06-21 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

karen name is slur richard first time
anakin padme feel force light saber right
flight attendant like a drink options yes no
secret to happiness never argue with fools disagree youre right
guy check out joe biden juneteenth pride rapinoe
notebook china joe biden hug nothing can stop us
liberals head sand dr fauci fraud masks dont work

Social Media Post of the Day

tweet chips me in 20s secretly hate everyone 30s publicly
tweet dad briefs college fund bail flexibility

Message of the Day

message being raised right drink smoke treat manners respect

Get Your $500K “Art” from Million-Dollar “Energy Consultant”

hunter biden art payoffs dreams of my father blank canvas

Quote of the Day

quote charlie kirk investigation multimillionairs accumulated congressional salary

Random Thoughts of the Day

It always amazes me how riled up people get, on both the Left and Right, by whatever narrative is currently being pushed by their favorite media source. On the Right, I constantly hear, “Kamala Harris should go to the border.” Illegal immigration is clearly a problem, but what is really accomplished by her going there? It would just turn into another engineered photo op like AOC’s visit, followed by the mainstream media declaring illegals crossing the border isn’t a problem. On the Left, groups like QAnon and Proud Boys seem to make their way into every 30-minute news block. I trust nothing in the media’s portrayal of such groups, but out of the hundreds of right-leaning people I know, I can’t think of one person who is a member of either group. Most have never even heard of either group, and if they have, they can’t really tell you much about them. Regardless of your political leanings, ignore the media–they care about nothing other than pumping ratings, stoking division & hatred, and serving their Ruling Class masters.

Many people believe U.S. intelligence agencies were involved in the 9/11 attacks and Kennedy assassination. There is evidence, but as always, who knows what to believe on anything you read on the web? I shake my head though when many of the same people who believe these were wide-ranging massive intelligence operations can’t seem to admit the January 6th “insurrection” may have been an engineered operation, at least in part. This is especially true in the mainstream media, which don’t seem to have even an ounce of curiosity to answer the legitimate questions raised by Tucker Carlson. They just do their usual see-no-evil/hear-no-evil/speak-no-evil routine and scream their favorite term to shut down debate: conspiracy theory. To me, the best evidence this was an engineered operation is the reaction to it. It gave justification to an unprecedented crackdown on American civil liberties, led by Big Tech’s suppression of ANY discussion of 2020 election tampering and the mass purge of conservative/libertarian voices, including Donald Trump. The media and fascists like Joe Biden have continued the ridiculous drumbeat of the “worst attack on Democracy since the Civil War” because they know more anti-freedom crackdowns on political undesirables are coming.

Imagine you’re a detective investigating a murder. You obtain the murder weapon, video footage of the attack, DNA & fingerprints, and a ton of other physical evidence. The prosecutors then take all the evidence and toss it in an incinerator. On top of that, you’re not allowed to interview witnesses. Prosecutors & the media then go out and scream, “There’s zero evidence the accused is guilty…it’s just a ‘baseless’ conspiracy theory! End of discussion!” This is in effect what the mainstream media and Big Tech has done on the 2020 election. While everybody knows there is a ton of fake stuff on the web and you have to take everything with a grain of salt, when you suppress 100 percent of evidence gathering, how can anything legitimate be found? Big Tech has purged the mere discussion of election interference, taking out every single evidence gathering organization and post group such as #StopTheSteal. Anything that does make it through on a post is labeled with the “fact check” qualifier, which is the equivalent of a witness saying “I’m 100% sure I saw the accused commit the murder”….”Fact Check: False…Politifact has investigated and found no evidence of murder.” Way too many people in this country see zero danger in this censorship Thought Police bullshit for the sole reason that “their side” is helped to maintain power.

attorney general garland antifa blm radical islam white supremacy biggest threat
biden to putin stop crushing legitimate dissent big tech zuckerberg dorsey cook

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06-17 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

dad throwing kid in cant swim
cat scratching post not tree legs
facebook correctional facility if havent been here step up game
ron swanson parks this is lunch government eating 40 percent
education headmaster 3rs reading writing arithmetic racist
kamala harris root cause border surge joe biden
mn governor walz school choice critical race theory crc mao marx
new racist math symbols multiple divide function pi
jeff dunham akmad terrorist quitting infidel biden appointed ambassador israel
school students help future jobs anakin padme
companies corporations july first painting over lgbtq rainbow pride
babylon bee kamala harris joe biden has dirt on clintons

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet catturd liberals democrats what to eliminate everything makes you happy
tweet bill mitchell joe biden would encourage audits prove if legitimate

Political Payoff Money Laundering Update

Hunter Biden’s Art to Sell as High as $500k and the Buyers Will Be Kept ‘Confidential’

At least Hillary & Bill Clinton were a little less obvious with their “speaking fees” and Clinton Foundation “charitable” fund. For the Biden’s, they might as well as give Hunter suitcases of cash with “political payoffs” written on them in big bold letters. Why not, the Mainstream Media would still not cover the story.

hunter biden thanks dad bundles of cash joe

simpsons hunter joe biden scandal moe throws out another one

stockings joe boot hunter money bag jill biden fireplace

mainstream media hunter biden elephant if we pretend cant see it might go away nbc cbs cnn msnbc nyt wapo abc

Quote of the Day

quote facebook banning trump january 2023 midterms

Message of the Day

message nobody elected cdc who gates fauci joe biden

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06-11 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

cat fishbown stove warming feeding pepper
eyes window to soul flipping bird
golden corral oral sign not bragging back it up
gonna tell kids monty python game of thrones
stack fauci emails cnn mask over eyes
biden school of governance push pull
kermit me waiting for the common sense variant to spread
kamala harris immigration welcome mat sticky note do not come
michael jordan change password to lebron said too weak

Social Media Post of the Day

tweet tatum sick working from home office not what meant
tweet wittyidiot havent heard fron parents kids

Quote of the Day

quote its never your successful friends posting the communist quotes bridge collapse

Non-Stop Media Propaganda Can’t Overcome Common Sense

rasmussen survey likely voters majority believes cheating 2020 election poll

When even 30 percent of Democrats think there was cheating in the 2020 election, do you really think Joe Biden legitimately got 81 million Americans to vote for him?

joe biden presidential vote history 2020 sure most in history
hr1 priority for elections results erase accurate

Message of the Day

message biden 4th july special 1776 fed up government telling us how to live our lives
puppy full metal jacket show me your war face

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