02-02 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

asked flavor cup of coffee starbucks latte
googling adhd impact memory all links being purple
kramer seinfeld up here already gone friday
cats closed door meeting scratching meowing
me sitting on couch wife fck you are
in my defense left unattended googley eyes bra
baby yoda grogu pretending like everyone friday bow
book governing for dummies justice system media
dentist pokes gums floss regularly bleeding
guys think about future date pineapple juice
dumb dumber granholm pete buttigieg ev future frozen

Social Media Posts of the Day

x husband bit trying gag him during yawn
x horrible decision weird time in my life clown show
x read the bills free soda act illegal owning dog

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Klaus Schwab Meme Gallery

Message of the Day

message dreams disconnect people holding u back give up

Quote of the Day

quote da vinci nothing strengthens authority as much as silence

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03-09 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

kids 2050 2019 2022 history test
nine letter word intoxicated shtfaced
dieting tip fill up gas cant afford food
biden russia oil dollars ukraine dont ever give up
allowing businesses reopen not creating new jobs change my mind
putin arrest fake news cnn fleeing
pray for ukraine wait kenosha blm
beavis butthead cccp ccp tshirts
that 70s show biden russia inflation gas prices
shining gold mask up restaurant 700 days 2 weeks slow spread
great reset covid 19 war economic crisis train
nancy pelosi stock companies coming world war
peter principle kamala harris responsibility incompetence

Wokeness Priorities

tweet major nfl suspensions rice peterson hardy ridley gordon

And don’t even get me started on the fines/suspensions of healthy players who visited a restaurant or didn’t wear a mask or during the season.

Note: the Ray Rice suspension eventually was increased, but only after video emerged of Rice hitting and dragging his knocked-out-cold girlfriend off an elevator. Beaten women–ho hum, whatever. Bad PR look for the NFL–OUTRAGE!

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet indoor masks ignore guidance office turntables
tweet bassler covid gaslighting manipulation government pharma wake up millions
tweet candace owens shutdowns masks punishing dissidents fear dictatorship east have to pass

Don’t Worry, It’s Transitory

commodity price changes over last year oil gas wheat corn lumber

Brainwashed-Induced Hysteria vs. Real Science

Seattle Teachers Union Argues for Continuation of Mask Mandates Until May to Maintain a Sense of ‘Normalcy’

Florida Will Advise Against COVID-19 Vaccines for Children

masks required in school teachers union cover parents eyes

They’re Not Even Trying to Hide Their Plans

Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6G3nWyoQ5CQ

Quote of the Day

quote albert einstein blind belief authority greatest enemy of truth

Message of the Day

message only government forcibly extracting money still bankrupt

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