07-21 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

reality anakin skyywalker darth vader linkedin profile
politically correct bathroom male female alien baby warrior just wash your hands
cup dont care color size sexual preference hate everyone
how world really ends black cat kim red button
teens bc gladiator training now called me he
sponge bob eventually deal national debt burning instrutions
girls boys time machine george lucas disney star wars
wrong correct enemy not rich use government control you
father died 911 muslims not responsible slavery white girl
asking deep philosophical questions dolphin friends family fleeing
zuckerberg threads throwing sunny philadelphia
pill liberals hunter biden laptop disinformation campaign
democrats porn house floor vs 8 year olds books

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet day away trump charged cocaine white house
tweet lia thomas antifa super soldier
tweet paul fauci crony kristian andersen covid lab escape email
reddit plan nuclear war employer work
tweet uber tech refuse pick up drunk whole point

CMT Is Begging for Bud Light Treatment

cmt try that in small town music video pulled

Here’s a link to the “offensive” video in question: Jason Aldean – Try That In A Small Town (Official Music Video)

BTW, what is really racist — the video that has ZERO references to race, or the leftist interpreters who’ve decided thuggish violence and destructive protests must be carried out by black people? 🤔

Oh, and as with the executives at Bud Light and Disney, I must ask the decision makers at CMT, who do you think your target customers are? 🙄

babylon bee aldean being against crime added list racist

New Meme Gallery Added

Joe Biden Meme Gallery 6

Quote of the Day

quote sowell americans wont appreciate america destroyed it suffer consequences

Message of the Day

message never mistake peace someone unskilled at war

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