09-04 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

slight breeze trick treat michael myers coffee
stop slamming brakes cop pulled over severed head too busy for you
gene wilder downhill after gave charlie chocolate factory
dont post youlll stir the pot zip a dee cat
when inflation reduction act goes into effect higher price tags
joe biden make taliban great again ice cream
biden transfer phd debt to plumbers trump fascist
california bans sale gas cars uhaul ev
lizzo actual photo oppression in america
strawberry blueberry irs robbery

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet zuby not controversial world dumb refuse to go along
tweet department of education every metric worse 1980
tweet flu like virus abandon reason logic weaponize state collectivism

Quote of the Day

quote capitalism greatest standard of living evidence ayn rand

Trump Identifies Something Obvious for the Lapdog Media

As I’ve mentioned, I don’t believe Trump is best 2024 candidate, and nominating him is probably the only way we have another nail-biter election, but he states perfectly why the MAGA movement is such a threat as well as why the Divider-in-Chief has no business near the White House.

truth trump explain biden maga make america great again
tweet biden face of dangerous threat to america
tweet alley inclusive potus fascist
emperor palpatine galactic empire biden
babylon bee after wiping out half universe thanos calls for unity

Message of the Day

message facebook heroes risk jail everyday

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