02-23 Politically Incorrect Daily

Random Thought of the Day

Now that the Jussie Smollett attack story has been exposed as a hoax, much of the mainstream media has switched the narrative to all the “hate groups” in America, especially from “white nationalists”. When most rational people hear the term “hate group”, they think neo-nazis with shaved heads advocating attacking Jews, or the KKK burning crosses & intimidating innocent blacks. The truth is if you added up all the people in America that fit those descriptions, you’d be lucky to fill a quarter of a high-school gymnasium. The democrats & media have tried to expand the definition of hate group basically to anyone that doesn’t agree with their politically-correct liberal view of the world. What is a white nationalist after all — someone who is white, but loves his/her country? Is that such a bad thing? Through repetition and some obscure anecdotal examples, the media has largely succeeded in convincing 40% of the country that [Trump supporter] = [white nationalist] = [neo-nazi/KKK group]. That is part of the reason the Covington & Smollett stories were so easily swallowed and accepted by the Left. The term “hate group” has expanded to ridiculous levels, almost always based on a far-left outfit called the Southern Poverty Law Center. A recent report from them identified 1000 hate groups active in America. Does this seem remotely realistic to you? In your personal life, when was the last time you came across a group you’d label as a hate group? Southern Poverty Law Center has been so ridiculously far-left in its ratings they’ve been sued multiple times and even had RICO suits brought against it. Yet, NBC, CNN, NYT, Washington Post, and an endless stream of MSM outlets regularly use it as their sole source when labeling hate groups. The outrage culture is largely a farce created by the media to keep us divided and ensure the corrupt politicians they support stay in office, and ones they can’t control, like Donald Trump, are destroyed.

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chicago police more evidence on smollett 2 weeks mueller 2 years
bernie sanders get off my socialism lawn booker warren gillebrand harris
white people dont know what its like to be poor but you will bernie sanders
what is it doctor boy or girl we cant assume gender definitely has dick though
we talked about this if dont get real job get out there get bernie sanders elected
i hear empire needs new cast member northam
obama jarrett settled 1000s somalians in minnesotra theyve got ilhan omar
el chapo funds seized built wall say built by mexico
chicago high murder rate but attack that makes national headlines is staged one

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educating liberals socialism lets steal their stuff democratic vote to steal

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10-27 Politically Incorrect Daily

Nothing Happens by Accident

Let’s review the coordinated leftist “October surprises” so far that have been thrown out by a desperate Democratic party and their corrupt, willing accomplices in the media:

  1. Anti-Trump protests and harassing of Trump officials.
  2. Antifa violence against so-called “white nationalists”.
  3. Judge Kavanaugh character assassination campaign.
  4. Honduran immigrant caravan timed to hit the border around midterms.
  5. Fake pipe bomb attacks sent to Trump enemies.
  6. Stock market correction right before election time.

The first five have been discussed prominently, but the last one I believe is an unmentioned coordinated effort. It starts with an insane Fed that is raising interest rates so fast that even liberal Jim Cramer and most financial channel personalities are shouting WTF?! Next, consider the “sky is falling” media campaign against Trump’s so-called trade war, which isn’t stopping explosive job/wage/earnings growth. Lastly, consider how easy it is for China, Russia, George Soros, and other liberal billionaires to initiate a spur of short-selling to push stocks down. All the countries and leftists that want to see Trump fail have the means & motive to trigger a temporary downturn in the market, and based on all the other obvious October surprises, is it really that far-fetched?

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Seems Legit


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10-06 Politically Incorrect Daily

Random Thought of the Day

No one is more responsible for dividing the nation and acting as conduit of well-financed character assassination campaigns than the mainstream media. The New York Times, Washington Post, CNN, MSNBC, and tech company news aggregators have been among the worst offenders. It’s no longer good enough for them to provided one-sided coverage of political issues. Now, they must destroy the lives of opponents. The latest well-coordinated personal attacks on Brett Kavanaugh are just the most recent example. Big tech companies, Hollywood, TV talk shows, and the majority of media seemingly wait for marching orders on who they should destroy next. Relentless attacks are designed to make you hate liberal political opponents. It is why the anger level among conservatives and libertarians is boiling over. Hopefully, they will take out their wrath at the ballot box. If you want to examine a scary what-if situation where domestic terrorists take this anger further, check out my book, The Vigilante Terrorists. In it a well-trained terrorist group of civilians and ex-military target the media, Big Tech, Hollywood, and behind-the-scenes coordinators of smear campaigns.

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