03-08 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

note hit your car but pretending write info people watching hope you fix
life goal become rich and stay antisocial
tim allen me in quarantine coming back to work
aliens put marvin martian helmet on earthlings
march of tyranny left right next time vote republican democrat
mr biden tear down this dc wall ronald reagan
i offended you so weak mere words hurt you
line for unemployment dr seuss coke polar bear mr potato head cancel culture
great joe biden back to normal womens transgender athletes
andrew cuomo admit sexual harrassment will forget killing old people
family no masks neanderthal thinking
spaceship free thinking sick of bullshit take us now
mainstream media ignoring biden covid stories abc cnn cnbc cns nbc

The Type of Post That Becomes Outdated at Warp Speed

national debt today 28 trillion

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet hollard one minute young next kids ask for history help alive in 1900s
tweet raw motherhood getting good first grade math
tweet kimberly klacik 1400 check 2 trillion stimulus

Quote of the Day

quote mike rowe lending money dont have train kids for jobs dont exist

Message of the Day

message reason you dont know lied to brainwashed

Random Thoughts of the Day

Biden Signs Executive Order Aimed at Expanding ‘Voter Access’
Crenshaw: Democrats Are Cementing the Most Problematic Voting Practices of the 2020 Election

I remember a scene in the movie The Sting starring Paul Newman and Robert Redford. Newman is playing a high-stakes game of poker with Lonnigan, the mark against whom they want revenge. Lonnigan switches decks and fixes the hand so Newman gets four 3s while he deals himself four 9s. After both sides raise the bet to everything they have, Lonnigan lays down his 9s. Newman then lays down four Jacks. Lonnigan is forced to pay the money and later rants to a friend, “What was I supposed to do, call him for cheating better than me in front of the others?!” Because of the way Democrats cheated in 2020 and the way they’re putting in place new voting/election procedures, this movie will be a good metaphor for future elections. Establishment Republicans will eventually realize their only way to beat the fixed Democrat system is to cheat better than them.

It shouldn’t be that difficult to ensure a fair voting system. You just need some kind of picture & address verification plus neutral auditors, poll watchers, and vote counters. Democrats oppose EVERY SINGLE common sense control to ensure fair, honest, accurate voting. And we all know why. I definitely am not in favor of opposing parties cheating in response; it’s simply what I expect to happen. Democrats don’t care though as they have some pocket aces…the mainstream media and Big Tech. If Republicans or Libertarians cheat, you can bet they’ll be exhaustive investigations, and everything possible will be done to expose the cheaters. If Democrats cheat, well, we’ve seen the result of the 2020 election–story blackouts and massive tech censorship of anyone who provides fraud evidence or even suggests it might be possible!

hr 1 party rule democrat election fixing
sponge bob we did fair election ballot harvesting dead people voting typos
imagine president trump so popular ban from web manufactur votes lie impeach

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01-23 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

here it clearly shows sex more important than meal watching porn more important than running for life
nurse shot boob sometimes admit time to retire
white privilege being called racist from people that only see your color
biden voter clown juggling covid election rigging
babylon bee trump critized denouncing incoming adminstration instead of spying obama
joe biden plan make america california blackout socialism high gas
carving statue already offended tear it down
how left wins arguments fact trump supporter free stuff maga censored
biden arrives in dc chinese handler behind him
joe biden violating own executive order masks

Extension of the American Communist Democratic Party

trump gone cnn removes covid death toll counter
npr covid death rate comparisons before after joe biden inauguration

I’m sure “official” Covid cases & deaths will now fall dramatically, and vaccine distribution will suddenly be fast and efficient. BTW, how do you know the vaccine was or wasn’t already being distributed quickly under Trump? You don’t.
It’s simply the narrative created by the media pre-inauguration. There is no such thing as news or journalism in America anymore. It’s all about the mainstream media, Deep State, and tech billionaire oligarchs deciding what will be the talking points each week.


DC Swamp-Appointed Judges Aren’t a Check-and-Balance

Federal Judge Barbara Jacobs Rothstein Dismisses Parler’s Bid to Make Amazon Restore Services. In the history of antitrust law, has there EVER been a more obvious political, coordinated, collusive hit job on a company? Why even have antitrust laws if not to fight back against the exact intent of the laws?

babylon bee skynet private company can do what it wants

College “Free Speech” Summarized in One Poster

college free speech wall see for approval

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet john cardillo problem red state voters staying home
tweet tom woods nationwide crackdown free speech biden unity image of future

Quote of the Day

quote government of the dc swamp shall not perish from the earth

Message of the Day

lisa simpson inciting violence empty buzzword people responsible for own actions

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01-08 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

wooden woman no bra duck shooting hunter
like to cancel subscription to 2021 ran 7 day trial not interested
literally anything government mainstream media says about anything me doubting
everyone freaking out 2021 2020 won 2022 too hes right
senators stop using gender specific pronouns what about big brother
1999 movie dick nixon drive in signs
joe biden kamala harris shut up obey stole election fair and square
big game yesterday patriots vs stealers
bobulinskis cellphones now safe in fbi hands never hear about again hammer phone
excuse me maam fear cough new normal accepted mainstream media lord savior

Random Thoughts of the Day

I don’t support political violence, not because I give a shit about slimy politicians or other members of the Deep State, but simply because it’s usually innocents that end up bearing the brunt of the suffering. For example, the storming of the Capitol building this week was fought off by innocent DC police simply doing their jobs, most of whom were likely Trump supporters themselves. Also, the media will do what they always do–cherry pick the worst scenes and then put them on repeat for several months to paint all 74 million Trump supporters as violent & irrational. Good luck finding a single member of the mainstream media who looks for underlying causes of the pent-up anger. Everything I’ve seen or read so far has used this incident to portray all Trump supporters as crazy zombies simply following commands from a president the mainstream media hate. The same people who can find subconscious racism in a cop shooting an armed suspect can’t see the slightest hint of voter fraud, media bias, tech censorship, Democrat dishonesty & corruption, fascist violation of civil liberties, and all the other things that have boiled anger to a point not seen since 1861.

peaceful protests blm trump supporters worst day american history
tweet told you jesse kelly level of anger
cnn just property damage omg breaking things call national guard
leftists in 2020 compared to 2021 trump blm
quotes kamala harris maxine watters nancy pelosi calling for protests

In Case You Don’t Understand These Memes

they live conform blm obey joe biden kamala harris masks

Younger people may not understand these alien subliminal message memes. They’re from a cheesy 1980s science fiction movie named They Live, maybe more metaphorically true than ever before.

Social Media Post of the Day

tweet upstate federalist if you think government will give all clear normal

Quote of the Day

quote ronald reagan evil is powerless if good are unafraid

Message of the Day

97 percent of scientists agree with those who fund them

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