03-24 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

end road work signs protests
lotr what my neighbor sees emerge from house amazon delivery
tiger deer im from government here to help
covid 19 chaso stress problems weed kevin hart
hunter biden watching joe fire white house staffers past marijuana use
got share of covid relief president biden thanks kid
ellison walz blm no police zone george floyd square
mexico us border dont come but free health care social services jobs
mlk martin luther king dream content character fetishes gender skin
joe biden stairs slipping border russia china

Social Media Post of the Day

tweet jim jordan real goal cancel culture lie cant tell truth

Quote of the Day

quote ben shapiro no such thing your truth opinion

Message of the Day

message left is one-trick pony convince gays blacks muslims poor hated

Could This Guy Be Anymore of an Unscientific Ass Clown?

Dr. Fauci Says We Won’t Reach Herd Immunity Until Kids Can Get COVID-19 Vaccines

We, of course, don’t have a tested Covid vaccine for kids, because why bother when KIDS AND TEENS DON’T F–CKING DIE FROM COVID!!!!…that is, if they even get it at all! Oh yes, I’m sure CNN and MSNBC will scream they found a few rare cases of some kids with co-morbid conditions that tragically died, but there are also some kids who’ve died from lightning strikes, which happen at higher rates! This will just be used as yet another excuse in a long list of indefinite stall techniques.

wear 15 masks to celebrate 15 days to slow the spread anniversary

Why Facemasks, Social Distancing, and Other Covid Restrictions Will Continue Forever

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03-22 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

government use stimulus wisely minigun
joe biden kids cages butterfly built back better
pepe le cuomo nothing like cousing le pew
news media georgia secretary of state lie trump post
media car fitting any crime white supremacy
us dollar inflation stimulus
nice weather fresh area bacteria filled piece of cloth before breathe it in
joe biden falls 3 times stairs kamala harris
jen psaki we inherited broken stairs from previous admin trump
babylon bee newborn thrown out of nursery for refusing to wear a mask

We MUST Prevent Death At All Costs!

I think we should set a speed limit of 10 mph for all driving. Any higher might result in traffic fatalities. We should ban skydiving, rock climbing, boxing, skiing, and whitewater rafting. There have been amusement park ride accidents and plane crashes. Better ban all those, just to be safe! Tourists have fell to their deaths at the Grand Canyon, so we better close that up. Heart disease, strokes, and cancer kill people, so we better ban smoking, alcohol, donuts, pizza, chips, cookies, candy, and other unhealthy foods. Almost all drugs, both prescription and illegal, have caused deaths, so we better eradicate them all–can’t be too careful. How about sex..AIDS and other STDs! Better make sex legal only for spouses and just for procreation. If any of these save even one life, isn’t it worth it? Or are you one of those heartless, selfish people not willing to sacrifice for society?! Anything that has ever caused a human death, no matter how low the percentage chances, must be stopped!

Most people will see the previous paragraph as an absurdity, but it precisely summarizes the mentality we’ve adopted on Covid-19. To the mainstream media, Big Tech Covid censors, the CDC, WHO, Dr. Fauci, and Leftist politicians, nothing in this world–and I mean NOTHING–matters now more than minimizing Covid case rates. Business survival and people’s livelihoods don’t matter. Kids education and socialization don’t matter. Strengthening immune systems doesn’t matter. Human relationships don’t matter. The world economy doesn’t matter. Psychological & medical issues caused by masks & other restrictions don’t matter. The Constitution and basic American freedoms don’t matter. Sports, concerts, fitness events, theaters, festivals, religious services, travel, family reunions, lunches with friends all don’t matter. QUALITY OF LIFE DOES NOT MATTER! It never ceases to amaze me that so many of these supposedly educated people, who think they’re soooooo much smarter than what they see as the ignorant rabble of the world, have total tunnel vision. There are no pros or cons to any Covid policy restriction. The only factor of every decision – does it minimize Covid case rates? Yet, despite their hyperfocus on this one factor, they’ve been spectacularly wrong and inconsistent every step of the way!

How much longer are you going to let these fascists rule your lives?!

twilight zone imagine if you will banning travel masks protests vaccine
covid restrictions for business mask capacity blind targets
simpsons was there psychological war of 2021 front lines posting memes

Social Media Post of the Day

tweet raymond nichols vaccine masks guidelines disservice humanity never questioning

Message of the Day

message your obedience is prolonging this nightmare

Quotes of the Day

quote ron paul americans masks form of psychological manipulation tyranny
quote power of people stronger than people in power

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Why Facemasks, Social Distancing, and Other Covid Restrictions Will Continue Forever
Joe Biden Meme Gallery 2

Why Facemasks, Social Distancing, and Other Covid Restrictions Will Continue Forever

message reason short time frames lockdowns forever you wouldnt comply

Some may wonder why the axis powers of the media, Big Tech, Big Business, and leftist government officials continue to push indefinite, anti-freedom Covid restrictions. It’s all about establishing permanent power and control. Let’s look at these one at a time:

  • Social Distancing, Lockdowns, and Capacity Restrictions – These are all about keeping us separated and isolated. 1) People in groups can foment dissent, political movements, and revolution. If large gatherings are prevented, it keeps people from banding together in opposition. 2) It forces people to communicate online, where everyone can be monitored and censored. 3) It punishes small businesses, driving many into bankruptcy, while rewarding megacap tech companies and those deemed “essential” businesses. Campaign supporters are repaid!
  • Facemasks – These accomplish two goals. 1) They dehumanize and de-individualize people. The Left wants a collectivized society where individual needs are sacrificed for what they perceive as the “greater good.” Ever wonder why the military makes new recruits shave their heads? It’s because they want to build an everyone-is-the-same, follow-orders, sacrifice-yourself-for-your-unit mentality. While that type of training may be necessary in military engagements, it doesn’t apply to a supposedly free society. Facemasks accomplish the same goals as everyone shaving their heads. The bonus is they take away displays of unpredictable, uncontrollable human emotions like happiness, sadness, anger, etc. 2) Facemasks build an atmosphere of conformity. You may think to yourself, “These Covid restrictions are ridiculous! They violate logic & common sense and are not backed up by basic math and science.” Then, you go to Walmart, Costco, work, or school…..and see every person in the place has a mask on. You start to wonder if you’re all alone in your thinking. You may question your own sanity (i.e. gaslighting). It’s basic human psychology – almost everyone finds it difficult to be the only one who acts or believes a certain way. That pressure to conform is overwhelming. It carries on to everything the Left wants, especially when the media and Ruling Class tell you Joe Biden and his policies are so popular that he supposedly received 7 million more votes than any president or candidate is U.S. history. Even if people hang on to their beliefs, they’re at least pressured to hide them. As more people stay silent, the perception is even greater among free thinkers that they’re all alone.
  • Vaccines – There are two motivations: 1) Money for Big Pharma, which can be churned indefinitely due to “limited immunity life” or “new strains.” 2) It makes it easy to track who is conforming and following the rules. I personally am not anti-vaccine, but I believe more in natural immunity, and that people should be free to choose. The conforming and non-conforming will more easily be tracked, as vaccine proof will soon be required for such things as travel, school attendance, work in certain businesses, and so on.
  • Atmosphere of Fear – This is absolutely required to get the population to follow the first three. That’s why the media continues their indefinite hysteria and why Big Tech censors any and all scientific voices of reason. Beyond that, it gives the government cover to change the rules of voting, allowing indefinite cheating, making elections irrelevant.

I’m sure some think I’m exaggerating when I say most Covid restrictions will be permanent, but the same thing has been said EVERY step of the way…15 days to slow the spread, just a 30-day mask mandate, we have to wait for a vaccine, we don’t know about new strains,……there will ALWAYS be a new excuse…winter seasonal outbreaks, new strains, flu deaths, co-morbid conditions, and on and on. Freedom will NEVER be given back by the Ruling Class. It must be TAKEN BACK! Demand your freedom! Set the standard and show others YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

dr fauci 2035 masks year 2035 moving goalposts
sign you are here intersection communism free world
back to normal masks covid fishing pole vaccines
kermit song wrote conspiracy theorist friend right owe apology
when you mocked all people stand up for rights 2020 now life quarantine credits
its time burn masks 15 days slow spread 365 days counting

Fauci Absolutely Torched By Rand Paul About COVID Vaccines, Masks, and Immunity

CNN’s Chief Medical Correspondent Tries To Defend Fauci’s Mask Nonsense…Ends Up Peddling More COVID Idiocy

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