06-05 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

sponge bob with all due respect statement no respect
dogs get treats during training play dumb as long possible
lawn darts treat wounded repeat one remaining
dog porn just switching channels
politics guns family picnic ketchup gun
years as apprentice now pay fjb for your college
office gun free zone didnt say declared it
liberal common sense gun control illegal from mexico close border
why dont steal elections gas prices
leftists disarm american citizens intend do things would shoot them for
nurse coma 2021 how much saved 4th juky cookout
economy biden trump on off switch
corporations trying to make money woke left rainbow logo
brian williams beto orourke come and take guns
red flag laws explained same people who contact facebook offensive posts calling tip line to seize guns

Remember, He’s Oppressed!

Lebron James Officially a Billionaire

babylon bee lebron james pulls over to lecture homeless man on white privilege

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet thinking governance by ped predators intelligence agency blackmail isnt ideal
tweet teach kids democracy vote dinner pizza swing state
tweet bassler dont have mass shooting other countries covid concentration camps
mewe tulsi gabbard inflation elite davos great reset own nothing
tweet government aming ukraine allies russia opponents disarm you

Quote of the Day

quote evil in world man hopelessly unconscious jung

Message of the Day

mesage homer simpson always do opposite of what government says

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08-31 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

betty white no longer 5 oclock somewhere 2020 everywhere drink whenever you want
80s bathroom gas station paper towel user immune from everything
pro tip adopt retired drug dog to find fun friends at parties
says here offended on facebook writing prescription for 2 testicles
cnn hinderberg crash explosion fiery but mostly enjoyable flight
democrats rioters looters people killed hurting biden in polls must be stopped
trump sign mouse trap whoever came up with this is genius
joe biden china not threat money covid is trump fault putin puppet mainstream media
babylon bee journalists admit supporting biden so get take another vacation
day 165 of 15 days to flatten the curve 66 days until election this will be over
wherever there are fascists there is resistance rittenhouse

Tweets of the Day

tweet nicholas pagnotta anyone wondering why cant trust democrats with power day 162 of 15 days to slow spread
tweet otherwise unarmed now joins mostly peaceful protest in democrat media bullshit
tweet matheny 93 nights of rioting portland kenosha silent democrats polls organized effort

Quote of the Day

quote daniel cameron we are not all the same not in chains cant tell me to vote by color of skin

Message of the Day

message unless you have spent significant time outside usa dont know how good you have it here

Flashback Reminder

flashback never forget kamala harris proven destroy kavanaugh innocent people

Never Let the Full Telling of the Facts Ruin a Good Media Narrative

Before You Honor Jacob Blake As A Martyr, Read The Criminal Complaint Against Him
Kenosha Police Union Gives Its Version of Blake Shooting

Once again the Left, including seemingly every pro athlete, is holding up as a hero a true scumbag, who deserved much of what came his way. Maybe if the media and racist sports figures had waited for the facts to come out, they would know that this may not be the best case to build their woke PC brainwashing campaign around. Lebron James and the rest of the preachy sports millionaires don’t seem to understand that the average person is not going to feel much sympathy when they cry about people such as Jacob Blake, especially when they can easily log on to get the full story, free of MSM distortion. Also, when athletes whine about how they suffer under oppression & “systematic racism” while cashing million-dollar paychecks, they’re only going to arouse resentment from Americans struggling to pay monthly bills and support their families.

Certainly, the justice system isn’t perfect and could use some reform. I have no doubt there are average black citizens who fear the police, but media and celebrities only make matters a thousand times worse when they sensationalize, distort, and outright lie about the facts. And spare me the bullshit when high-profile pro athletes say they “fear the police”. Lebron James has an army of security guards and lives in gated mansions. Like so many rich liberals, he lives in a bubble, meaning he rarely, if ever hears anything that challenges his Marxist/America-sucks, brashwashed view of the world.

I guarantee you that 95 percent of sports fans, including those who support the BLM cause, are tired of the protests and politics. Sports is supposed to be a stress reliever, an escape from the real world. Just shut the fuck up, collect your millions, and play the game! If you want to spread the word of Karl Marx and Josef Stalin, then retire from sports and get a job at CNN, MSNBC, NY Times, Washington Post, Daily Beast, Politico, Newsweek, ABC, CBS, NBC, PBS, NPR,….

Jason Whitlock: LeBron James ‘overseeing the Black KKK’ with ‘sweeping’ remarks about White cops

lebron james not going to play who the hell cares
babylon bee lebron james pulls over to lecture homeless man on white privilege

Lesson of the Day

lesson how to avoid getting shot by police dont commit crime hands visible dont resist arrest

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