10-24 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

manager we are family applied 30 families office handshake
guys avocado costumes gut
sign saving money for penis reduction
foxes provide security for chickens taking away guns
going store halloween decorations christmas
national debt drowning red ink may day sinking
liberal you need to do what government tells you or your fascist
joe biden can afford two wars taxpayers cant afford peace
soviet communism no social inequity if everyone is poor
babylon bee support climate change support models show flood california
trigger warning 101 dalmations tobacco murdering puppies
poll gen zers dont believe hamas target civilians brain function before age 25
store closings kmart walgreens where to shoplift
trust in media all time low only news no one disputes
netflix rapunzel jada pinkett smith

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet arguing with husband kids 2 christmases
x love language leaving meme dms cat dead lizard doorstep
x son understand when older less but be tired
x liberty scores republics speaker of house

Quote of the Day

quotes decide habits future alexander

So, What Do You Think Should Be the “Living Wage” Now? 🤔

nbc looking to buy a home dollar goes half as far as it did just a year ago
x inflation here to stay mcdonalds 21 dollars an hour

Out-of-control spending and money printing are the biggest causes of inflation, but they don’t tell the whole story. The Federal Reserve keeps raising rates, punishing businesses and individuals, most notably those getting mortgages (now over 8 percent). In the past, raising rates would cut the money supply, and therefore consumer price levels. But it’s not working this time. Why? Well, government spending has been the exact opposite of what nearly every anti-inflation economist would recommend, but it also comes down to the two biggest expenses that hit businesses — labor and energy. Biden has some of the dumbest policies in the history of America, ensuring these costs keep exploding. When businesses must pay more, they must charge more for their products & services, which cascades to workers demanding higher “living” wages (such as recent strikes of auto, medical, and transportation workers), which leads to higher prices, which leads to labor wanting more money,……and on and on.

As for energy, high prices hit the cost of delivering anything you order online, transportation to retail & grocery stores, moving raw materials to factories, etc., which cascades to prices down the line. The Biden Administration has done everything to sabotage American energy development & independence while stoking the flames of war. I wonder if the latest Middle Eastern war will be good or bad for prices? 🤔 Good thing Biden has stopped fracking, cancelled thousands of oil leases, prevented ANWR and other drilling, and in general discouraged any new investment in American energy. 🙄 No worries though, we have Russia, Iran, Saudi Arabia, and other foreign sources to depend on. 👍

sign issuing weekly stimulus checks see manager
nancy pork stimulus bill trump whats left for americans
5 year old wish infinity dollars give people wreck economy federal reserve fed
biden bombing american energy plane
10 Reasons for the Labor Shortage and Some Solutions to Fix It

Message of the Day

message study history realize people stupid thousands years

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