03-18 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

canine motivational speakers whos good boy
new math common core flip bird
sumo trillion dollar propaganda machine memes
hold bone like normal dog
joe biden economy this end up graph
ammo gas lumber prices hard to be redneck
homer simpson inflation trump transitory good putin did it bushes
afraid speak out lose friends no one remember your name
media putin did that america people horn

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet gas prices regret not getting daughter pony birthday
tweet wife christmas gift already anniversary this week
tweet parenthood buying kids cheap expensive they will break

Two Systems of Justice

Jussie Smollett Appeal Considered, Actor Walks Out of Cook County Jail

It’s tough to find a more infuriating story the past decade, but I didn’t blink an eye when I saw this report. I guess watching Hillary get away scot-free with virtually every crime in the book has conditioned me to expect this. In your lifetime, how many Americans can you think of who were released after multiple felony convictions while lawyers “worked on their appeal?!” January 6th defendants have spent more than triple the time of Smollett’s full unserved sentence in solitary confinement, many without even being charged with a crime. Is it any wonder why vigilantism is so often seen as the only solution in dealing with the Ruling Class scum that run two systems of justice? You can bet they’ll follow the tried & true formula of delaying court proceedings until people stop caring about the case, then quietly dismiss the charges on a low news cycle day like a holiday weekend.

there is democrat privilege in america change my mind
spent more time facebook jail gave smollet

Inflation – A Mystery Wrapped in a Riddle Surrounded by an Enigma

And That’s Why They Call It ‘the Swamp’: Already $30 Trillion in Debt, 2700+ Page $1.5 Trillion Spending Bill Passed with ZERO Cuts

government spending pig debt taxpayer learn live less
5 year old wish infinity dollars give people wreck economy federal reserve fed
tweet every progressive afford tesla but not student loans
china russia full scale attack biden get climate czar

Wholesale Prices Soar 10% to Highest on Record

Quote of the Day

quote weather john coleman global warming manufacturered crisis

Message of the Day

message homer expecting truth corporate media love from prostitute not why exist

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12-10 PIC Daily (Bonus)

Random Thoughts On the Jussie Smollett Fake Hate Crime

Jussie Smollett Found Guilty on Five of Six Counts

There will be plenty of Smollett apologists who describe this hoax as a victimless crime, a pathetic cry for attention (at least from the liberals who will even acknowledge the obvious). Nothing could be further from the truth. For starters, millions of dollars and thousands of police hours were spent on this hoax. When you consider the colossal waste of resources, you need to look at the alternative uses of those resources. How many crimes could have been solved or prevented if those police hours could have been redirected to the murders, robberies, rapes, gang violence, etc. in the hellhole of Chicago? Could the millions of dollars wasted be spent on road repairs, first-responder salaries, teacher pensions, and other needs of this near-bankrupt city?

Those are just the most obvious costs of this crime. The bigger issue is the massive division of the country he’s contributed to that has fueled riots, destruction of property, and “mostly peaceful protests” resulting in deaths. Racial hoaxes add to the victimhood and the racial oppression narratives that provide justification for, among other things, organized flashmobs and smash & grab crime sprees.

The reality in America is that true hate crimes rarely occur. They’re so rare that politicians and corrupt media must latch on the flimsiest stories that anyone with minimal critical thinking could tear apart. The U.S. in 2021 is not the South of the 1960s! Only when you have this parallel universe mindset constructed by CNN, MSNBC, NYT, etc. do you ever continue to fall for such obvious hoaxes. But in a nation of 330 million people, you’re never going to be able to completely eliminate racism. And thanks to the Smollett’s of the world and the constant crying-Wolf racism of everything, real racism will never be taken seriously.

Jussie Smollett deserves the maximum prison time along with a fine equal to the cost spent on the investigation & court proceedings. But we all know he’s a rich, connected Democrat with friends such as the Obama’s, so he will likely get a slap on the wrist, while others such as people drinking a beer or waving a flag on the Capitol grass January 6th will receive several years in prison. No politicians or media propagandists will ever apologize for their rush to judgement. Years from now, they’ll be citing Smollett as a real hate crime, conveniently leaving out the facts, as with the Charlottesville “fine people” hoax. All that is important is that the nation stay divided so the corrupt, incompetent Ruling Class keeps its power.

smollett even if just hoax we believe you msnbc cnn hollywood nyt
jussie smollett not my fault i was on drugs trump derangement syndrome pills
rare photo of jussie smollett being attacked blazing saddles
real hate crimes against jews no attention fake jussie smollett story all microphones
tweet joe biden jussie smollett ny times hate crime
tweet kamala harris jussie smollett
tweet cory booker smollett
tweet nancy pelosi jussie smollett
tweet aoc jussie smollett hate crimes
tweet hodge twins instragram removed videos jussie hoax
tweet donald trump r al sharpton punish jussie smollett
media defend adult smollett fictional attack not 17 year old actual
cant wait o be jussie smolletts girl

12-04 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

what do for fun doesnt involve alcohol
garbage not a body
men are like infants to shut up put boob in mouth
san francisco police info man not wearing mask robbery
cnn media don lemon cherry picked stories manipulate
vaccine reduces symptoms more likely contagious rock
batman slap joe biden opec wont sell oil
twilight zone imagine mask wearing higher crime
babylon bee disney alters bart simpson taiwan not sovereign
millennial bubble wrap fragile offended
gene simmons medical advice rock star not vaccine stds medication
cnn chris cuomo anchorman weight of own ego

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet home alone nanny implausible oversleeping
tweet adam bitcoin like chuck e cheese tickets

Message of the Day

message american flag symbol desire freedom better life

Quote of the Day

quote prager taught victim miserable life

Those Damn Conspiracy Theorists

Germany Is Doing a Very Dark Historical Throwback Concerning Its COVID Vaccine Policy

EU Chief Calls for Throwing Out Nuremberg Code to Force Universal Vaccines

fauci copying off paper mengel

Random Thoughts of the Day

For the record, when Jussie Smollett first told his BS story, I was posting memes making fun of it within a day or two. You should start with the assumption that every story that comes from the mainstream media is bullshit, but this is especially true when it fits a little too perfectly with the PC fantasy worlds they’ve constructed. This was the perfect fit for the white supremacist, racist, anti-gay, Trump hate world that only exists in the minds of the Leftist. Every facet of the story made no sense. Two Trump supporters telling Smollett that liberally-dominated Chicago is “MAGA country?” Heading to Subway at 2am? Someone wearing a MAGA hat at 2am in Chicago is far more likely to be the victim of an assault than a perpetrator. And at the time of the story, had you in your lifetimes ever heard any Trump supporter use the words, “This is MAGA country?!” I could go on and on, but the point is, you don’t have to wait for a TV personality to tell you a media story is BS. Use your logic and common sense. Use your experience with human nature. And if it’s another Trump supporter smear, think to yourself, “Is this something the Trump supporters I know in my life would actually say or do?”

Politicians and media personalities, including in the Federal Reserve and financial media, don’t seem to understand the cascading affects of inflation. The price of one item inevitably effects the price of other items. When home prices go up, so do property taxes and homeowners insurance as the assessed values are now higher. High gas prices means the cost of Internet order shipping is higher, along with the costs to transport goods around the country to Walmart, Costco, Target, etc.; labor shortages mean higher wages for all, which sounds great, but if every business must pay their staff more, that means they must charge more for their goods & services. A higher paycheck does you no good if the buying power of that paycheck is less than when you made less money. For example, say in the past you spent $25,000 for a year of housing, gas, and food, during which you had $50,000 salary. Say you got a 10% raise to $55,000. but your housing/food/gas costs are now $35,000 a year. You’ve lost $5,000 overall. Inflation is one of the worst taxes of all, but politicians don’t care since they count on financial illiteracy of the public.

Speaking of labor shortages, I’m still waiting for ONE SINGLE person in the media to point out the obvious, that many people won’t take a job that forces them to wear a muzzle 40 hours a week, especially when it doesn’t pay a lot. Are you listening Walmart, Target, chain restaurants, and service businesses desperate for workers? Are you managers so dense and out of touch that you can’t see something so obvious? If you’re worried about liability, ask them to sign an assumption-of-risk waiver. This is not that f-ing difficult! And while we’re on the subject of facemasks, I won’t rehash all the insanely stupid reasons for the policy of forever-masking school kids, but it is yet another reason for the labor shortage. How, you may ask? It’s simple–working parents…or should I say, formerly working parents. Remember in early 2020 a lot of them had to quit their jobs to homeschool their kids. Now, when many face the alternative of sending their kids back to a brainwashing indoctrination camp where they’re muzzled all week, many parents have simply said the hell with it. Multiple working parents are punished in our tax system, so it adds to the incentive for one parent to stay home as caregiver & home schooler.

Ask yourself, in the last two years, what has caused more misery and disruption of life around the world, Covid or the world’s response to Covid? What do you think is more of a threat long-term, Covid or the totalitarian world domination being in put in place using Covid as the justification?

jussie smollett santa claus story easier to believe
work force mothers look how good government raising gas prices food housing

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