02-25 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

dog squirrel master treadmill walk sprint
sign ace hardware plumbing issues next door taco bell
problems overblown drugs quicksand not warned bagging area passwords dread
please dont feed the government taxes
california burger menu 20 dollars hour gavin newsom
gemini not artificial intelligence artificial racism
un americans own 46 percent worlds guns registered ones bart homer simpson
babylon bee democrats concerned biden too old finish destroying country
media democrats cpr reviving racism

No Worries–Paul Krugman and Robert Reich Said We’ll Be Fine 👍

us national debt per citizen 100k

U.S. National Debt Clock – Real Time

breaking bad friend researched fiat money works

Social Media Posts of the Day

x libertarian milei first argentina budget surplus
x top streamed shows all old why the hill
x girl allowed earth shattering scream once a day
x planned parenthood toddlers boy or girl son spiderman
x it was solar flare guy ate bat in wet market same people

Quote of the Day

quote joe rogan mental health problem disguised gun tyranny security

ICYMI: Summary of Last Trump Verdict

summary new york trump economic assassination new york
joe biden stalin show me political opponent ill find you the crime

Message of the Day

message imagine what government politicians did couldnt see crimes on phone

Explanation of Big Tech on Artificial Intelligence

Link: https://twitter.com/MattWalshShow/status/1760756960452821446

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03-31 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

dont mess with wooden spoon lead paint no bike helmet survivor
mom animal just eats sleeps never takes shower me dog trying to figure who shes talking about
sponge bob look wife asked see doing herself
conservative see minority american peer liberal racist underprivileged victim
joe biden potus mexican drug cartel employee of month
kamala harris think bad now wait until i take over for biden
mainstream media white man boulder lack of gun laws syrian
joe biden evergreen suez canal
babylon bee cdc director gives press conference while holding end is near sign

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet dr drew listen to scientists but big tech silences
tweet randy savage gun rights 2 weeks flatten curve no face life school
tweet dr david samadi mask removal texas

Quote of the Day

quote albert einstein blind faith in authority greatest enemy of truth

You Knew It Was Coming

Since Biden promised no new taxes for households making less than $400k, I assume no one under that income drives a car.

Biden Transportation Secretary Buttigieg Proposes ‘Vehicle Mileage Tax’ to Pay for ‘Infrastructure’ Projects

As with the miniscule amount of the “Covid Relief” bill spent on “stimulus checks,” any “infrastructure bill” will allocate just a sliver of trillions in new spending to actual infrastructure while the rest goes to Democrat slush funds, campaign contributor paybacks, and laundered kickbacks to the politicians themselves.

Biden revenue plan includes ‘marriage penalty’ putting some couples at a ‘significant disadvantage’

Biden officials increased tax proposal by $2T amid concerns about cost of infrastructure package

1400 dollar stimulus check me ship

Message of the Day

message lisa simpson dont let people surrounded by barbed wire soldiers cant own firearm

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11-06 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

forrest gump everyone waiting im pretty tired think ill go home now
things like bacon wrapped oreos why cant have free heatlhcare
sign rite aid pharmacy get your f u shot
2020 election counting ballons minutes remaining copy windows box
forrest gump not smart man even i know no precinct 100 percent democrat voters
babylon bee experts call 15 days of counting flatten the curve trump votes
you know what would fix all of this voting in person with id
american idol could count 150 million votes during one commercial break
sign when you try kill everyone plandemic accidentally cause mass awakening
meet the fuckups hillary obama pelosi biden schiff aoc
when you post blatant sarcasm fact checkers flag it as false information gump are you stupid or something
babylon bee pollsters claim polls 100 percent accurate everyone voted wrong
sleepy joe biden kamala harris magic ballot bus

Tweets of the Day

tweet bradley thomas both parties cheat 2020 elections want to run healthcare
tweet republicans picking up house seats didnt lose state legislature senate hold charlie kirk
tweet tallie what are you guys wearing to civil war next week
2000 gore loses florida fought to december trump give up day after
tweet bill oreilly not one of 68 million trump voters think not chicanery in election
tweet nyt graph absentee voting ranges mi pa compared to other states

Message of the Day

message my mask inside my immune system you have one too

Quote of the Day

quote tony soprano someday soon families of own remember moments like this

Random Thought of the Day

I hear a lot of chatter that Trump still has a chance, that he is someone who will fight to the end, and that I should keep the faith. Unfortunately, I’ve accepted that he’s going to lose simply because I have zero faith in the system. I have no doubt that Republicans & Democrats would both cheat on voting if they could get away with it. However, if Republicans do it, the media would relentlessly come after them no-holds-barred. In addition, the FBI, Homeland Security, state & federal attorney general offices, and everyone else in the Deep State would expose it. As for Democrats, do you think for a second the media would care? They would ignore or ridicule the voter fraud allegations as they always do when they come from the Right. Tech companies have already started censoring anything that remotely hints at anti-Trump voter fraud. And we’ve all watched as absolutely nothing has been done about the Obama, Hillary, and other scandals of the Left the past couple decades. So where is the incentive for them NOT to cheat?

Sorry to be pessimistic, but we still have a lot of work to do to wake people up and expose the corruption of the Ruling Class & their enablers. Also, don’t be too sure the Republicans hang onto Senate control. While the percentages say they’ll hang on, I can guarantee you the Democrats will pull the same shit with the Georgia runoff elections. Our democracy can survive the Biden/Harris years as long as we have SOME check on their power. If they take the Senate and can pack the Supreme Court, our freedom truly does hang in the balance, and you can bet on some kind of civil war down the road.

Don’t misunderstand, I think we should still fight like hell to expose the voter fraud and get Trump re-elected! I just want to inject some realism into what we’re dealing with here. Keep in mind, though, that just because we’ve lost a battle, it doesn’t mean we’ve lost the war. In the coming days, I will talk about how, regardless of what happens, we can lick our wounds, recover, and prepare for the future.

quote ronald reagan freedom only one generation from extinction
message 1 percent control world 4 puppetts 90 oblivious 5 know 1 uses 4 to shut up

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