04-10 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

all best memories dad start with dont tell your mom
teacher phone kids finally listening
survival tip lost in woods tax collector will be there shortly
russia want alaska back best can do portland
lumber gas ammo shortage no dumbass red foreman
root cause border crisis president biden vp kamala harris

Message of the Day

message learn to sit back observe not everything needs reaction

If We Had Real Journalists in the Mainstream Media, We wouldn’t Need a Court to Find the Truth

How the FBI Got Whacked By Their Own Boomerang in the Gretchen Whitmer Kidnapping Case – Matt Vespa

fbi gretchen whitmer kidnappers entrapment
msnbs woke disney trump trans climate mask fauci russia msnbc
chris wallace cnn where the truth doesnt matter

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet loss conservatives trust fbi going to harm institution more current liberal boot licking
tweet hunter 30000 mansion stop babbling corrupt any other country is
tweet kid rock refer to ped as disney wont be able to ban twitter
tweet academy will smith oscar ban incentive punishment

Quote of the Day

quote ron paul no nation remain free state control children

Swamp RINO

tweet mitt romney everything wrong privileged 500 haircut

Unfortunately, we’ll have to wait until 2024 to vote out this POS. Trump foolishly forgave this DC Swamp creature for his 2016 treachery, carried him to election in 2018, then watched him backstab him every day since.

Just some of Romney’s quick hits:

  • Voted to confirm Ketanji Jackson Brown
  • Marched with BLM
  • Voted for masking toddlers
  • Opposed Rand Paul’s motion to remove masks in public transportation
  • Has been lockstep with Pelosi on every unconstitutional attack on January 6th protesters
  • Voted for Trump impeachment
  • Approved every unsustainable spending bill
  • Developed his own version of Obamacare in Massachusetts (dubbed Romneycare)
  • Accused Tulsi Gabbard of treason
  • Has been as intertwined in Ukraine energy corruption as the Biden’s.

It’s time to stop snoozing through the primaries and then mindlessly voting for this type of scum just because there’s an (R) after the name.

utah keeps sending romney to dc what the hell is wrong with you people
mitt romney pierre defecto not your president fake republican
kbj criminals rinos democrats child for jackson hooray

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11-09 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

sponge bob friend loosen bolt garage drink beer
dogs leash squirrel split different directions
video game experience impossible well arrested
lets go brandon truck running over woke democrats
climate change private jets motorcades summit fall asleep
mask how long forever until permission to take off
urgently need vaccine people are dropping by the fractions
who wore it better lauren lets go brandon aoc tax rich dress
once upon time cheap gas biden opec in charge again
liberal media explaining black lt governor latino attorney general white supremacy
revised migrant crossing sign chasing taxpayer
pumpkin pie biden infrastructure bill tiny piece actual

Question of the Day

question intentionally killing small biz transfer wealth divide fear

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet adrian 4 year old money pretend podium notes
tweet cardillo next time give up freedom
tweet price fbi allowed nassar epstein weinstein rape girls years raid home veritas over diary
tweet fbi used to solve crimes now plan execute cover up

Quote of the Day

quote mark twain never argue with stupid people drag down experience

Time for RINO Housecleaning

The Democrats in power are the heart of tyranny and corruption in America, but let’s not give a pass to Republicans. There are way too many communist-lite swamp creatures in DC, with no better representative than the ultimate slimebag, Mitt Romney. He represents everything Americans have come to hate in politicians. Whenever in office, he does the exact opposite of the principles and positions he used to get elected, handsomely rewarding himself financially along with his cronies in the process. Remember the Ruling Class commissioned “Trump is a Fraud” speech that Romney gave in 2016? Trump forgave that treachery and helped drag Romney across the finish line in his last election. He proceeded to backstab Trump by thwarting nearly every conservative & pro-libertarian thing Trump tried to do in office, voted for impeachment twice, then gave cover to the January 6th “insurrection” farce. Now, to no one’s surprise, he is going along with the latest socialist Democrat spending bill. Despite nearly all Republicans voting against it, Pelosi & Co. can now trumpet this “bipartisan” bill.

I would love a 3rd Libertarian Party to gain a foothold in elections, and I do believe it will happen at some point, but until then, the only real way to oppose the Ruling Class in elections is to vote out slime like Romney in the primary elections so there’s a real choice in November. Rule of Thumb: if you EVER hear the mainstream media praise a Republican, you can be sure he is a card-carrying member of the DC corruption swamp.

utah keeps sending romney to dc what the hell is wrong with you people
babylon bee republicans declare victory after reduing needless spending to trillion
trump turns on lights caught romney pelosi biden kerry hands in cookie jar

Meet the 13 House Republicans Who Voted for ‘Infrastructure’ Bill
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Message of the Day

message whatever media says do opposite

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