07-27 Politically Incorrect Daily

Random Thought of the Day

It never ceases to amaze me how the mainstream media and Democrats will throw out every ounce of their principles if it helps attack political undesirables. They supposedly stand for fairness, privacy, and basic civil rights. One of the most sacred tenets of the legal system is the principle of attorney-client privilege. If a client can’t confide in and trust their own attorney, how can you possibly have a fair justice system? If privileged conversations can you be used against you, the U.S. justice system is really no better than a 3rd-World dictatorship. Have you heard a single person in the media question the ethics behind raiding Trump’s attorney’s office and seizing private records in their fishing expedition? Have you heard one complaint of an attorney not only revealing privileged information, but recording & releasing private client conversations to the media? If Michael Cohen was an attorney for Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, you can bet liberals would be raising holy hell and pushing to lynch the attorney and anyone who dare cover the tainted story! Cohen should be immediately disbarred from practicing law for the rest of his life and face severe punitive damages. The government should be sanctioned for its overstepping of civil rights. The media should be performing its supposed watchdog role and destroying the careers of government officials that are abusing their power. Remember the media outcry when Planned Parenthood reps were secretly recorded trying to sell parts of aborted fetuses? And that was a basic citizen, not an attorney in a private meeting with his client. But the client is Trump, so everything is ok. No harm done. Trump may have paid off a porn star extortionist….THAT’S the real story here! We can forget all our principles because destroying Trump justifies any means.

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04-28 Politically Incorrect Daily

Random Thought of the Day

Every day you can find a double-standard example of mainstream media coverage. The latest example is Trump attorney, Michael Cohen, pleading the 5th in the possible Stormy Daniels payoff. The media is going crazy about it, of course, because it’s Trump, but you didn’t hear a peep out of non-Fox media about IRS head Lois Lerner pleading the 5th in the IRS conservative targeting scandal under Obama. And that scandal had a ton more evidence. Which is worse though, an attorney who may have paid off an attention-seeking porn star to shut up about a possible affair? Or a president using the IRS to target and silence political enemies? For the media, all that matters is who is the candidate they’re trying to destroy and the candidate they’re trying to protect.

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Quote of the Day

Wherever you go, whether it be a college campus or the New York Times or ABC News or Venezuela or Cuba or the former Soviet Union, it’s amazing how the speech codes and the trying to shut up dissent is a defining aspect of the left because they believe so firmly in their utopian ideals that anyone who would disagree with that utopia is an enemy of the state, and they treat them as such. — Andrew Breitbart