05-20 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

overheard teens 90s classics oldies golden girls
goodbye beer pong battle shots
husband sawing branch need wife advice ask for it ladder
require id bank airport doctor bar school gun store not voting
regular weather fear porn map lower temperatures red
starbucks barista they them pronouns not tip 6 dollar coffee
hearing people say wwiii coming already here
who wore it better jill biden et
7th grade us government checks balances dictatorship now fcking lie
sandler women left ugly replaced with dudes mama said
doj ag garland burning constitution protect building its people
liberals happy fulfilled women mad at harrison butker right now

Quotes, Messages, Social Media Memes of the Day

rowling bitcoin explain central banking voldemort potter
x high school tried anonymous sources not allowed 9th grader not journalist
x alpha male vs beta butker travil kelce pfizer
x when left says authoritarian democracy dont like
x cnn debate preview biden ice cream trump racist transphobic insurrectionist
quote leftist proverb why need rights up to something
message made people watch loved ones die on factime no deals

Common Denominator of These Manufactured Speech Controversies

It almost every one of these fake outrage PC controversies, you don’t hear the actual remarks of the speaker in context, if at all. They just tell you what, in their interpretation, the speaker meant. You have to search hard to find the exact quotes in articles and social media posts since they know if you heard the actual words, you’d just roll you eyes, ask what the big deal is, and move on with your life. I guarantee you 95+ percent of the leftist whiners never actually read or heard Harrison Butker’s exact words in the speech. The job of so-called journalists and hired/programmed stir-the-pot social media posters is to create division and distraction. We all should know by now this is a standard operating procedure.

community notes kick in balls crap journalists used yo get away with

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