11-25 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

looks are a 1 personality memes 8 basically im a 10
adding lime drink 97% vodka i am healthcare
purpose of meme disturb humorless humor the disturbed
good morning 1980s neighbors coming to america f you too
my government buys things my money then its free liberal
never had mommy daddy money work ass off or dont have money
cnn msnbc abc cbs hear see speak want no truth monkeys
people against voter id wanted you to show vaccine papers
constitution rules for government laws regulations for people
liberal woman cant find masculine men not conservative
trust javier milei no watch libs lose their minds yes
tim cook slave to china apple pull ads x unsavory people

Social Media Posts of the Day

x spooky story turn on intenet scream at you
x girlfriend dumping add profile netflix
x rob reiner roseanne barr vote for biden trump rfk

Quote of the Day

quote coolidge no justification public interference purely private concerns

Message of the Day

message will always be cowards choose safety promised by tyrants

If You’re Getting McAfee Popup

It’s come to my attention that a few of you have received a popup McAffee spoof when visiting this website. I haven’t been able to pinpoint where this is coming from. I’ve installed several malware plugins that haven’t found anything on the site itself, so I suspect it may be something with the Internet Service Provider or WordPress. It’s harmless if you just close the site and return to our website.

I received the spoof popup and was able to remove it by clearing the cookies for just the politicallyincorrecthumor.com website. Please try this for the broswer you use. I’ve put some links below that have instructions.

How to Clear Cookies for a Specific Site – Chrome/Firefox/Safari/Opera

Clear cookies in Safari on Mac

Here are some screen print examples of doing this by clicking the padlock by the website address in Chrome:

chrome cookies site data delete

You can also change settings to block popups & redirects:

chrome site settings block

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