02-20 Politically Incorrect Daily

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dog ancestry results 3 percent scandinavian
open trunk cop stick figures
hbo changing name every 6 months office max go now
how to calm down trans woman calm down sir
liberal npc mask need peer reviewed study source agree with self evident fact
hollywood celebrity million dollar mansion lecture working man
house mayorkas border security truck impeached
false politifact truth president more one hour jean pierre white house
avengers women written by men scarlett johanson by woman shehulk fani
babylon bee biden cant remember time history memory failed

Why I No Longer Read/Watch the “News”

This has been a DAILY occurrence for the last 8+ years. Yes, I believe you can pick ANY of the last 2500 days at random and find this pattern….

Step 1: Scan headlines, read “Trump said/did so-and-so showing he’s evil/racist/sexist/heartless/etc…..”

Step 2: Look up exactly what he said/did in the full context. Realize it’s nothing like described in the headline and represents the thinking of 70+ percent of the country.

Step 3: Hate and distrust the corrupt media even more.

rachel maddow msnbc does matter what trump says what we tell you he meant
cnn media don lemon cherry picked stories manipulate
trump book triggered yell prove your point

Only the Narrative Matters

x holden armenta kansas city shooter underage
x kc shooter underage sandmann rittenhouse

Social Media Posts of the Day

x zuby 2020 2021 events dystopian novel rejected unrealistic incoherent people never that stupid
x conspiracy theorists most intelligent people on earth discredit

Quote of the Day

quote heinlein us place mistaken entertainers athletes people of importance

Message of the Day

lesson monopoly dollar us currency difference believe one has value

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01-17 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

shopping before it snows ramen noodles jack daniels
sponge bob make a joke psychologist writing it down
sirianni philadelphia tampa fan sign eats plant based cheesesteak
biden 2024 doj fbi big tech ms media big guy racism ukraine
gun american roulette wars debt borders two tiered justice
wizard of us all knowing academia left wing ideology
hillary clinton ratting me out bill offing me bed

dont need brain anymore woke now
covid general fauci nose growing 6 foot rule

Message of the Day

quote seneca two types men achieve criticize afterwards

Social Media Posts of the Day

x bill belicheck interview atlanta falcons overcame long odds
x hangover sponsored by three kids
x nikki haley celebrating 3rd place finish iowa

Big Brother Has Decreed You Must Not Hear Trump & Vivek

x rachel maddow censoring trump victory speech
x trump cnn msnbc victory speech censoring

This is no different than censorship of Covid, global warming, “far right” political/media organizations, and so much more. You’re NOT ALLOWED to hear alternative viewpoints. This is why no matter what happens 40 percent of the country remains brainwashed. They live in a carefully-constructed reality. If you see any tidbits from alternative voices like Vivek and Trump, they will always be clipped out of context and heavily distorted so they can be discredited, attacked, and ridiculed.
rachel maddow msnbc does matter what trump says what we tell you he meant

The Magic of Compound Interest

headline cnbc deficit yellen biden quarter

If you ever take a finance/investment class, one of things they drill into you is the magic of compound interest. This is the idea that money grows geometrically since you not only earn interest on the intial amount but also on the interest itself. For example, if you have $1000 to start and earn 10%, you end the year with $1100. In year 2, however, you earn 10% on the original $1000 plus 10% on the $100 you made last year. Thus, you make $110 total to compound to $1210. In year 3, you earn $121 in interest, and so on. At the end of 30 years, you’d have $17,449. That’s $16,449 you’ve earned compounded onto your original $1000.

If you add in an additional $1000 savings at the end of each year, your ending amount grows to $181,943! That’s the magic of compound interest. Of course, the annual interest rate makes a big difference. If you only earn 5 percent, instead of $17,449 and $181,943, you’d only have $4,322 and $70,761, respectively, but the same principle holds–the numbers can grow staggeringly large over time. Expanding this example, $1000 initially + $1000 per year at 10% would grow to $1.28 million in 50 years and $14 million over 75 years. Keep in mind, this is only from adding $1000 per year. See the magic?

What is not emphasized enough is that this compounding works the same for debt. If you never pay off the principle, you not only have to pay interest on the original debt but also interest on the additional interest. This snowballs even more when your taking on additional debt outside of the interest due. See any connection to our government? America already is spending over 13% of all expenses on interest alone–more than Medicare and almost as much as defense. Interest costs will easily surpass everything else in a few years. As mentioned in the examples above, interest rate makes a big difference. Consider that Trump refinanced much of the debt when government securities were paying less than 1%. Once those expire, they’ll have to be refinanced at much higher current rates. Check out this graph showing how annual interest paid has grown in recent years to the $659 billion it is now. Notice the slight dip with Trump’s refinancing followed by the monsterous slope upwards through the Biden administration. Unsustainable is not a sufficient enough term to describe the path we’re on.

Pick wherever you think the government should redirect spending–education, the border, social security, national defense, health care, tax cuts, etc.–all will have less money available. At a certain point, the only solution feasible is to devalue the currency even more, meaning hyperinflation. It’s not like this is a new thing. We’ve had plenty of examples from history such as Germany’s Weimar Republic, or more current examples like Turkey and Venezuela. I cannot emphasize this enough–government spending is the #1 THREAT to the future of the United States! Nothing else is even close. The Biden Administration hasn’t tried in the least to rein in spending. If the Republican Party can’t stop this trainwreck, there really is no point to their continued existence.

gold bars buy average home 1920 2023
democrats republicans socialists disagree how to spend my money change my mind

Quote of the Day

quote ron paul nation obey experts without question tyranny

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01-10 Politically Incorrect Daily

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jealous toddlers lack social norms someone dont like scream nooo
texts im horny trumpet band
kids piss me off again play duct duct tape
new season black mirror watching news
old people paid social security whole life money reduced to atoms
republicans democrats money national security ukraine border
sign ban hate speech precise speech i hate
want to be shocked teachers unions university presidents
mainstream media gay trans chart driven to violence hate crime
biden called maga extremists bain power over me
babylon bee mayor adams crossing off inscription statue liberty immigrants
ask whoopi goldberg been to epstein island predator
women shaping star wars 10 years make about gender

Message of the Day

message hate government different ruler i rule me

Make Sure to Keep Paying Your Taxes 👍

x vivek california cover sex changes illegals

The Drip, Drip Hit Pieces Continue

x mollie musk wsj story drug use

If you watch CNBC or consume any other business mainstream media source, you probably noticed a regularly occuring stream of hit pieces on Elon Musk the past 1-2 years. This stupid drug use story is just the latest. It’s been reported every 30 minutes the past two days by the obedient, leftist tools on CNBC. They didn’t care in the least 5-10 years ago when Musk was smoking pot on air during interviews, but now that he is a roadblock to the leftist speech monopoly and Establishment government control, he must be destroyed. The drip-drip of manufactured “news” stories is psychologically designed to teach viewers/readers to hate the target. They’ve done the same thing to Trump for 8+ years, which is why so many liberals need to be committed to insane asylums for Trump Derangement Syndrome. The pattern should be familiar as it’s applied to every new enemy of the State & Big Censorship–Tulsi Gabbard, Joe Rogan, RFK Jr, Rand Paul, Aaron Rodgers, and so on.

Speaking of Rodgers, Jimmy Kimmel’s angry rantings the past week bring the Han Solo line to mind, “I must have hit pretty close to the mark to get her all riled up like that, huh?” Compulsive liars (e.g., Bill Clinton) love to play the angry, righteous card when confronted on their BS. If you listen to the full Rodgers interview, be basically made a joke about Kimmel without directly accusing him of anything regarding Epstein. What, Jimmy can’t take a joke about something unproven that may hurt someone’s reputation? As if his entire profession isn’t built around this type of thing? Kimmel has dedicated the past 10 years to using so-called comedy to lie, distort, and ridicule any enemies of the State, Big Pharma, and leftist free speech control. This includes some of the most dishonest, distorted, cherry-picked attacks on Aaron Rodgers, himself. Kimmel is one of the most despicable creatures in the Entertainment world, and he as much as anyone is responsible for a hate-filled, divided nation.

Isn’t it interesting how the leftists switch their allegiances based on political ideology. They’ve forgiven Kimmel’s hyper-sexist past (including The Man Show), while now hating their former favorite person in the world, Elon Musk. It makes you wonder where their true principles lie? 🤔

leftists trump is racist also fallon kimmel silverman stern behar northam trudeau black face
celebrities making fun of aaron rodgers when he does back jimmy kimmel

Jimmy Kimmel Continues Trending Feud With Former QB Aaron Rodgers’ Calling Him ‘Hamster-Brained’ & Insults His Intelligence For Not Graduating Community College

BTW, don’t you love how celebrities regular attack the intelligence of Enemies of the State because they don’t have some official degree from an accredited indoctrination center, as if they themselves are brainiacs for repeating lines off a teleprompter? Have they heard there are other ways to educate yourself outside of government-run institutions, such as a giant network of computers called the “Internet,” or square things with words called “books?” I’m so sick of hearing the past few years that someone is stupid and “spreading misinformation” simply for asking honest questions on obvious topics. If you listen to any unedited, non-cherry-picked Rodgers interview, you’d see he’s never claimed to be some science authority, nor make definitive medical claims. All he’s done is point out discrepancies, questions, overwhelmingly-proven lies, and reasons why he distrusts Covid talking points. Oh, and Mr. trained-monkey-cue-card-reader Kimmel, maybe examine Aaron’s academic record a little closer. Not only was he a straight-A student, he scored in the 96th percentile in the NFL’s Wunderlic intelligence test. He only went to Community College to prove his NFL ability, and he left Cal early after it became clear he’d be a 1st round pick. It’s almost like Kimmel is trying to distort the truth. 🤔 Regardless of the QB’s education or intelligence, it doesn’t take a genius to see through the gaslighting bullshit of the last few years. And condescending leftist POS’s like Kimmel just can’t help themselves from looking down on community college, trade school, and self-educated individuals, as well as everyone else who doesn’t fit into their Hollywood/Ivy League/blue blood spoiled, elitist world.


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Social Media Posts of the Day

x 50 years no one remember jimmy kimmel 4 time mvp rodgers
x jimmy kimmel unvaccinated shouldnt get hospital beds
x two parties take turns imposing will centralized power

Quote of the Day

quote carol swain universities not marketplace for ideas indoctrination center

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