11-30 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

santa peeing 2020 decoration christmas displays different this year
didnt fall for husband third leg tripped me
government can offer you security only require that you kneel libertarians thats a problem
you celebrating thanksgiving no looting rioting police carry on
joe biden sniffing us mail box
socialists living in capitalism unbearable in socialism isnt real socialism this is fine
churches thanksgiving outdoor dining not ok black friday shopping totally fine

Social Media Post of the Day

tweet kaitlyn need to get life together waiting if world ends before effort
tweet karie unable love you much as myself this is breakup

Nothing to See Here, Move Along

trump obama biden crowd vote comparisons
trying to figure out record low counties biden most votes in history
bagdad bob there is absolutely no election frauid in us cnn

Random Thoughts of the Day

Question–if you knew there was a terrorist like Bin Laden about to carry out 9/11-style or even nuclear attacks on the U.S., would you order a drone strike to take him out? I’m guessing the vast majority of Americans would say yes. Would your answer change if you knew a dozen civilians would be killed? How about if he was hiding in a daycare filled with children? How about if you had to take out several city blocks that would likely kill thousands of innocent civilians? You’re talking about saving thousands of American lives, maybe millions in the event of a nuclear attack? Would you torture several captured individuals to find a more precise location on that terrorist?

Answers would likely vary by person, but what if I told you later that intelligence was mistaken identity and the man killed had zero terrorist ties? The point is that ends-justify-the-means thinking has motivated you to take actions that you normally would never support. Even if the terrorist info was correct, each of us usually has an acceptable “collateral damage” threshold.

Consider how this relates to today’s events. Imagine you’re a leftist who sees a President in office that represents everything you stand against. You’ve bought into propaganda hysteria that the world may end soon if drastic actions aren’t taken to fight climate change. That President threatens to destroy the health care system, possibly costing millions of uninsured lives. He’s racist, sexist, anti-immigrant, fascist, and will destroy America if you don’t stop him. What actions would you take to get him out of office? Would you use lies, made-up anonymous sources, or distorted reporting? Would you censor stories that may help him get re-elected, even true and professionally sourced ones? Would you rig voting blocks in key swing states? Would you politicize a deadly virus that may kill millions of people? Would you spread Covid hysteria and suppress voices of scientific reasoning? Would you withhold vaccines and treatments until after the election?

One of the most instructive movie scenes comes from Star Wars: Empire Strikes Back. Yoda is training Luke Skywalker to be a Jedi, a force for good in the world. One of his final tests is to enter a mysterious virtual cave. Yoda tells Luke he won’t need his weapons. Luke takes them anyway, and he soon comes up against Darth Vader, the evil Sith Lord that represents everything against which he is fighting. Luke takes out his light saber. Summoning all his anger and hate, he strikes down Vader, cutting off his head. As Vader lays on the ground dying, his helmet explodes. Luke looks down to see the face behind the helmet is his own. In his quest to destroy Vader, he himself has become exactly what he is fighting.

You see this type of behavior in today’s Left. In their quest to destroy Trump, they’ve played politics with a virus that will cost millions of lives. They’ve used looting, rioting, and violent intimidation tactics. They’ve thrown away 1st Amendment freedoms, voting system integrity, and so much of the foundations of American democracy. They have become what, in their minds, they were trying to destroy. If you ever wondered how people could become so evil, look inside their minds and see how easily they can justify their own behavior.

As the Left gets set to assume power in 2021, the only way to avoid becoming like them is to stick to your values and principles no matter what. Never let ends-justify-the-means thinking turn you into something you never thought you could become.


Quotes of the Day

quote yoda once you start down the dark path forever will it dominate your destiny consume you it will
quote if you let government break law emergency will create to do so

Message of the Day

message ive learned best classroom at feet of elderly person

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10-30 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

doctor good news odds covid school low getting woke are high
smudge angry lady cat pumpkin carving
babylon bee motorcyclist identifying as biker sets cycling world record
trump why cant i ask about biden big guy hate liberal media havent verified
forrest bubba if i die dont let me vote for biden
joe biden corn pop production jerk born a poor black boy scranton
joe biden monster communist china trick or treat cash
joe biden if you like your fossil fuels can keep yours democrats 2020
drug mules bachelor party lord stop talking
biden harris mayor kenney just lay low maybe philadelphia riots will go away
joe biden corruption exposed i voted trying to change vote ballot
babylon bee kamala harris cackle to be played over hell loudspeakers eternity

Tweets of the Day

tweet armbruster hope day drinking still acceptable after economy opens back up
tweet winning race son told co workers didnt wear mask cs comon sense

Random Thoughts of the Day

The Real Clear Politics average quoted by the media includes polls of Likely Voters, Registered Voters, and sometimes even All Adults. Most of us know only Likely Voters matter, but why? All Adults is useless since usually a 3rd of the population doesn’t register to vote. Registered Voters isn’t much better since it includes people that don’t like either candidate, don’t want to stand in line, are unexcited about their favored candidate, aren’t paying attention to current events, or whatever. So motivation to vote matters a great deal. Think about recent actions of the Left: Big Tech censorship, media blackouts of the Hunter Biden story, sports protests, debate commission rigging, Democratic governor shutdowns & mask mandates, completely different treatment of Trump & Biden interviews, Soros/Antifa/BLM-fueled riots, and so on. All were designed to hurt Trump’s re-election efforts. But I think the opposite effect has occurred, as it’s pushed a ton of Trump voters from the Registered Voters category to Likely Voters. Before the recent egregious actions, millions of right-leaning voters may have stayed home as they did with Romney & McCain. Now the Left has made them so angry, flames are coming from their nostrils, ready to crawl over broken glass to vote. It’s gotten so bad, it’s even creating a ton of new voters who previously had zero interest in politics. The effects of the lockdowns and draconian Covid measures cannot be underestimated. Nothing motivates a person to vote more than when their business, job, schooling, or livelihood is threatened. Taking away of civil liberties is igniting passion not seen in decades. Don’t believe the polls. This race will be close.

powerful oppressor person banned resistance twitter google cnn nyt facebook
mainstream media news coverage of hunter viden scandal blackout
saving biden privates social media ministry of truth sundar pichai jack dorsey mark zuckerberg

Don’t Get Suckered By The Establishment PsyOp – Kurt Schlichter

Quote of the Day

quote trump not just against biden big tech dc swamp corrupt media liberal hypocrites

Message of the Day

message instead of blaming guns limiting freedom why try just leaving us alone

Ok, So Trump Has Some Flaws, But…

democrats 2020 courts police guns fracking masks country china

The Racism of Liberal Condescension

chelsea handler had to remind him he was black person cant vote for trump rosa parks
joe biden barack obama every 4 years democras emerge from lairs tell blacks how much they care

Probably Biggest Reason to NEVER Vote Democrat Again

tweet dan drenshaw tech hearings dorsey partisan hypocrite not one democrat senator defended free speech press

What Crenshaw Realized About the Democratic Party After Big Tech Hearing That ‘Should Terrify Americans’

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07-21 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

babylon bee white house adds cry room for reporters jim acosta
bathroom urinal what the hell give it a try 6 feet
if life gives you lemons simple surgery can give you melons
kayleigh mcaney next dumb irrelevant question please
simpsons could this be lie we need to believe agencies caught daily cooking numbers lying to us
minnesota governor walz well allow riots feds bail us out trump no
joe biden is rusty still in the navy
nurse ratched covid 19 over the cuckoos nest wear mask or else government
woke liberals should replace national anthem song represents us send in clowns dont know history
why would i use tik tok when steal data for china use facebook who sell to china true patriot
red maga hat make speech free again
pledge allegiance to flag of slavery to the communist state liberty justice for none masks

Question of the Day

question good morning everyone what personal freedom or liberty should we give up today keep us safe

Tweets of the Day

tweet titania mcgrath dog owners stop saying good boy good girl to pets gendered language transdogs
tweet americans to know how canada political cartoons look these days
tweet year 2022 debate microchips explode within 6 feet just 15 days to slow spread
tweets tammy bruck wsj cdc 4-8 weeks stop covid masks
tweet james woods nancy pelosi confused why unmarked police cars domestic terrorists

Quote of the Day

quote charlie kirk if hate america shouldnt be leading should be leaving it

Message of the Day

message support black white friends but not kkk blm protests but not antifa

Random Thought of the Day

On policy aspects, can you find any issues where Democrats favor freedom & choice rather than imposing punishable rules they’ve decided “for your own good”? I suppose there’s abortion and rioting, but other than that? Republicans aren’t much better, but in this whole coronavirus plandemic, which side is fighting for the Constitution, personal liberties, and economic continuity? Which side is doing everything it can to implement Orwell’s 1984 society, all under the guise of “keeping us safe”?

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