11-09 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

me shivering now and for next 4 months
evil doesnt die changes shape michael myers mariah carey
companies 50 cent raise get something real nice eddie
liberal happy pronouns trans day merry christmas
teacher hamas lives matter drag queen story time teach about math
lgbtq we won queers for palestine award on roof hamas

Social Media Posts of the Day

x central banking protectionist tariffs regulatory subsidies not capitalism
x gas oil coal nuclear power world solar wind subsidized fantasyland
x biden marxism 101 accuse of what you do

If This Doesn’t Change Soon, the Republican Party Will Die, and It Will Be Well-Deserved

book that didnt shrink government abbreviated history voting republican
homer bart simpson 33.6 trilljon best so far

They’re Here to Help 👌

janet yellen republicans irs funding cut hurt customer service goals

government adding up how much owe services never asked dont want
democrats biden 87000 irs agents tips
actual picture 87000 irs agents destroy childs lemonade stand star wars drone army

Yay, There’s a New House Speaker 🙄

As I expected, Mike Johnson is the 2nd Republican House Speaker to renege (so far) on a promise to release all the January 6th tapes. And although tying Israel funding to a decrease in the IRS budget is a step in the right direction, I have zero confidence Republicans will cut off funding unwinnable foreign wars–using money we don’t have. I was a little suspicious when a bitterly divided party suddenly voted unanimously for a Speaker. As for January 6th tapes, why would Republicans outright lie on this when they know they will be called on it? Gee, maybe because it will show government agencies obviously pulled underhanded shit? 🤔 It’s not like this is a new thing. JFK was assassinated 60 years ago. Since then we’ve had 5 Democrat presidents and 5 Republican ones. If it’s indisputable that Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone, why are there truckloads of evidence still classified? I used to roll my eyes at the perpetual conspiracy theorists who’d say things like 9/11 was an inside job or Covid was released on purpose. While I still don’t believe certain so-called conspiracy theories, based on actions of world governments the past four years, along with their flying monkeys in the media, is there really anything they say that can be fully trusted?

pinocchio roasting you minuates nose hasnt moved
babylon bee liz cheney not even thanksgiving january 6th decorations
republicans america first give billions to israel choice
us government spend tax dollars foreign wars inflation no need to thank me

Nothing Will Improve Until the Old Guard Is Purged

x ronna mcdaniel rnc underperform keep job senator uncle romney

If you don’t know who the RNC Chairwoman’s uncle is, it’s none other than RINO Swamp King, Mitt Romney.

x ramaswamy msnbc ronna mcdaniel denates rnc

The RNC Washington Generals continue to lose elections despite overwhelming disapproval of DC Democrats. Why? For starters, they’ve done almost nothing to stop obvious voter fraud techniques. Solid red Kentucky somehow won all the down ballot votes by 15-20%, but lost the Governor race. Nothing suspicious there. 🙄 Don’t expect Ronna McDaniel to investigate. It goes beyond fraud. Republicans underperform even in fair elections because the RNC backs their hand-chosen Establishment candidates over who the actual voters want. They direct money, get-out-the-vote infrastructure, social media resoures, etc. to their candidates while true conservative/libertarian ones must fend for themselves. And as Ramaswamy pointed out, the RNC always picks the most hostile, leftist media venues for debates. It’s all part of the Ruling Class machine.

Totalitarian Regimes Need Their Enforcers

x fbi swat team jan 6th not epstein

x fbi hunting j6 protester using tanks
x whistleblowers accuse senior fbi officials retaliating agents political beliefs

fbi copying kgb paper test

Quote of the Day

quote sowell welfare state oldest con game take money quietly

Message of the Day

message walter said offended some of you meant all of you

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10-27 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

dc superheroes killing wrong moral code marvel start blasting
craziest part home alone groceries 19 dollars
girl picture cat wine alcohol problem
halloween couple costume calkin bee
rap lyrics 1990s punish people tupac 2020s now
liberal npc why business living wage voted socialist destroyed competition profit
i dont know why kids sick starter pack shots fast food soda gmos
greta thunberg dominates news 247 trying to silence us
medical industrial complex threat to liberty as military change my mind
18 year olds can have cigarette or beer us government best can do is world war 3
john fetterman barely recognized costume suit
global travel agency terrorists crossing border travel caution

Social Media Posts of the Day

x real estate agents refinance later 10 percent rates coming
x men not intimidated by strong women rude aggressive unpleasant
x guys from harvard never heard of local community college

The Show Goes On

mike johnson speaker goal line

I’m guessing the majority of people reading this have never even heard of the new House Speaker, Mike Johnson, much less know his positions. I don’t know much about him, so I’ll reserve judgement until I see how he governs. It’s truly eyerolling to see the celebrations and meltdowns from this pick. Since only a very small percentage of people know anything about him, their reactions are completely based on the media they consume and opinions of others.

x adam schiff googling mike johnson

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Message of the Day

message truth if not for trump winning 2016 never known just how corrupt government is

Quote of the Day

quote confucius we have two lives second begins realize only have one

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