11-04 Politically Incorrect Daily

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baby yoda grogu boss leave early sober bored work
alien explaining way of thinking normal people
flight dogue squirrel tennis ball
government racist corrupt corporations give more ony weather liberal
fact checked partially false mostly true
what learn school none of business change gender
babylon bee biden asks for covid amnesty inflation weaponizing war gas prices

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tweet life balancing why not invited how to get out of it
tweet no way maintain dignity pull two shopping carts apart
tweet welcome middle age injuries year to heal
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Don’t Ask Questions, Conspiracy Theorists!

tweet pelosi house surveillance cameras lying about everything
tweet pelosi surveillance body cams common sense
hillary clinton nancy pelosi husband liability help
democrats biden pelosi hammer attack milk almond

Attack on Paul Pelosi: Bring on the Left-Wing Hypocrisy – Larry Elder

Random Pre-Election Thoughts from a Dangerous Extremist Threat to Democracy

Is there anyone in the mainstream media capable of an original thought? Not only do they stick to the same Ruling Class-approved narratives, they use the exact same words. I think the newly-invented term “election denier” has been used more in the past few weeks than in the previous history of mankind. It’s exclusively used by leftist/Establishment types who want to stop all discussion and intimidate the population into whatever gaslighting BS they spew out. “Denier” is being added to everything the liberals want to silence dissent on: climate change denier, science denier, election denier, January 6th insurrection denier….how long before we start hearing Pelosi right-wing attack denier? The denier description is purely to lump anyone who makes common sense observations in with the same nuts as Holocaust deniers. It’s hateful and divisive, and it needs to be answered EVERY time the words are spoken in the way Kari Lake did. BTW, I dare you to try to find the video of her perfect response in a Google search. It’s been filtered out the same way they did with Fauci Covid flip-flops. I found it on the first link in DuckDuckGo.

Speaking of election deniers, why is Biden suddenly focusing all his pre-midterm energy on such attacks? It’s simple–the prominent people who question the 2020 election shenanigans are the exact kind of people that will work to stomp out the Democratic cheating techniques used in this and every future election. Cheating in elections is one of the pillars of Democratic power, and it’s slipping away. Consider all the other pillars that are collapsing:

  • Mainstream Media. Virtually no one believes their BS propaganda anymore. In fact, their attacks on a candidate often drive up that person’s popularity, as it is with Kari Lake, who is opening up double-digit leads despite 100% negative coverage.
  • Big Tech Censorship. People are increasingly using alternative social media and search engines. Twitter, Parler, MeWe, and Truth Social are now owned by conservative/libertarians. Facebook is plummeting in users & influence while their fact checks have become the butt of jokes.
  • Education. Parents are actively working to fix leftist curriculum, moving their kids to private schools, or homeschooling. Colleges are massively losing donations & enrollments as Americans switch to cheap online learning and tech schools, which teach more practical skills rather than what pronouns to use and the joys of communism.
  • Entertainment. Joe Rogan, Gina Carano, Kanye West, Kelsey Grammar, Elon Musk, Aaron Rodgers, Rob Schneider, Adam Corolla, and so many others are starting to break from the mindless Leftist groupthink among prominent celebrities. And few Americans put any stock in their leftist parroting anyway.

So if the Left can’t cheat, they’re screwed. We all know they will try to do a repeat of 2020, but it’s simply not going to work this time. The polls show a massive red wave, more election controls are in place, and there are way too many eyes on everything. Note: Biden’s “voter intimidation” = conservatives passively observing vote counting, filming dropboxes, volunteering as poll works, or simply asking for ID. In other words, ANYTHING that will prevent the Dems from cheating is a “threat to democracy.”

We are witnessing the most divisive president in the history of America, and it’s not even close. Trump was divisive to be sure, but he saved his attacks for Ruling Class/Establishment types and their prominent enablers. Biden, on the other hand, regularly attacks half the population with the most slanderous, hate-filled rhetoric we’ve ever seen. And really, what else can he do than try to turn Americans against each other? Is there anything in his record that can even remotely be spun as a success?

Examining the Biden presidency, one thing that is not getting enough attention is the national debt and annual deficits, which are pushing America to the brink of financial collapse. It’s bad enough that we have record deficits due to insane Covid spending & Biden’s laughably-named Inflation Reduction Act, but consider that already-unsustainable deficits had the advantage of record tax revenues, a by-product of all-time highs in the stock market, corporate profits, and personal income coming out of the Trump presidency. What about next year? The taxes collected from all those stock gains will turn to deductions from huge stock losses. Plummeting corporate & personal incomes means less income tax. As for spending, we know that government never cuts spending once it jacks it up, but consider that most of the spending will not even be controllable. Social security just had one of the biggest cost-of-living adjustment in history. Interest on the national debt is going up with every CPI report & Fed rate hike. Health care expenses are going up like everything else in the inflationary environment. So I’m sorry to say, get ready for deficits like you’ve never seen in 2023…globalists’ Modern Monetary Theory in action.

Speaking of taxes, Dems’ Inflation Reduction Act will double the number of IRS agents to roughly 165,000. We currently have less than 20,000 border patrol agents, in case you were wondering where Biden’s priorities lie.

Sorry to mention Kari Lake again, but she is perfectly executing the most important technique every conservative/libertarian should be using in their campaigns–preparation. As I mentioned, the media uses the exact same talking points across the board. Be ready with a response to every single one, complete with examples and sources. They will no doubt lie, misdirect, name-call, and toss out overgeneralized statements like “experts all agree,” but this kind of BS crumbles when you can whip out reports with quotes & sources. Trump rightfully fought against nonstop unfair media attacks, but too often he resorted to name-calling and personal attacks rather than logic & persuasion, which is why I really don’t think he’s the best person to lead the conservative moment. Ron DeSantis, Kari Lake, Blake Masters, and others are the wave of the future. And yes I know, these candidates aren’t all perfect, but there will never be a perfect candidate, so we must go with ones who have principles and who can change hearts & minds.

bidenocchio nose inflation economy gas son covid
days of brandon marked homes fbi irs might pass them over
twitter execs mainstream media stop free speech elon musk
try to discredit extremist doc holliday no idea

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quote politicians diapers changed often for same reason mark twain

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message th8ngs people integrity do differently

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11-02 Politically Incorrect Daily

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dog high tech security camera installed
do you want dinner choices yes or no texts
paid to use whole speedometer
daylight savings 2022 yoko ono album bonus
joe biden takes from white house jim crow
media polling news ignored
google why censorship is important george washington get musket
brokeback hammer pelosi mountain
sign protect pregmant men climate discrimination
smollett two guys tesla hats this is twitter country
babylon bee heartbroken liberals old fashioned technique not reading tweets dont like

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tweet ted cruz reich leftists like billionairs social media silence censorship
tweet recap hillary fbi epstein pelosi cameras no questions
tweet remember one chance first impression bad wont ask you
tweet followed you trainwreck like that

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quote doc brown future hasnt been written make it a good one

Putin’s Fault

Biden threatens higher taxes on oil companies if they do not work to lower gas prices

Great idea, President Brandon! Add more costs to the oil industry–I’m sure that will definitely encourage more drilling and energy industry investment! 👍 Never mind the fact that almost all oil-related companies were pushed to be the brink of bankruptcy by government Covid lockdowns. Never mind that current profit numbers ignore years of deep losses during the initial years of oil exploration & drilling. Never mind most of these companies will lose money during the next recession. What do you think will happen to the price of gas if a new tax is added? Oh, I forgot, companies only add taxes to consumer prices if Trump is in office. 🙄

This is yet another example of how numbers can be manipulated by slimy, divisive leaders for political gain. Here’s an example of what these evil oil companies have gone through the past few years:

oil companies war profiteering numbers

Windfall taxes are the overly simplistic solution that is popular with people who have no concept of running a business–i.e. communists, 8-year-olds, and MSNBC watchers. The fact that Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen and Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm can sit in the background while Biden peddles this garbage and misdirects blame for his failed energy policies shows they’re nothing but mindless Ruling Class tools.

I personally have helped create software to assist energy companies in filing their taxes. The compliance costs and fees imposed at both the federal and state levels are ridiculous. Everything is tracked & taxed in an oil transaction–buyers, sellers, carriers, origins, destinations, and so much more. Companies will often direct their truckers to take a longer diversive path to avoid passing through a state, lest they incur additional taxes for that state. It’s amazing how cheap energy could be if governments weren’t involved. It’s doubtful Biden could get a windfall tax through Congress, but even actions not taken drive prices up. Why? If you’re a business that is considering a new exploration or drilling project, why take the risk? There are better ways to invest your money when if by a long shot you do make a lot of profit from your project, the government will just seize your money. Result: oil supply stays suppressed, and we’re forced to rely on foreign sources.

But don’t blame President Select Brandon — it’s Putin’s fault…and OPEC’s fault….and those eeeeeeeeeeeevil war-profiteering oil companies!

biden claim gas 5 dollars gallon when took office
football player energy independence foreign put me in coach

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message lose fossils keep fuel pelosi schumer biden

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10-21 Politically Incorrect Daily

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baby yoda forget what doing loading
helping mid math homework jim carrey
kids want cat pet semetary showing
rick morty elect functioning tell us what to do extra slavery
white bronco me escaping mainstream media bias anonymous staged lies propaganda
how country 31 trillion debt keep giving other countries money
biden saudi arabia quid pro quo impeachable old enough
america freedom braveheart fenced in
alex jones fined 1 billion misinformation dr fauci
serial killers have glasses hillary

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tweet income 3 times rent boss
tweet cinderella animal friends prince shoe no makeup

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quote mark twain more learn people more like dog

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message importance steps ladder rungs comparison

Obvious to Anyone Paying Attention

Biden to release 15M barrels from emergency oil reserve, more possible

Everyone knows that Biden is releasing emergency oil reserves, pressuring OPEC, negotiating deals with Venezuela, and taking whatever other temporary means he can to artificially drop oil prices before the midterms. It works though since half the country doesn’t pay attention or are brainwashed by the nonstop propaganda from mainstream media lapdogs. So here’s my prediction:

1. Gas prices will stay roughly the same or possibly drop slightly the next few weeks.
2. Republicans will still win big on election day.
3. Biden will then cease ANY attempt to keep oil/gas prices low, leading to another skyrocketing of prices to record highs.
4. Biden will blame the increase on the new Republican-controlled Congress.

Again, this type of strategy works usually because Democrats dominate all the agents of influence (mainstream media, Big Tech, entertainment, public education). So conservatives need to pre-emptively call out exactly what Biden is doing. It shouldn’t be a tough sell. We all know the Left WANTS high gas prices so they can force their climate change globalist agenda.

us strategric oil reserves emergencies democrats 2022 midterms
Biden Snaps Over Questions He’s Depleting America’s Reserve Oil for Political Reasons

It’s an Emergency! We Must Give More Power to the Government!

al gore glaciers when born now climate change

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