08-18 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

doing this nothing barbeque
young stephen king how spent summer vacation
young two ways to die talking back to parents
government false promises education healthcare entitlements stealing money
conspiracy theorist not wrong last 3 years call experts
minorities incapable photo id racist liberal democratic party
get them buy electric cars double price electricity
hunter biden testify 30 hours senate intelligence like trump jr
beverly hillbillies joe biden tweaker commies hoe
climate change net zero means zero for peasants
kevin mccarthy not sure enough evidence impeach biden buried
joe biden for sale not the car
babylon bee wayne brady comes out needing attention

Keep Following That Bernie Economics 👍

just like that 15 dollars hour doesnt buy sht

Social Media Posts of the Day

x husband not apologizing way acted in dreams
x child live mommy daddy forever heartwarming threat
x husband cat not hungry bored

When Socialists/Communists Tell You We Need Government to Run Everything

who radicalized public housing garden grow food
kids science swingset blocked off
government poisoned alcohol prohibition

Quote of the Day

quote murrow nation sheep government wolves

Message of the Day

message overmedicated undereducated how they want us

It Gets Tougher Every Day Not to Develop New Conspiracy Theories

Anyone hear of ANY celebrity homes destroyed in the Maui fires? How long before the wildfires are used as an excuse to declare “climate emergencies,” complete with new government powers and reduced rights? 🤔

Celebs are shellacked for responses to Maui disaster

hawaii governor state acquiring land destroyed in fires
maui climate agenda burn and be happy
pelletier maui vegas shooting chief

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