05-11 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

done spending money goodwill rich neighborhood
wake up not going post hate government 10 minutes contained rage long as possible
first camping trip as family wife stabs husband with squirrel
advanced ai robots student paper typos bad formatting
liberals trust women make own decisions abortions trans
taxing self to prosperity snake eating self
facebook 1776 british coming false information fact checkers false
kermit job interview pullup facebook account fck nwo
homer simpson keeping up with trends blm resist lgbtq anti israel
greta thunberg stalin mao obama using kids communism
nobody listens facebook google ads
different opinion bird modern day college students
michale jordan robin pippen lebron james entire justice league

Lesson of the Day

lesson 16 habits make you poor eating out smoking vote democrat

Quotes, Messages, Social Media Memes of the Day

x if brain computer warm making loud noises
x work from home not speaking humans days downsides too
x 63 percent new tax audits lower income
x bananas yellow tree dicks
message not democrat republican stop lying stealing money unnecessary wars
quote rules lie to us know memoir soviet girl

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01-25 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

dog dream jury guilty broke treaty in half
child drawing my hero mom
cat devil angel whispers ear shove it nudge glass off counter
far side rx questions prescriptions pill smaller larger go ask alice
gun questions car how much where install driver passenger side
what if spend less steal less my money government clinging to cash
ev charge stuck snow range anxiety manual
fred scooby doo godfather look how they massacred by boy
why so many young people have mental health problems big pharma
modern society coffee made at home 7 dollar made by bisexual starbucks
greta thunberg robot from future programmed kill schwarzenegger

She Still Likes to Brand Herself as an “Anti-Establishment” Candidate 🙄

x cnn exit poll 70 percent haley voters not registered republicans
nikki haley growing up indian girl deep south elizabeth warren

Flashback Quote of the Day

flashback joe biden wont go back to forever wars

Social Media Posts of the Day

x spouse seen meme already stop using same internet
x anxiety worse coffee social media new high score
x before voting government power politician hate in charge

Quote of the Day

quote huxley brave new world systematic drugging individuals benefit of the state

Lesson of the Day

lesson stalin farmers enemy if the people millions starved wef war

Message of the Day

message some of you should thank me for stuff i dont post

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