01-18 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

cat watches two much master chef mouse garnish
wearing bikini cover 90 percent body men polite stare at covered places only
get older stay positive fell stairs fastest moved years
goal old person everyone afraid bring out public
breaking news people dont believe media bs anymore
nancy pelosi catholic planned parenthood alcoholic
illegal tent city american citizen one
flipping fauci bird
trudeau days without embarrassing canada
2024 bottom of barrel democrat search hillary clinton
corporate media decades lies deceit joe rogans fault

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tweet catturd imagine condom getting vd thanking trojan
tweet half no joy other serious communication memes
tweet guess how much owe jail

Question of the Day

question hydroxychloroquine not dangerous lupus arthritis protesting

Unfortunately, Big Tech & Mainstream Media Brainwashing Works Well on Many

Poll Reveals Astonishing Percentage Of Democrats Support Unparalleled Covid Tyranny For Unvaccinated

The silver lining here is that a smaller and smaller percentage of the country still consider themselves Democrat. By my estimation, the Covid & Big Tech tyranny of the past two years has carved out at least a quarter of Democrats and moved them to the ‘Independent’ section, with many doing a full-blown switchover to conservative/libertarian. How do I know for sure? My own formerly Democrat-leaning sister has moved to the right of me in her political opinions after two years of lockdowns & mask mandates pounding the hair salon business she owns. I’m surprised her Facebook posts haven’t yet got her a ban, which I’m sure is coming the next time Big Tech Thought Police can find a January 6th-type event to use as justification.

marked safe mass formation psychosis
america is a free nation change my mind
babylon bee pfizer announces revolutionary new vaccine protect against free thinking

President Uniter

Trump was a divisive president. There is no doubt about it. You don’t bring people together by going on rants where you simply insult rather than persuade. That said, he usually saved his wrath for the members of the Ruling Class cabal–the media, the tech giants, the Establishment politicians, etc.,…and the divided nation was mostly a result of their 24/7/365 mission to destroy him. As for Biden, what he is doing to divide the country is a thousand times worse. EVERY speech he attacks at least half the population, sometimes more. EVERYTHING he does is designed in some way to turn people against each other, most notably with his useless mask & vax mandates, along with his branding of anyone who disagrees with him or his power-grabbing policies as domestic terrorists. During the first year of his presidency, have you heard ONE SINGLE speech where he wasn’t angrily barking orders or condescendingly lecturing the American people?

joe biden evil domestic terrorist enemy voter id folks
mask are you anti vaccine are you pro coercion
joe biden two party system democrats and domestic terrorists

Tulsi Gabbard Slams Biden: He Is Doing ‘All He Can’ To Divide Americans
Biden Calls For Censoring Americans in the Name of Public Health
Joe Biden Meme Gallery 4

Those Who Don’t Study History…

flashback 1934 cartoon spend blame capitablism junk constitution

Anyone remember what was happening in Europe around this time?

Quote of the Day

quote those dont move don’t notice chains luxemberg

Message of the Day

message fruits vegetables healthy eating vaccine

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11-08 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

gang violence has to stop kittens dog chair
life like penis simple soft then woman makes it hard
meta used to be called the facebook sean parker grandma
bike gas prices coke mentos
zuckerberg terminator cant be bargained reasoned with
democrats america systemically racist homophobic think vote republican
memes offensive vulgar unfriending take on way out fjb
who wants to stop climate change germany biden europe who give up private jets
all your kids belong to us rachel walensky cdc
fauci most serial killers abused animals
best not to act like tyrants when state flag armed sword spear
defund police own community rittenhouse liberal scream

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tweet haley flirt with me say it literally
tweet live laugh lower expectations

Lifelong Masking

CDC Director Walensky Cites Colds & Flu as New Justification for Forced Masking

pinnochio puppet cdc shots masks can I be free now

Quote of the Day

quote us news media proud propaganda joseph

Why It’s Important to Vote in Party Nomination Elections

19 Lawmakers Did Not Vote with Their Party on Infrastructure Bill

mitt romney rino party sign

Random Thoughts of the Day

Like Aaron Rodgers, I personally am not anti or pro-vax. I really don’t care what people do either way. I am however anti-forcing people to comply with health decisions against their will. For those who agree with these Covid mandates, I ask you 2 simple questions. 1) Are you comfortable giving the government the power to make ANY medical decision for you? 2) If the answer to #1 is Yes, are you comfortable giving ONE PERSON the ability to make those choices, as Biden did when a simple signature on an “executive order” forced a medical decision on hundreds of millions of people? What if that person making your medical decisions was Donald Trump or Nancy Pelosi? Regardless of your personal beliefs on Covid, that is the precedent we’ve now set. No checks or balances. Whatever the current dictator says, we must follow? 🙄

2030 just one more normal trust government
get ready for most expensive weapon ever joe biden
osha representative employees vaccinated flipping bird wrestlers
aaron rodgers yellow wristband unclean

Why the Supply Chain Crisis Is About to Get Much Worse – Leah Barkoukis

Message of the Day

message did you notice how high bill rights guns not an accident

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Take the Circus—And the NEA—Out of the Classroom – Angela Petrie
Mainstream Media Meme Gallery 2

09-13 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

sandford sons tell you no shortage of dummies
crying stupid job car society wont collapse
sharks ok long dont eat buns keto diet
psyching self up booster protect whiskey variant 2385th day to flatten the curve
disaster relief which fire floods hurricanes biden administration
rogan drank water cnn dihydrogen oxygen nurclear reactors
babylon bee jussie smollet diguised as larry elder so real hate crimes

New Meme Gallery Added

Diet, Exercise, and Fitness Meme Gallery

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet psa men cant decide sexist term applied to gender

Quote of the Day

quote lewis caralla lazy people little work winners hard as possible

In Case You Missed It

Four Ex-Guantanamo Bay Inmates Obama Freed in Exchange for Army Deserter Bowe Bergdahl Are Named as Top Commanders In Afghanistan’S New Taliban Government

obama bowe bergdahl taliban leaders released

Let’s remember, this wasn’t just a “deserter” that Obama traded for 5 top Taliban. Bergdahl was a pure traitor who hated the American military and voluntarily surrendered himself to the terrorists. While he gave top secret intelligence to our enemies, six soldiers died trying to get him back, after which the Obama administration negotiated his release and bragged about it afterwards. You have to wonder sometimes about Obama & Biden — are they just incompetent and puppets of the New World Order Ruling Class, or are they part of anti-American sleeper cells with a mission to destroy the country, or both?

biden hillary pelosi fauci biden susan rice taliban
taliban helicopter guess hunter doesnt feel bad one laptop
joe biden unvetted afghan refugees trojan horse plane
taliban treatment women least not texas

The 6 U.S. Soldiers Who Died Searching for Bowe Bergdahl – Time.com
Barack Obama Meme Gallery
Joe Biden Meme Gallery 3

Messages of the Day

message facebook partly false has truth dont want you to know
message trust science coercion withholding data cherrypicking fear mongering propaganda

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Oh, So This Is What West Wing Staffers Do When Biden Speaks Live
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