07-07 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

cdc spin wheel coronavirus masks surfaces transmitted through air
thought police sponsored by starbucks target blm chokeholds for conservative facebook sites
that was statue of abolitionist destroy history maybe we should defund public education
considered selling weapons back to government background check buyer mentally unstable history of violence
find difference two images us womens soccer team sheep kneeling for national anthem
joe biden trump reformed crime bill increased black funding historically low unemployment obama didnt racist
do black police victims conservatives store owners abortion no 2 criminals shot by police
biden 2020 cnn msnbc ny times npr ignore racist remarks ukraine spygate byrd holding up
dogs on 5th of july explosions changes you guns rocket launcher

Castrated, Woke PC Corporation Update

Colin Kaepernick, Disney Announce Partnership Deal

Tweet of the Day

tweet adam corolla government sent billions stimulus same one you want solving health care racism economy

Quote of the Day

quote orwell tear down statues who controls past controls future present past

Message of the Day

message china spread the disease democrats lies media panic to destroy president remember in november

The More You Know

class 2 medical facemask sheetrock microns compared to coronavirus

Question of the Day

question can someone please explain why syrup books statues logos not racist obama president

Random Thoughts of the Day

During my first history course in college, we immediately learned the difference between “primary sources” and “secondary sources”. Primary ones are original communications that took place at the time the history occurred–speeches, writings, art, video, and so on. Secondary sources are interpretations and summaries made by other people describing the history taking place. You can probably guess which sources are more reliable. If you’re examining primary sources, you’re using your own judgement to learn & interpret the historical event. With secondary sources, information is subject to the biases, double standards, corruption, and inaccuracies of the people doing the interpreting.

Nowadays, Americans receive almost all their information from secondary sources, including events taking place in modern times, which explains why so much of the nation has a distorted view of events. Students get their history information from communist-leaning/anti-capitalist textbooks and professors. Citizens get their current information from a Trump-hating corrupt media. EVERY DAY during the Trump presidency there have been multiple hit pieces that distort news involving Trump, usually involving some quote that is clipped out of context. Fair-minded people will find the whole quote and quickly see how dishonest the secondary sources of the media are.

Take for example his recent Independence Day speech at Mt. Rushmore. Virtually every mainstream media source called it divisive, dark, racist, scary, etc. If you relied on these biased, distorted secondary sources for information, you may believe it. Now examine a primary source and read the actual transcript of the speech. Do you agree with the media’s assessment?

cnn double standards obama trump mount rushmore visits
president trumps mount rushmore speech only divisive if you hate america change my mind
quote there is a new far left fascism demands absolute allegiance censorship
babylon bee cnn includes trigger warning before footage of trump speech mount rushmore

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07-02 Politically Incorrect Daily

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believe in something nike even if gets facebook jail 30 days just post it
pigeons save our statues sign
petty you see bubba wallace when you pull down on rope garage door closes
the purge election year guns mcclusky couple
fauci 1st amendment freedom to assemble require doctors permission
joe biden completes a sentence you did it you crazy son of a bitch
wearing mask staying 6 feet because government told you glad didnt say suck a dick
like being black nice like being white racist
babylon bee we cant just overturn precedent says supreme court justice
just in case youre wondering rest of 2020 next five months spell jason
government americans should have 3 months saved up also national debt clock

Math Lesson

A math example on testing availability:

Month 1: 1000 actual cases, 100 tests conducted, 5% positive rate = 5 total cases by official CDC totals
Month 2: 100 actual cases, 2000 tests conducted, 5% positive rate = 100 total cases by official CDC totals

So actual cases are 1/10th what they were, but official totals show an “increase” of 5 to 100.


And we now know from antibody tests and asymptomatic positive cases the survival rate is over 99.9%, even factoring in the nursing home debacles that accounted for almost half of cases.

Translation: don’t believe the media bullshit. Let’s go back to our normal lives and get to herd immunity.

south park its over stan covid is here soon only 99.98 percent of us will remain

Adventures in Government Screwups

Coronavirus: IRS Sent Stimulus Checks to 1 Million Dead People

I’m sure there will be 0 problems though when we have mail-in voting. 👌

Should We Be Surprised?

maduro venezuela blm founder picture together

Tweet of the Day

tweet removing aunt jemima keeping high fructose corn syrup liberal hollow symbolic gestures

Quote of the Day

quote first epidemic in history accompanied by social network brainwashed entire populations fear hysteria

Question of the Day

question which of these loves america the most trump supporters or fiden tear down statues

Don’t Question, Just Comply

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06-23 Politically Incorrect Daily

New Meme Gallery Added

Just for Fun 7 Meme Gallery

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

you can leave 5000 dollars unattended will get every time if m and ms your fault
entering lockdown politically apathetic leaving libertarian wine explosion
what i thought 2020 would be like futuristic actual explosions uber eats
mother just informed me first sex party gender reveal
tar feather the truth academia anybody else want to disagree with left wing mob
racism explained for dummies white brown egg same on inside
black privilege when you can make up hate crime blame on white trump supporters no charges jussie smollett
lucky charms offensive to irish just kidding not offended by jack shit not pussies
babylon bee washington post calls on patriots to rename offensive

Tweet of the Day

tweet system racism is when college application is openly treated differently depending on box you check

Quote of the Day

quote joe biden cannot let this civil war pandemic second fiddle
ralphie oh boy my biden wtf are you saying decoder ring

Message of the Day

message did people dark ages know our ability to examine ideas discuss hold beliefs regressed to medieval levels

Random Thought of the Day

Pay attention to the wording used by mainstream media outlets when covering a story. Almost always, the reporters use the exact same words to cover the narrative of the day. For example, when the U.S. passed 100,000 deaths according to CDC totals, EVERY mainstream media outlet–NY Times, Fox News, CNN, MSNBC, Wash Post, ABC, etc.–said the country passed a “grim milestone today.” Now, the U.S. is facing a “spike in cases” of covid. Reporters thinking independently could use an infinite number of phrases to cover the story: “increase in cases”, “faster rate of corona cases”, “reversal in growth rate”, etc. However, the stories are covered almost word-for-word the same way. What does that tell you? Are media reporters independently stumbling on the same stories, or are they just reciting whatever brainwashing instructions have been given to them for the day?


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