05-23 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

dog cat pyramid ways show happiness wagging tail wiggling butt
generation x what didnt kill us made us meaner
rocker for retired sailors
dogs zoombombing screen bar good boy
when join new meme group your sht now mine negan
biden weekend bernies ready debate trump democrats
books diet nutrition karl marx communism
me trying to find something isnt gay 2024 laser motion detector
babylon bee small town warns biden rally less traffic usual
united states copying roman empire downfall
white house thoughts prayers iranian president terrorist
trump trial merchan instruct jury what crime was

It’s Ok, It’s an Emergency 👍

x zelensky term ended now officially unelected ukraine dictator

Thought Police Divisions are Labor-Intensive

x elon musk fired 90 percent twitter without meaningful impact on product

doj dhs fbi packing twitter headed to facebook youtube
iceberg twitter files media blind facebook instagram google microsoft youtube amazon
google 10 years ago best search results now thought criminal dare contrary narrative

Quotes, Messages, Social Media Memes of the Day

x which generation part of kid parents olds hated each others music
x national parks hiking experience fighting for life
x airlines geez didnt think everyone bring bags
x hogg permitless carry anarchy skeletor in to it
quotes justin trudeau book castro schwab biden
message trying help people understand whats going on punch face burning building

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05-22 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

sign not fair only roosters get to start day screaming
wife husband ask biker for directions
cant unsee andrew jackson pencil rambo
therapist not laugh at jokes notes stealing
masks wont stop virus 100 percent effective signifying obedience to government
explaining basic biology to leftist donut stick sheen
gen x raised archie bunker carlin pryor kinison feelings facebook gtfoh
elaine seinfeld ask meta ai anything dont like heres what doing window
brittany medicine commercials side effects at end
biden democrats debates trump teleprompter edit make lucid
biden family public service 233 bank accounts llcs
npc liberal change opinion slander evry ism ist think of

Anatomy of a Hit Piece

cnbc hit piece alito sold bud light stock coors boycott

You see the headline and probably think one of two things: 1) Alito used insider knowledge to make stock trades, and/or 2) Alito is too biased against gay people to decide related cases. Then, you read the article to see the amount traded was “between $1000 and $15000.” Just consider how small this amount is to a person worth $10 million and who makes $274k on his judge salary. If you count his salary plus interest & dividends on his investments, the amount traded was equal to about a day’s pay. WHY IS THIS A F-CKING STORY?!!!!! Of course, everyone knows the answer — Alito leans conservative, so anything that can be used to destroy him is fair game to a pathelogically corrupt media. You never hear a peep of the fact that Nancy Pelosi uses her Congressional insider knowlege to outperform stock returns of Warren Buffett and virtually every other top investor in the world.

This is a perfect example why you should NEVER trust headlines, and it shows that even when they print something true, they distort reality so much they create “newsworthy” items that really are meaningless. However much you hate the mainstream media, it’s not nearly enough!

x bud light alito everyone sold mulvaney
message of the day americas greatest enemies mainstream media big tech
babylon bee pelosi announces bid two more years insider training

Quotes, Messages, Social Media Memes of the Day

x 5 year old get tiger feed in commies
x crooked politician calls traitor constitution loyalty snowden
x libertarians not hodgepodge of democrats and republicans liberators
fb teacher nailed student phone wall class 20 years
x romeo juliet costar racial abuse ugly dude
quote hoffer people bite hand feeds lick boot kicks them
message life too short to die a coward

Gee, I Wonder Why Biden Chose Both the Summer of 2022 and 2024 to Release Emergency Oil Reserves? 🤔

headline biden release strategic reserve oil prices

How is this going to lower prices anyway? Aren’t fuel prices set 100 percent by evil oil companies and have nothing to do with supply/demand economics? 🤔

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05-14 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

dog mutt term offensive hybrid
ikea water hydrogen oxygen tanks assembly
why everyone forces introverts talkative comfort zone extraverts stfu
pen over rainbow your my teacher
beetlejuice my page people didnt look at posts friended me
seeing boobs age 15 50 glasses
to do list scroll make post memes fb jail switch alt account
meanwhile fast food california 20 dollar minimum wage out of business liberal
tax time cow milked canada justin trudeau
liberal when get free healthcare comrade communist
modern woodstock establishment government knows best
calvin klein 1999 2019 2024 pregnant man
jab is dangerous liberal not expert greta eat bugs own nothing

Bias Is Not Just How You Cover Stories, But Ones You Choose to Ignore

This story won’t be mentioned a single time in the mainstream media, including the so-called financial channels:

argentina peso milei inflation down

New Meme Gallery Added

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Quotes, Messages, Social Media Memes of the Day

reddit articulate point intelligent sound stupid me engineers
x home security system paycheck copy taped front door
x cnn biden campaign all over map abortion convenient at time
x fbi protects high profile ped epstein computers images
x jim cramer amc gme tweet rant
message lisa simpson if support censoring bad speech dont support free

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