03-17 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

guy who bought tom brady last td ball
breaking bad gas jessie walter white
help wanted sign gentleman’s club twerk
book how stick people became extinct
donation 14 billion ukraine name clark griswold check
michele buggin russia me watching own shady government
joe biden soviet superhero save america constitutional rights
raise hand said fjb fck joe biden buying gas groceries
trump who built bio labs biden fauci obama
farley love of god everything biden touches turns to sht
receipt gas pump forget experience office
babylon bee biden assures america buck stops with putin
screens at gas pumps porn see others getting fcked

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet simon tom brady kids minecraft
tweet spring forward daylight savings monday 4pm
tweet petrol money taxi meter friends

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

irish text st patricks one more pint wife if not home read text again
lucky charms offensive to irish just kidding not offended by jack shit not pussies

I Can’t Keep Track Anymore

Misinformation, disinformation, hate speech, racism, fake news, conspiracy theorist, science denier, Russian propaganda repeater….I can’t keep track anymore of whatever the current rhetoric is to censor and attack anyone who questions the latest Ruling Class narrative. ANYTHING except responding with logic & reason like rational, intelligent adults.

anything challenges sanitized reality russian propaganda childrens book

Now 15 Months into Biden’s “Just 100 Days, Not Forever” Mask Mandate

Senate Votes to Remove Mask Mandates on Public Transportation

The Senate vote was 57-40, including several Democrats who are up for re-election. RINO king Mitt Romney was predictably the only “Republican” who voted to keep the mandate in place. Not that it matters, as we don’t live in a democracy anymore. Executive orders and unchecked dictates from unelected government bureaucrats now rule the day.

covid facemask not ready accept everything lie
rand paul fauci guillotine facemask

Quote of the Day

quotes robin williams politicians should wear nascar jackets sponsors

Message of the Day

message in cult brainwash people think for themselves

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01-29 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

false true right way to answer t f questions
student professor text photo of homework
political beliefs simple should government
m&m identity as organic low cal nutrious non binary potato
sm see youre into pain suffering biden harris
vaccination sets me free passport face shield endless boosters
cavemen ban fire before someone gets hurt first liberals
even broken clock right twice day joe biden one
nancy pelosi military secure borders ukraine

They Must Control EVERYTHING

tweet biden regulate cryptocurrency national security

Don’t think for a second they want to “regulate” cryptocurrencies. They want to DESTROY them! They threaten their whole Modern Monetary Theory (MMT) operating procedure. The endless spending & printing of dollars doesn’t work if other fiat currencies gain a foothold, especially ones for which the governments of the world have no control. Expect the U.S. government to work with the SEC, their Big Tech buddies, and their megacap corporate cohorts to do everything in their power to discredit & destroy cryptocurrencies.

“Science” Update

tweet israel quad vks mask mandates world record case rates

Also notice who is #2 on the list–that’s right, the lockdown/mandate Covid prison island itself, the same one who just prevented antibody-stocked, super healthy tennis star, Novak Djokovic, from entering their Covid utopia.

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet zuby stop calling unvaccinated not dangerous new species weapon to divide dehumanize
tweet no covid climate voting crisis corruption tyranny economic
tweet coleman release figures how many lives saved supermarket arrows
tweet biden walker black terrorist racist bring people together
tweet pcr test couldnt tell flu from covid19

Quote of the Day

quote ricciadelli surround make mistakes admit

Message of the Day

message lions surround yourself same mission
message truck convoy this what fighting freedom looks like

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01-23 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

mood always sleep sign wake for food
florida never disappoints coinstar rare coins
gynecologist steps away undress also
uhaul running out of trucks leaving california
america world bullies metric system uses for bullets
watching show fun things to do lady religious channel sins
joe biden presidential portrait year 1 inflation covid filibuster
pelosi schumer riding to tyranny manchin sinema white supremacists

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet kfc not changing oil 1 beyond chicken order per day
tweet dissassociate fall america dog hats amazon
tweet cdc price is right saltines couch
tweet covid not breaking bad greys anatomy

Random Thoughts of the Day

The CDC needs to release a weekly report of the new guidelines and scientific “discoveries” that are almost word-for-word what got many doctors & scientists banned from the Web 6-12 months prior. I notice the Big Tech Censorship Police aren’t reinstating any of these accounts after the thought criminals are proven right. 🤔

Frank Luntz is a commentator the media loves to bring on to express voter sentiment since he’s a good talker and supposedly runs unbiased focus groups. This despite the fact he’s regularly 5-10 points off on his election predictions. I heard him yesterday and thought he seemed as clueless as the rest of the mainstream media talking heads. He droned on about inflation as the #1 issue that would flip the House & Senate to Republicans in November. Inflation is no doubt a big issue, but he didn’t even mention Covid tyranny in his analysis. Hello, Frank…did you follow ANY of the recent Virginia and New Jersey elections? Do you really think the electorate flipped 10-15 points to Republicans because of inflation, an issue, I’m sorry to say, the Republicans probably won’t do much better on as long as the Fed keeps on churning trillions on the electronic printing press? Even Comrade Andrew Sorkin from CNBC challenged him on this. Of course, as the ivory tower liberal Sorkin is, he was most concerned with pointing out how the peasants were too stupid to understand the Fed’s impact on inflation, and how could Biden change that perception? Luntz naturally agreed that Biden’s biggest challenge the next 9 months is “educating” the hicks on why Biden is blameless on inflation…as well as every other fuck-up of the past year.

One thing the Ruling Class will always be a master of is naming things exactly the opposite of what they do — the Affordable Care Act, the Voting Rights Act, Black Lives Matter, and so on. Not only do these names cover up what they actually do, but it opens up easy attack lines whenever someone opposes them? What, you oppose affordable health care? You don’t support voter rights? You don’t think black lives matter?

I would say we’re maybe 1-2 months away from mask mandates changing again. Instead of just requiring face coverings, the Covid gestapo will insist on N95 masks or stronger. Don’t expect Lord Fauci, the CDC, Biden, Big Tech censors, the mainstream media, school boards, or any other Covidistan propagandists to admit they were wrong about their obedience face diaper recommendations. I don’t expect the N95 change will curtail Covid spread, but it’s guaranteed to make the poor saps forced to wear them even more miserable.

plandemic scam fauci variants forced shutdowns fear nwo reset
biden agenda midterms wheels on bus off voting inflation bbb
cnn reliable sources misinformation
tweet johnstone tech censorship algorithms no one hears you

Quotes of the Day

pfizer ceo misinformation vaccines criminals biden not going to get covid
quote klaus schwab own nothing be happy

Message of the Day

message empty shelves food runs out still have each other

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