04-19 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

sign excuse mess standards lowered each child
reddit mom hooks up friends friend to talk to
dog eating homework easier paper
irs nickel in parking lot
airlines mask identify as undocumented immigrant relocated biden
biden hairy legs blond sun sign executive orders
musk over buy cnn+ 50 dollars
concerned about plastic straws single use bags masks
me leaving petsmart teaching parrots fjb joe biden
alcoholics anonymous flight attendants no mask if drinking
joker inflation higher reported tired pretending not
mainstream medai hillary clinton corruption trump putin climate change racism

The Left Has Taken a United Front Against Free Speech

Can You Guess the Editorial Opinion of Billionaire Bezos-Owned Washington Post on Musk Purchasing Twitter?

Business Insider: With Twitter Purchase, Musk Access to Private Data ‘Cannot Be Compared to Anything That’s Ever Existed’

musk taking over twitter wwiii rolleyes out loud
babylon bee democrats dont want billionaires controlling media except gates zuckerberg bezos bloomberg soros buffett

tweet actual consensus view mainstream liberals democracy function people dont like cant participate
tweet establishment knows widespread free speech crumble overnight twitter

Why Elon MUST Take Twitter – Kevin McCullough

Quote of the Day

quote if shit out truth buried explosive zola

Not a Good Week for Liberals

Federal Judge Strikes Down Biden Admin’s Travel Mask Mandate

liberal trigger mask musk wheel of fortune

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet single greatest thing america do abolish department education
tweet old man meditate and destroy new mantra

Message of the Day

message no one standing up peope shanghai ukraine no one told

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09-24 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

therapists healthy coping mechanisms plate sunny in philadelphia
mosquito pinnata blood
woman like bacon taste good slowly kill you cup
joe biden 81 million votes just not that many people
biden beach vacation ice cream mounting crises tidal wave
babylon bee pfizer vaccine almost safe for kids as getting covid

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet asia took husbands name didn’t want high school find again
tweet mathew named 3 dogs beetlejuice
tweet yard dad not going to make it in boss everything ok
tweet astead couple flight mile high club

Always Start with the Assumption the Media is Full of Shit

media whip immigration angles horse reins
tweet capitol police shot unarmed women border patrol mean face horses

As with the Trump “fine people” BS and other media-created myths, Dems will use the “border patrol whipping immigrants” lie for the rest of our lives.

Quote of the Day

quote stockbroker ed jones best investments biden ammunition food water generator

Random Thoughts of the Day

Since I work mostly from home, I personally don’t have to wear a mask. So when I rail against mask mandates, I’m mostly standing up for school kids and service employees forced to wear their muzzles 40+ hours per week. I won’t rehash all the negative physical and psychological effects of constant mask wearing, but I want to speak to a common liberal counter-argument, which is to say it’s a “minor inconvenience,” or people who don’t want to wear one are “crybabies.” First, I’d submit that the vast majority of people who use this argument rarely ever need to wear a mask themselves, and if the only time you need to wear a mask is when going grocery shopping or something, then physically, yes, it isn’t that big of deal. But this is about principle. The facemask has become a cult-like symbol of unquestioned obedience to the government, even when the politicians in charge bypass the Constitution to make their own rules. I would say to liberals, what if every time Trump spoke, you had to get down on your knees, bow, and pledge unconditional obedience? It really doesn’t hurt you physically to get on your knees for a few seconds, so don’t be such a crybaby!

The facemask stopped being about science or Covid long ago, if it ever was. As with other Covid restrictions, it’s now a forever thing unless we stop it. If you have doubts, answer me this, have you heard ONE government official give some end-game metric for when we can go back to normal? In other words, if we reach a milestone percent of vaccine or natural immunity, if positive cases drop below a daily number, or if any other tangible number is reached? There will ALWAYS be another excuse–not enough vaccinated, a new strain, winter is coming, etc. We’ve surpassed 18 months of life in Covidistan. If you’re not convinced this is forever, give me a time frame when you will change your mind — 2 years, 5 years, 10 years? Write a date down on paper. After we surpass that date and are still subject to a medical police state, maybe you can then face the truth?

facebook fact checkers protecting vaccinated from unvaccinated chalkboard
celebrities people should wear masks not us actors series of hypocrisy
masks do work manipulation tool control division illusion of safety
lucy charlie brown just get the vaccine you dont have to wear mask football

Message of the Day

message lion can watch mock block join me cannot stop me

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10-31 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

halloween 2020 full blue moon saturday daylight savings
herman munster married to vampire son is werewolf none of my business
one does not simply cancel halloween
the pillow election mainstream media trump smothered biden winner
babylon bee new york governor demands accountability whoever mismanaging cuomo
simpsons hunter joe biden scandal moe throws out another one
im not turning clock back sunday last thing 2020 needs is extra hour
cop stabbed philadelphia police about changing our current policy

Random Thoughts of the Day

Virtually every Democrat has whined about hypocrisy and unfairness in Amy Coney Barrett getting appointed to the Supreme Court in an election year. Never mind almost all of them said the exact opposite when Obama nominated Merrick Garland. Clearly, there is hypocrisy on both sides, but the system is really working as it’s designed — checks and balances. Barack Obama was able to get two far-left justices confirmed prior to 2016 (Sotomayor and Kagan). Those appointees, Obamacare, and other actions in his presidency led to a Republican red wave election in 2010 and the eventual takeover of the U.S. Senate. In other words, the American people were voting to STOP further Obama damage; it was a check to balance out Obama’s freedom-crushing power. Liberals are worried the new Supreme Court makeup will overturn Obamacare, but they wouldn’t be worried if it wasn’t so obviously unconstitutional. And it’s not as popular as the media likes to tout in occasional polls (which are about as reliable as election polls). Flashback to January 2010: Obamacare passed in the Senate in unfinished form with the understanding the House would fix its obvious flaws and send back. Democrats held a 60-seat filibuster-proof majority in the Senate, but this became 59 seats when Ted Kennedy died, so a special election was needed to fill his Massachusetts seat. In one of the most liberal states in the country, Republican Scott Brown won a stunning victory almost entirely on his promise to vote against Obamacare. Without that 60th vote, Obamacare had to go through in the flawed, half-baked state even most Democrats thought needed to be fixed.

Donald Trump’s election, along with the 2018 increase in Republican Senate seats, were both building on the desire of the American people to put a check on DC’s erosion of freedom, along with Supreme Court justices making laws rather than interpreting laws. Threats to “pack” the Supreme Court by adding justices completely undermines its legitimacy as both parties can do it when they’re in power. I’m thinking Trump should float the idea of adding 3 more justices now to increase the conservative majority even more. Maybe then the media/Democratic party will actually think through how ludicrous the court-packing idea is.

democrats republics 2016 vs 2020 supreme court nominations election year
amy coney barrett holding up us constitution for democrats dummies
lisa simpson supreme court political affiliation wouldnt matter if just did job constitution
supreme court justices 4 5 0 constitutional vs left activist

Cancel Culture Update

Liberal fascists can’t even tolerate a non-political post praising both liberal and conservative women.

tweet amy coney barrett girl scouts tweet deleted

Girl Scouts spark outrage with since-deleted post congratulating Amy Coney Barrett

Should We Make the Rest of the U.S. Like California?

new mandatory california guidelines masks thanksgiving halloween

Source: https://www.cdph.ca.gov/Programs/CID/DCDC/Pages/COVID-19/CDPH-Guidance-for-the-Prevention-of-COVID-19-Transmission-for-Gatherings-10-09.aspx

thanksgiving in california colorized 2020 big brother watching

Tweet of the Day

tweet jeff bezos could give each employee 105000 as much money as pre pandemic

Quote of the Day

quote trump calling me aoc is disrespect to women prefer pos ocasio cortez

Message of the Day

message if you dont control your mind someone else will


trump our best days are still ahead joe biden end is near signs

Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l_nYPm9-Y_M

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