11-20 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

calling mom to complain about her grandkids
cat try to grab remote control
cameron diaz before after coffee fck off
regret in morning sleep to noon problem solver
r2d2 star wars hologram wrong folder
china russia full scale attack biden get climate czar
kamala harris cackle trust respect biden brandon
liberals obey authority do what told aaron rodgers miss 60s ones
joe biden bring unvaxxed natural immunity no jab no job
joe biden crater polls thought infrastructure would fix
fun fact 100 percent people didnt attack get shot
lebron tears dried rittenhouse
famous stalkers freddy jason msnbc reporter
kyle terminator media insurance carriers
salt rittenhouse shooting victim

Quote of the Day

tweet trump jr rittenhouse biden 2nd colonoscopy

But They Did Everything Right

Vermont Has Highest Rate of Vaccination and Mask Mandates – So Why Are Cases Surging?

The home state of Bernie Sanders is America’s version of the Communist Utopia when it comes to Covid-19. Despite being sparsely populated and following every CDC guideline to the extreme, their Covid-19 case rate is now among the highest in the country. Maybe the “science” isn’t as clear-cut as the fascists & propagandists in charge want you to believe?

bloomberg how long boosters last misnomer

Covid Vaccines Are Shots In The Dark – Chris Stigall

pfizer vaccine covid criminal alexa who paid largest find us history

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet alexander propaganda vs logic intuition
tweet mesrobian job mainstream media make views 10 percent actually 80 percent

Message of the Day

message constitution limit power government not people

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Germany Set to Impose Lockdown on Unvaccinated
Fauci: Babies and Toddlers Should Have COVID-19 Vaccines Available by Spring 2022
Everyone Hates Kamala – Derek Hunter
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11-19 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

neighbors crazy person on block meeting didnt invite me
cats orioles double stuff
pool want cruise keep getting cancelled
democrat alienating voters want to control life
what inflation gorilla just give him more bananas spending
wake up call public school indoctrination camp
studies lockdown no emotional harm shining family portrait
going to tell kids captain america rittenhouse
blm early christmas shopping kenosha
rittenhouse prosecutor why didnt let kill you before shooting
babylon bee msnbc reporter hangs sign jurors are here
message lisa simpson media no choice attack rittenhouse

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet elon musk inflation most regressive tax of all liberals advocate
tweet forced vax fbi parents calling everyone racist democrats

Quote of the Day

quote fact opinion widely held no evidence not utterly absurd russell

CNN and MSNBC Will Probably Find Some Way to Defend This POS

Watch: Ex-NFL Player Zac Stacy Brutalizes Ex-Gf in Front of Son

Europe & China = Previews of Liberal Policies

france booster shot required deactivate passport

It’s only a matter of time before the CDC changes it’s definition of “fully vaccinated.” That means all the freedoms they “allow” us to have will be modified in their guidelines to only include people with 3 vaccine shots. A year from now, it will be modified to “only those who’ve had the original shots and at least one booster within the last 6 months.” Keep in mind how most politicians, school boards, and businesses base their daily policies: U.S. Constitution, State Constitution, Statutory Laws, Biology 101, Common Sense, CDC Guidelines.

Pay attention to Europe and China for a preview of what the Ruling Class wants to do in America. The vaccination documentation required to work, travel, and visit certain places is just a stepping stone to the same kind of “social credit” system used in China. American Big Tech companies are already using this type of algorithm. Government will attempt to apply it to every aspect of your life. Are you going to let it happen?!

social credit system criticized government account suspended

WATCH: Senator Rand Paul SLAMS Fauci’s comments that ‘individual rights’ should no longer be granted when public health involved.

dont care refuse live in fear government cult followers

Message of the Day

message people say difficult when hard to fool

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11-08 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

gang violence has to stop kittens dog chair
life like penis simple soft then woman makes it hard
meta used to be called the facebook sean parker grandma
bike gas prices coke mentos
zuckerberg terminator cant be bargained reasoned with
democrats america systemically racist homophobic think vote republican
memes offensive vulgar unfriending take on way out fjb
who wants to stop climate change germany biden europe who give up private jets
all your kids belong to us rachel walensky cdc
fauci most serial killers abused animals
best not to act like tyrants when state flag armed sword spear
defund police own community rittenhouse liberal scream

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet haley flirt with me say it literally
tweet live laugh lower expectations

Lifelong Masking

CDC Director Walensky Cites Colds & Flu as New Justification for Forced Masking

pinnochio puppet cdc shots masks can I be free now

Quote of the Day

quote us news media proud propaganda joseph

Why It’s Important to Vote in Party Nomination Elections

19 Lawmakers Did Not Vote with Their Party on Infrastructure Bill

mitt romney rino party sign

Random Thoughts of the Day

Like Aaron Rodgers, I personally am not anti or pro-vax. I really don’t care what people do either way. I am however anti-forcing people to comply with health decisions against their will. For those who agree with these Covid mandates, I ask you 2 simple questions. 1) Are you comfortable giving the government the power to make ANY medical decision for you? 2) If the answer to #1 is Yes, are you comfortable giving ONE PERSON the ability to make those choices, as Biden did when a simple signature on an “executive order” forced a medical decision on hundreds of millions of people? What if that person making your medical decisions was Donald Trump or Nancy Pelosi? Regardless of your personal beliefs on Covid, that is the precedent we’ve now set. No checks or balances. Whatever the current dictator says, we must follow? 🙄

2030 just one more normal trust government
get ready for most expensive weapon ever joe biden
osha representative employees vaccinated flipping bird wrestlers
aaron rodgers yellow wristband unclean

Why the Supply Chain Crisis Is About to Get Much Worse – Leah Barkoukis

Message of the Day

message did you notice how high bill rights guns not an accident

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Take the Circus—And the NEA—Out of the Classroom – Angela Petrie
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