01-23 Politically Incorrect Daily

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taylor swift driving past jason kelce bills stadium
not allowed complain netflix loading 3 seconds dialing attempt modem
girlfriend bed thinking other women giraffe throw up
wife upset husband relax office get in the coffin
see something suspicious say something snowden nsa
hit me up pricing homeschool program milei
me 2050 truck police ban all gas diesel powered cars
remember demolition man future everyone pssies everything illegal
wef milei yes youre all wrong
federal officials airline safety severe intellectual abilities
babylon bee kamala harris the view finally smartest in room
2023 illegal immigration cost 150 billion taxpayers tired poor huddled masses

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x wef right about misinformation biden covid townhall
x asked me what i meant confused too of of mouth
x happy wife happy life philosophy irritated amusing

There Isn’t Enough Space for the Number of Eyerolls This Deserves πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„

This is almost as believable as the Patriot Front “white supremacist march” being legit.

x nikki haley teased brown smollett this is maga country
x whiter than nikki haley mayonaise

Playing the victim and feeding outdated leftist narratives — great ways to win more conservative libertarian voters to your camp, Republican Hillary! πŸ‘

Random Thoughts of the Day

* Speaking of staged white supremacist marches, I wouldn’t be so quick to call the recent Patriot Front march a Fed operation. It could be, but it also could easily be something like paid George Soros thugs who were used in the 2020 engineered riots. In any case, I’ve not come across a single right-leaning American–NOT A SINGLE ONE–on Twitter or in real life who believes this is legit. It’s all a show for corrupt/braindead mainstream media lapdogs and the subset of their viewers gullible enough to fall for it. And marching throught New York?! Sure, obviously a hotbed of Trump voters. πŸ™„ Or at least as many as in Chicago at 2am when Jussie Smollett was attacked. πŸ‘Œ

* Something that really needs to stop is allowing banks 2+ days of float time for transactions. In a time of instantaneous electronic communication, there’s ZERO reason for having to wait multiple business days for access to your funds. With large deposits and weekends/holidays factored in, this can easily turn into a week or more. Banks usually have the most secure and sophisticated technology available, but people using Venmo or Pay Pal on their phones do better? πŸ™„ This also applies to businesses who can process new order payments instantatenously but require several weeks to refund your money if you cancel or return the item.

* Speaking of things that need to die, another is rebates. In other words, business scams where you pay extra money up front, then fill out a card or online app to get some of it rebated to you. Yes, I get that businesses like the float time for managing cash, but more often than not, they hope the customer will lose the rebate info or forget to send it in. Their motivation is especially obvious when they make it a pain in the ass. “Send us your receipt, model information, cancelled check, where you bought it, blood sample, picture of yourself with the item, blah blah blah….” Then, even if you gather all the info, they often take weeks or months to process, after which they tell you that you’re missing something, hoping the customer will finally just say “F–K it!” If you work for a company that uses rebates in this way, know that I will hate your company. Just like subscriptions that make cancellation a pain, is the small amount of extra cash you squeeze out worth losing my business forever?

* It’s condescending, simplistic, and intellectully weak to apply some common labels & stereotypes to large groups of people, for example, 75 million Trump voters. But it’s amazing how often supposedly intelligent liberals do just that. Pick your “deplorable” adjective–racist, sexist, xenophobic, uneducated, and so on. It’s unfathomable that people can simply disagree with them on an intellectual basis, or perhaps just dislike the other side far more. What’s especially irritating is that leftists are rarely forming their opinions from first-hand experience. In other words, how many Trump supporters do they really spend time with or ask their motivations? For ultra far-left areas like New York, California, and inner city Democrat strongholds, do these liberals EVER venture outside their bubble to actually hang out with people who have alternative views? Could they possibly be forming all their opinions by the alternate realities presented by the MSNBC’s, CNN’s, NY Times of the world? I recently was around four other right-leaning friends and one far-left liberal. He mentioned Nikki Haley being floated as a possible VP for Trump. The rest of us chimed in that there was ZERO chance of it happening, that there would be such a backlash, many Trump voters would stay home. We tried to explain her unpopularity was based on her warmongering, anti-free speech stances, weak immigration policies, her conservative/libertarian backstabbing, etc.Β  NOPE!!….he explained the real reason was because she wasn’t white. Honestly, the rest of us didn’t even have a clue what he was talking about? If she’s not white, what is she?! And again, what is he basing this on? A few idiots that MSNBC dug up to put on 24/7 repeat? πŸ™„

All these supposedly elite, educated, sophisticated liberals love to pat themselves on the back on how tolerant they are. They rail forcibly against any kind of stereotyping based on race, gender, sexual orientation, and non-Christian religious views. After all, you can’t so simplisticly label & stereotype such a large group of people based on the actions of a few, right? πŸ€” Good thing theeeeeeeeey would NEVER do that! πŸ‘

media liberals trump supporters cultists npc
quote haley ask not what you can do country ukraine israel
americans right to privacy nikki haley taking

Message of the Day

message people cant control you how others view

Quote of the Day

quote libertarian not way of life liberty own values principles rothbard

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06-25 Politically Incorrect Daily

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when realize official old person hates teenagers in public places
brain normal question movie quotes
doing gods work minister knocking surveillance cameras
kamala harris boss son walk same drug gun charges career minorities immigrants
monkey butt irs nickel ate 4
liberals complaining family resources stop being happy
question authority free speech crushed fascist authority
blinken china walk softly big stick white flag
own guns defend criminals mine government we are same
joe biden hunter gun crimes not tolerated
babylon bee zelensky spent next 3 accounting errors
client free changed name biden sweetheart deal

Just the Tip of the Theft Iceberg

ways government steals money income property sales licenses gift

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tweet how much childhood trauma to be funny
tweet most embarrassing pretend like for man sex with him
tweet mom childhood dollhouse horror cinema

Save Your Sanity – Don’t Engage

I learned a long time ago that a certain percentage of leftists are so far gone there is no hope in saving them. It’s a waste of time and energy to try to engage them. However, every so often they say something so stupid or insane that I can’t help myself from responding. Inevitably, no matter how logical and common sense my response, they will ask for a “source.” That is of course, if they don’t use the standard racist, sexist, homophobic screeches, or other words only liberals use like misogynist and xenophobe. But of course, no matter how many sources you give them, they simply attack them as fake, biased, or non-credible. The truth is, it’s so much easier to revel in their own perceived intellectual superioity, dismissing anyone who disagrees with them as stupid/uneducated/brainwashed/etc.

Getting back to “sources,” it’s exhausting to always have to do research for people when a simple Google search will reveal millions of links to prove or disprove whatever you like. At some point you have to stop relying on other people to do your thinking for you. Some topics only require common sense and remedial critical thinking skills. You shouldn’t need confirmation from one of the mainstream media talking point shills, who do nothing more than echo each other’s junk journalism in service to their leftist political parties. Close-minded people will always seek out information that confirms their beliefs and dismiss whatever goes against them. After all, it’s comfortable to live in the blue pill world.

With time and practice, you’ll be able to spot such far-left liberals within a minute of talking to them on anything politically related. Just save your sanity — don’t engage!

mainstream media lies about everything im going to need to verify that claim with link to credible mainstream media article
1+1=2 liberal source

Quote of the Day

quote strauss self awareness takes work dont want to hear

Message of the Day

message how know telling truth silence others people are lying office

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10-29 Politically Incorrect Daily

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1985 let's go to the future 2021 lets go back to the 80s
next squid game remove piece cake plastic container
aj green packers cardinals controller disconnected
had really good world series sign astros stole it
me lately amish way of life stripper
gas prices so high cheaper buy cocaine run everywhere
alternate universe john wick dies dog knife
white house press conferences watermelons potatoes onions
joe biden only supply chain wont interrupt illilegals
it clown joe biden hiding basement reporters
petco new chew line fauci doll

Conspiracy Theorists = Modern Day Nostradamus

CDC Says 4th Covid Shot May Be Needed for Immunocompromised

dr evil cdc every american get 100 million booster shots
sharks closing human freedom vaccine passports surveillance censorship

Every Time I Hear This Word from a Liberal or Government Official Nowadays, I Want to Slap the Shit Out of Them

That word is “SCCCCCCCCIIIIIIIIIIIENNNNNCCCCCCCE.” And yes, that is the proper liberal pronunciation of science, making sure to get the proper voice inflection to maximize condescension. Implied in their speaking of the word is, “Anyone who doesn’t believe EXACTLY the way I do is a stupid, uneducated hick who is brainwashed by Foxnews and 1-2 obscure websites on the internet.” Plus, “I’m so intellectually brilliant, an elite thinker. Why must we deal with these stupid peasants?”

It’s so infuriating because nowhere in the scientific method does it call for silencing all questioning, all alternative theories, and all scientific & medical voices who disagree. And the “obscure sources” used to justify concerns and questions are, among others, the U.S. Constitution, a Biology 101 textbook, and a Basic Statistics guide. The definition of an elite brilliant thinker nowadays seems restricted to only those who parrot the government/media/Big Tech talking points currently in place. Even those who go along 99 percent and just ask the simplest of questions that veer off the “settled science” are ridiculed and “fact” checked.

Many organized religions have been mocked for the way they punish nonbelievers. “If you question our teachings, you’re going to HELL!” Is that much different than the scientific cultists nowadays who relentlessly attack anyone who expresses the smallest of critical thinking, often ruining careers and reputations in the process? Think Nicki Minaj, Kyrie Irvine, and Dr. Scott Atlas. Think about all the internet personalities, who have millions of followers, suddenly erased from existence by the Big Tech Thought Police. Add to this overt censorship, a more insidious and dangerous kind — self-censorship! In other words, people witness what is done to others, so they keep their views to themselves. Does this contribute to the process of “science,” you elitist slimebags in the media & Silicon Valley?!

Two Doctors Detail Being Silenced Over Their Views on COVID-19 Mask Mandates and Vaccines

message public health measures cults shame weaponized fear silence dissent dehumanize
liberals elevate black voices not chapelle or irvin
message climate change religious cult convert non believers sins deniers

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tweet zuby pronouns bio mask toddler less predictable more capable independent though
tweet lange immune system no history deceit
tweet boebert income tax patriot act passports all temp government program permanent

Quotes of the Day

quote thomas sowell disasters throughout history see to have man from harvard in middle of it
quote larry sharpe accept freedom loss safety never get back

Message of the Day

message be patient have to go through worst get to the best

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