05-18 Politically Incorrect Daily

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sponge bob netflix commercials get in coffin
dog gentleman at the bar woman restaurant tennis ball
cashier dare you not id buying alcohol
everyone like accepted accept free thinking dont give sht
joe biden no pipeline but really long extension cord windpills
normal people starting to think media government lying shady
pfizer trial data effectiveness liberal scotus abortion
question kermit no media coverage people lost businesses livelihoods
joe biden crash burn balloon democrat majority ultra maga fault
biden titanic zalensky cash
sandy maga ultra maga grease
accountant lawyer going jail zelensky dependent

Message of the Day

message if cannot be corrected without offended never grow in life

Never Miss a Chance to Divide America

Leftists: You shouldn’t label or stereotype people based on the actions of a few.
Also, Leftists: The Buffalo shooter shows 75 million Trump voters are white supremacist terrorists brainwashed by Tucker Carlson.

Trump was divisive and combative. There’s no doubt about that. However, who were his usual targets: the media, Democrat politicians, corrupt RINOs, and enemies of America. What about our current president, Mr. Unity? EVERYTHING he’s done in office has been about dividing Americans: White vs. Black, Left vs. Right, Rich vs. Poor, Teachers Unions vs. Parents, and so on. All people who disagree with the Left are domestic terrorists, an “existential threat” to the nation, to use Biden’s exact words. Nothing in recent memory has been as predictable as Biden & the rest of the Left using the Buffalo shooting to further divide America and call for further diminishing of civil rights. You know, they have to stop “hate speech,” although no one ever precisely defines the term, knowing it can easily be interpreted by their allies in Big Tech to silence & deplatform anyone who disagrees with them. As for Tucker Carlson, find me ONE SINGLE CLIP in the existence of his show where he is calling for or excusing ANY kind of violence. On the flip side, it’d be easy to put together a montage of hundreds, if not thousands, of clips of him condemning violence, including the actions of protesters on January 6th. They’re going after him for the same reason they went after Joe Rogan, Tulsi Gabbard, Elon Musk, and so many other voices of reason – he’s exposing exactly who these Leftists in politics, entertainment, and the media are. And he’s asking obvious questions they don’t want asked. He is challenging all their fascist power grabs along with the ever-increasing suppression of civil rights. My guess is that everyone who sincerely thinks Tucker Carlson is white supremacist, hate-spewing, racist, or whatever other labels they put on him have not watched ONE SINGLE EPISODE of his show.

As always the mission of the left: DIVIDE DIVIDE DIVIDE! And if that doesn’t work, DESTROY DESTROY DESTROY!

joe biden siri directions to bullalo ignore waukesha laguna woods
cnn media don lemon cherry picked stories manipulate
joe biden maga most extreme group history open borders police blm free speech
attorney general garland antifa blm radical islam white supremacy biggest threat

Mr. Unity Goes to Buffalo – Larry O’Connor
Tucker Carlson Responds to Tidal Wave of Liberals Blaming Him for Buffalo Mass Shooting
Deadspin: White Fans Watching Black Basketball Players Is ‘White Supremacy’
20 Ways to Destroy a Person

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet zuby mistrust government not edge based history economics not your friend
tweet trump jr massie congress spent per family ukrained big pharma kickbacks

Quote of the Day

quote johnny cash say what you feel nothing at all

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02-24 Politically Incorrect Daily

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finally pay debts enjoy your youth old woman
short circuit ally sheedy telling kids terminator sarah connor
study economics resource allocation hate backwards sunglasses
wife husband when toddler asks dangerous
jones 900 people koolaid fauci hold my beer
dog gear taxes taking from treat budget

Maybe the Gaslighting Facepalm of the Year

Justin Trudeau: Canada “Stands Against Authoritarianism,” Announces Sanctions Against Russia

liberty justice for canada trudeau fascist
wonder list of freedom convoy donors leaked but not list of epstein clients
soldier reporting gave 15 dollars to truckers
sign lets go brandeau justin trudeau

This Can’t Be Emphasized Enough

lesson reality of social credit system criticized government facebook account suspended

Wow – Shocker 🙄

Likely Democrat Voters Overwhelmingly Support Trudeau’s Dictatorial Crackdown

‘The View’ Host Says U.K. Officials are ‘Jumping Ahead of Themselves’ By Dropping COVID Restrictions

Flashback a Few Years Ago

ukraine donated to clinton foundation romney kerry pelosi biden all want trump impeached

Pressing the Reset Button

Do you remember this idiotic moment in American history?

hillary clinton russian reset button

This was Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State under Obama, bringing a ‘reset button’ to symbolize a reset of U.S.-Russian relations after 8 years of Bush wars & threats. I won’t discuss the cluelessness of using a reset symbol that for decades actually meant the nuclear destruction of the planet during the Cold War. Putin walked all over the Obama administration for 8 years, but it’s actually taken only 1 year of his VP’s rule to truly ‘reset’ America-Russian relations…back to the 1950s. Once again, we’re back to useless military & economic warfare in an area of the world most Americans couldn’t care less about, where the costs of involvement far exceed any hard-to-find benefits.

Have you wondered why Putin didn’t invade any countries during the Trump administration? We heard for 4 years how he supposedly was Putin’s puppet. If that were true, why wouldn’t Putin take over all the surrounding countries then? No one would be there to stop him, right? Actually, Trump simply didn’t pose a threat to Putin. He criticized Iraq and the War on Terror. He worked to defund NATO and spoke the very obvious truth of “Why is it still needed?” I get that NATO was needed when we were facing a brutal Soviet madman responsible for 20+ million deaths who was rapidly expanding in Eastern Europe, but those days are long gone. The Soviet Union collapsed 30 years ago. And what good do the U.N., NATO, and other such world organizations really do? If there’s a war or threat, some countries participate while others sit on the sideline. Every country does whatever is its own best interests (well, except maybe for the U.S. under FJB).

Remember, from Russia’s point of view, the U.S. has been fighting wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Syria for 20 years. We still have troops stationed across Europe. So when Biden, well compensated by the Ukraine government, ships a ton of weapons to them and talks of adding Ukraine to NATO, Putin feels threatened. His buffer is disappearing. Putin is ex-KGB and has been in the Russian power structure most of the last half-century, almost all of which he has been conditioned to believe the U.S. is the world’s greatest threat. There’s also complexity in the Russian-Ukraine history that goes beyond the understanding of most Westeners. There’s obviously better ways for Putin to handle the issues, but nothing good is going to come from this useless tit-for-tat battle. All that will happen is the world economy will nosedive, gas & inflation costs will shoot even higher, and many innocent young men & women will lose their lives.

Chalk up another spectacular failure for President Select FJB, who’s only success has been pumping cash to the defense and pharmaceutical industries.

quote ron paul most threats to liberty near capitol hill

Barely One-Third of Americans Support Biden’s Handling of Russia

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tweet melville wash your hands to freeze your bank account 2 years journey keep safe
tweet charles policy direct schwab premier alberta trudeau

Quote of the Day

quote george washington people should be armed abuse government

Message of the Day

message never green energy climate change safety slowing spread control

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01-22 Politically Incorrect Daily

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husband pool looks like vagina
office supplies liquor shelf work from office
catfishing post 2020 facemasks reveal
europeans criticizing usa 2nd amendment dont think about you at all
cdc center to deceive and control
gop republican present spine from donald trump
why privacy nothing to fear leaking government files state
dangerfield havent seen build back better hat
telling grandkids beat prop machine memes biblical
trump warp speed highway joe biden covid 19 test kids turtle therapeutics
suspect not white media end all coverage now
joe biden usa train wreck only one year
media omicron run for you lives media
so tell me most heavily armed citizens in world attempted unarmed insurrection
australians prison watching uk stop mask mandates

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet automatic email reply out office burn ground
tweet shitty airline travel pinnacle suck whole way
rublev covid positive australian open djokovic antibodies about control

He’ll Torch the Energy Sector and Put a Kibosh on Border Enforcement, But He Won’t Dare Interfere with Ruling Class Corruption

graph percentage millionaires congress citizens
If you ever wonder how politicians suddenly become multi-millionaires while in power…

Biden to Let Members of Congress Decide If They Should Trade Stocks

Let’s remember if a private citizen trades stocks on insider information, they face prison time and massive fines. Politicians, however, can openly bet on sure things with no repercussions. They not only have inside information but control over regulations, tax policies, antitrust lawsuits, permits, government purchase contracts, and so much more.

quote harry truman politician rich show you crook
tweet crosby nfl players cant bet on games government officials bet on stocks options

Americans Are Being Sold Out by Government Insiders – Betsy McCaughey

Quote of the Day

quote nation bankers small segments citizens elements own media

Message of the Day

message longer comply insane demands more insane demands going to get

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