10-02 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

baby yoda second guardian angel first one quit now in therapy
star wars force strong skywalker not jedi master council
excited for halloween had nipples rose mccowan
lisa simpson only time left speaks positively america illegal immigrants right to be part of
i support facial nudity unmask america tshirt
afghanistan leave no blame behind pat back joe biden
biden america no light at end of tunned powered wind farm
usa mexico one controlled narco terrorist drug cartels other mexico
homer simpson australia proof gun control works exactly as intended fortune cookie
presidents then now washington biden cant remember truth afghanistan
joe biden price is right 3.5 trillion 0 dollar bid
blinken blame trump biden betraying afghanistan soldiers taliban

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet druck ufo unidentified flying object dildo
tweet paulson question raising teenagers what the fuck
tweet bartlett social media more looking happy than being generation

Quote of the Day

quote aristotle only way avoid criticism do say be nothing

Message of the Day

message sometimes universe same situation see if youre still dumbass

Thought Police Going After Fundamental Libertarian Thinkers

tweet ron paul youtube channel banned

Should We Still Call It Deep State?

Liz Cheney’s Take on General Milley…Is Laughably Predictable

Should we really continue to use the term ‘deep state’? It’s not like these people even try to hide anymore. Cheney, Milley, Zuckerberg, Pelosi, Bezos, Gates, Dorsey, Soros, the Bush’s, the Clinton’s, the Obama’s, the Cuomo’s…and so on. We know exactly who makes up the Ruling Class characters and who their enablers are. They’re not only enemies of America but enemies of humanity. Trump, for all his faults, was brave enough to stand up to this force, which is why they used every weapon in their arsenal to destroy him. Whether we find another courageous leader again or not, we as citizens need to fight back against them by any means necessary.

usa uncle sam fortune teller read 1984

Deep State Meme Gallery

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