02-13 Politically Incorrect Daily

Random Thought of the Day

RINO Marco Rubio is now joining Bernie Sanders in attacking corporate stock buybacks. Stock buybacks are a simple way to return cash to shareholders in a way that improves future returns more than dividends. If a company buys back 5 percent of its stock, earnings per share immediately increases by slightly more than 5 percent, and future earnings are spread among a smaller amount of shares. Warren Buffett, who has built a $100 billion fortune from nothing, is one of the biggest proponents of timely buybacks. When government imposes higher corporate taxes, attacks buybacks, increases regulation, or takes other anti-capitalism measures, it stifles the ability of stockholders to earn decent returns. That doesn’t just affect the 1 percenters. It also affects anyone who directly or indirectly owns stock, including 401k’s, IRA’s, life insurance policies, pensions, college 529 plans, and so on. In America, even lower income individuals can become millionaires by discipline savings and stock market investing. By detracting from the ability of corporations to make money, Bernie, Marco, and other doofuses do nothing more than keep the lower/middle income classes from ever advancing.

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

bernie sanders dont always drink beer but when i do somebody elses xx
cory booker this is our world war 11 our moon shoot stop cow fars i love aco fartacus
politicians free stuff sign free cheese in mouse trap
technical difficulties please stand by figure out how to blame trump cnn cbs msnbc abc
how it feels to be a republican in college jedi attack of the clones
difference between putin and hillary clinton putin wins his rigged elections
ocasio cortez wants to ban airplanes and cow fars build bridge to hawaii far left applauds
trump called elizabeth warren pocahontas for being fake indian leftist he is racist

Taxes Are a Greater Burden Than You Realize

1 dollar double for 20 years millionaire taxed at 28 percent 71 thousand

Quote of the Day

db sweeney no risk for actor to stand up and say what everyone in room believes

Tweet of the Day

left has informed me i can choose my own gender im now first female president sorry hillary tweet

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