daylight savings dinner time
cat watching pony tail never do this
laziness sport 4th not walk to podium
everybody talking looting stores congress
how sleep at night said what i said meant
walling off mexicans california yes no
angry liberal pick a side conflict nothing to do with you
clocks go back this weekend 1775 country had balls chicks didnt
google study underpays men intentional efforts
blm melt down lee statues bombs israelis
governor newsom boot licking china uyghurs
babylon bee new restaurant hostess ceremonial nose ring
hamas wipe jews off map college students obvious live in peace

Social Media Posts of the Day

x monogamy economy 7 people buy a house
x thank god 81 billion biden voters volunteer fight wars
x boyfriend horrible mood chickfila beer touch my boobs

Message of the Day

message child work tablet mop dishes

NEVER Trust a Government Economic Number

x regime cooking the books revised down jobs number
x regime media jobs created part time government

You can always count on the mainstream media to bury the truth behind these numbers, unless of course Trump is in office. Then, they’d be combing through every economic report to cherry pick anything they can portray in a negative light.

If You Wonder Why They Fight These So Passionately…

democrats hate voter id cheat free speech harder to lie 2nd amendment steal liberty

Quote of the Day

quote elon musk 44 billion not cost of twitter restoring free speech

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