06-08 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

cables parents see switch hdmi 1 to 2
coffee cup brewed magical psychotic stabilizer
wife calm down overreacting guardian angels
if someone flirting with me need to say theyre nice
her castle in sky trailer stilts
sign indians turn in guns government will take care of you
aliens take to leader laugh at us
matrix what if told you gun control about control not guns
lemonade stand price increases war ukraine
calls police running stop sign red flag laws gun owners
bmw woke corporations stand for lgbtq but not in middle east
lets ban guns joe biden cheese grater midterms
sussman trial dc anti trump biden hillary shocked durham
all america now lgbt propaganda blaring horn

Coming Soon

asymptomatic monkey pox

Better get the shot and wear your mask so you don’t spread it to others. 🤔

CDC Raises Monkeypox Alert as Global Cases Surpass 1000

Keep in mind the ass clowns at the CDC are pushing masks for a mostly sexually-transmitted pox with 1000 cases worldwide out of a population of 7.75 billion.

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet politicians allowed riots want disarm you
tweet government witness protection cheaper easier
tweet 18 year old not mature enough to own gun 5 year old gender
tweet bassler firearms manufacturer doctor government left

Rules & Taxes Are Just for You Peasants

tweet eu exempt private corporate jets aviation tax

Climate Change & Global Warming Meme Gallery 2

What People with Common Sense and Deductive Reasoning Skills Suspected All Along

New Study: Mask Mandates Associated With INCREASED Covid Death Rate

Of course, we all know that no matter how scientifically sound the study, no matter how impeccable the credentials of the source, the media will NOT cover any story that goes against the Covid narrative, and Big Tech will use its Thought Police machinery to reduce the distribution. Expect mandates to creep back as midterm elections & winter approach.

cheer masks vaccines didnt work do it again
2 years passed still wearing mask mind control false security

Quote of the Day

quote plato those see beyond shadows lies culture never be understood they live

Message of the Day

message we mature with the damage not the years

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04-20 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

kids in bed forgot how to flirt quality wood
superman flash batman super pay to fck off trailer park
dogs human ok around dogs snappy people
remove star wars pajamas before sex stop being man
joe biden wheel build back better square
plane america left wing crash it out of contempt
joe biden inflation eating dollar
why cant facebook give emojis we really want maga
liberals tax carbon disincentivize carbon usage businesses
defund media kyle rittenhouse

Not a Babylon Bee Headline

headline washington post give elites bigger say choosing president

Washington Post Changes Headline After Getting Slammed for Accidentally Revealing How Liberals Really Think

Ruling Class-Appointed Whiner vs Real Businessman

I regularly have CNBC on in the background for my morning workout. I can tell you since Covid was first uttered in America, EVERY SINGLE DAY that he’s been on air, Andrew Sorkin has been pushing lockdowns, masks, censorship, and every kind of totalitarian control that can be spewed, on a “financial” channel of all places. Most corporate CEOs and other guests just go along with the politically-correct talking points. Finally, someone dishes back some obvious truth when discussing Twitter’s nosedive as a company. The mainstream media shills go into convulsions whenever someone gives an alternative viewpoint and brutal honesty. It says a lot that, until now, with Twitter -55% and Facebook -50% since the start of the Trump supporter purge, NOT ONE SINGLE TIME in the past 15 months have I heard a CNBC guest suggest that censorship may be the cause of social media stocks tanking. 🙄

cnbc sorkin kevin oleary twitter

WATCH: Kevin O’Leary Says Censorship Is Why Twitter Is at Bottom of Dante’s ‘Hell’

100 Percent Chance Democrats Will Oppose

desantis sign law felony multiple ballots prison fine

New Meme Gallery Added

Introverts and Anti-People Meme Gallery

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet need to go to liquor store kid not understand
tweet therapist said free therapy
tweet commercial have that toy medication

Will Never Let It Go

Psaki Tells Travelers to Continue Masking but Defends Ending Title 42
Breaking: DOJ Will Appeal Ruling Nixing Federal Mask Mandates

statue liberty slingshot face mask joe biden
tweet when over remember government rolled nothing back without courts

Message of the Day

tweet america sunk controversial ruling to breath freely

Quote of the Day

quote reagan governments first duty protect people not run lives

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Elon Musk Slams Mark Zuckerberg’s Control Over Meta
China’s Bitch: LeBron James ‘Raged’ to Fellow NBA Players About Daryl Morey’s Support for Hong Kong in 2019: Report
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04-14 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

sign watch my life backwards weight watchers success story
wife leggings bus pipe sign not notice
amazed humanity made it this far drinking sanitizer
we are human beans rice lettuce pray ramen
joe biden tnt southern border end title 42
ok living nation run by clowns
aliens season 2022 pandemic world war iii 2 episodes
moe throwing out gas station i did that bar
instead worrying musk spends money government spends yours biden schumer pelosi
sign open house title 42 expiration biden mayorkas
bird poops biden trump metal

OK, Now Do Facebook

elon musk offers to buy company transform private company

Elon Musk offers to buy Twitter, take it private

No Worries – It’s Only Two More Weeks 👌

Two More Weeks to Slow the Spread: CDC to Extend Federal Travel Mask Mandate

tweet flescher biden mask mandate transportation forever

Just a reminder: Airline CEOs and unions sent a letter to Biden a month ago asking for the removal of the mandates. Extending the mandates makes ZERO scientific sense, but we all know, they were never about real science.

My wife and I are currently watching the series Dopesick on Hulu. It talks about the spread of opioid abuse, centered around the drug Oxycontin. Its use exploded around the world largely due to the fact doctors were sold with the promise that less than 1% became addicted, even with long-term prescribed use at ever-increasing dosages. The 1% claim was based on the Porter Jick Study from the New England Journal of Medicine. The study was later repeatedly cited in secondary studies and taught in every medical school in the country. The FDA stamped their approval largely based on this study. After it became clear reality was not matching promises, the Attorney General’s office tried to track down the study. Despite its prevalence, no one could find it on the web. After weeks of investigation, they finally found the so-called “research study.” It was actually a letter to the magazine only a few lines long. A scientist had observed only 1% of a small group of hospitalized patients had become addicted in a highly-controlled environment. Obviously, this was nowhere near the real world where dosages varied, where prescriptions were given for every kind of pain including headaches, where pills could be shared or stolen, and where drug users could snort or inject the medication (unlike it’s intended time-release design).

The reason I mention this in regards to mask mandates is that it’s easy to cherry pick any research that gives you the result you want. The CDC says masks protect us from Covid based on a couple tiny studies in highly controlled environments that can’t possibly simulate all the conditions of the real world. Have you or anyone you know examined these CDC studies? Can you even find them? Has any politician or “journalist” dug up the original research? What does your common sense tell you about real world use of masks? Has it lived up to ANY of the promises of the so-called research? This is why critical thinking skills are so important nowadays, and why the Ruling Class fights so hard to keep the population from developing them.

25 Arguments Against Perpetual Mask Mandates for Covid
CDC Tells New York Times It Hid Covid Data For Political Reasons

One more note on Oxycontin: The FDA gave its “safety” approval for long term use of the drug at high doses, meaning in today’s Big Tech censorship world, you could be banned or fact-checked if you tried to share stories of abuse, overdosing, or death. The mainstream media would be ridiculing such people as nuts spreading “misinformation” on the web. Now imagine the government mandated use of the drug for any patient suffering pain, with no-liability legal protection for the pharma companies. Now imagine that any doctors who recommended natural alternative remedies (such as physical therapy, meditation, or anti-inflammatory diets) could lose their medical license. Say the words: TRUST THE SCIENCE! If the government says it’s true, then it must be true!

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet china torturing killing western government wont condemn
tweet 18 year olds huge loans party high school friends blue collar pay college debt
tweet shoutout parents tomboy phase without puberty blockers
tweet dont say gay black lives matter fake slogans division distraction

Quote of the Day

quote to ban guns criminals conduct depends on guilty spooner

Message of the Day

message sign dont live with regret get margarita

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